Friday, December 26, 2008

The Forbidden Part III

Alice stared vacantly into the crowds of people, she rolled her eyes and breathed heavily, a small eruption of warm air caused a cloud to emerge from her mouth, she pulled her jacket tightly around herself and jumped from the car hood she had been sitting on, she quickly pushed her bangs to the side of her face and slowly walked into the crowd, seeing Tyler alone she made her way to him, she tenderly touched his shoulder and he turned to her, with a heavy smile, Alice pulled him from the crowd behind some trees, as she did so Tyler stumbled to follow, the crowd was busy and bustling – ‘Have you seen the others?’ asked Alice, Tyler nodded his head and swigged from a can of red bull, ‘Mario is with some people from his old school’ said Tyler, motioning over to a group of guys, mostly jocks, all laughing and pointing out girls they found attractive, ‘Lou and Anthony have gone to move the car’ said Tyler and then he shrugged ‘Ellie and Dee went off somewhere a little while ago and fuck knows where Dan is’ explained Tyler staring past Alice and to the party scene, Tyler pushed past her and rejoined the fun, Alice sighed heavily and pushed back the trees, she also made her way in to the crowd.

‘You have to say something’ said Dee, she and Ellie were sitting alone beside a small boxed off toilet, ‘It’s not even sure yet, I’m just…worried’ said Ellie weakly smiling at her friend, ‘babe, Tyler needs to know, you could be carrying his kid’ said Dee looking worriedly at Ellie, who looked unhappy, she gently played with her bag, picking at the stitched Chanel symbol, Dee pulled the bag from Ellie and hugged her, Ellie gasped back, she spluttered and began to cry, ‘I’m pregnant!’ she exclaimed as Dee held her tightly, ‘I have to face it, I’m over 3 weeks late, I’m fucking pregnant!’ she said raising her voice and choking back tears, suddenly Alice turned the corner, Ellie let go of Dee and quickly wiped a stray tear from her face, she looked down trying to disguise her upset, Dee held onto her hand as Alice looked on puzzled, ‘what’s up?’ said Dee, smiling at Alice, ‘is everything okay?’ asked Alice, noticing Ellie choking back attempting to stop herself crying –‘fine’ said Ellie abruptly standing up, ‘lets go’ she said pulling Dee up from the wooden log they had been sitting on, Ellie grabbed Alice also and pulled her along, the music was louder now and the people drunk and rowdy, ‘Hell yeeeaaahhhhh!’ screamed Ellie dancing along to the beat, Dee and Alice followed her lead and began getting into the rhythm.

Lou and Anthony headed to Tyler’s jeep, both laughing they pushed through the sea of parked and abandoned vehicles, Lou pushed the key into the lock and pulled open the door, Anthony leaned on a near by car and watched as Lou turned the ignition, the car did not flicked, nothing at all. Lou tried again and again, she looked as Anthony stared at her, ‘it’s dead’ she said getting out of the car, she closed her door slowly and approached the hood, she searched the fender for the release catch, but Anthony noticed it was already in latched, he slowly picked up the body work and unveiled the engine and parts, a stem of heat blasted from the car, Lou and Anthony backed away to allow the severe heat to rise, suddenly Lou fell backwards, she screamed as she fell hard onto her back, Anthony tried to catch her but to no avail, she hit the floor and groaned, ‘shit’ said Anthony staring at her, Lou struggled to pull herself up, Anthony helped and she managed to find her feet, she knew immediately she was covered in something, something dark and sticky, Anthony inspected her and gasped, he held his hand over his mouth and wretched, Lou followed his eyes, in the car the engine was trashed and upon the bare motor was red blood and entrails, shreds of flesh – Lou looked at the floor and then remembered she had fallen, she ripped off her coat and threw it to the floor, she looked on as Anthony stood aback, his face was white as a ghost, he looked in utter shock, Lou looked at her hands, they were covered in the blood and clotted blood, she panicked and tried to wipe it off her skin, she breathed heavily and began to hyper ventilate as the blood tricked from her arms, suddenly Anthony walked to her, taking off his hoodie he wiped the blood from his friends hair, her blonde locks were now stained a horrific red, not a word exchanged between the two, they were both too shocked to speak and take in what they had found, suddenly Lou gasped, her mind seemed to be unclouded instantly, ‘oh my god’ she said stopping cleaning herself, Anthony abruptly halted as Lou turned to him, ‘we need my cell phone’ she exclaimed, Anthony quickly turned to the floor and picked up her blood soaked coat and as he did his noticed an arm sitting beside the car, attached was a person, their face was unrecognisable, the skin was all but gone and tissue and muscle remain, Anthony looked at the person vacantly, he dropped Lou’s coat, Lou followed him and saw the person also, she let out a blood curdling scream and doubled over, straining her voice she screamed, the person was in such a mess, neither of the friends could take it in, suddenly Anthony pointed to her body, ‘it’s the guy who greeted us’ he said, his voice trembling, Lou stared on, just then somebody tackled Anthony to her floor, he immediately crumbled to the ground, Lou watched on as the bloodied person rolled off of Anthony, he held his head and groaned, Lou’s eyes befell upon the two lying next to each other, the attackers face was covered with dirty, blood soaked hair, Lou pushed herself into the car and closed the door, she peered through the window as the other person unsteadily tried to regain their balance, turning to the car and Lou the person fell onto the window their bloody hand print leaving a smear on the glass, Lou waited in bated breath as the person stared at her, their eyes seemed full of fear, their dirty face had clear water marks in conjunction with ear streams, the person stared at Lou, their chin trembling – ‘help me’ said the person softly, their voice breaking, Lou’s faced dropped, she slowly opened the car door and ran round to Anthony, he was still on the floor, she held him and tried to help him up, he groaned heavily and rubbed his head, they both turned to the girl leaning against the car, her face crippled and bloody, she held her hand out, her arms were cut and hands bloodied, ‘please, please – help me’ she begged as Lou and Anthony watched her cry, beg them to help, Anthony pulled away and gently touched the girls shoulder, she was freezing, ‘what happened?’ said Lou staring at the clearly broken girl, ‘they’re coming, we have to go now, please’ begged the girl grabbing Anthony’s hard tightly, she and Anthony were both shaking, their were terrified, the girl choked back and caught her breath. ‘Who?’ asked Anthony holding onto the girls hand, ‘they’re strong, they fucking killed them, killed my friends’ she exclaimed, bursting into tears, Lou cleared her throat as Anthony and her pulled the girl to her feet, she could barley walk, her body seemed so frail and weak, they each took her arm and held her up, as they make their way back to the thunderous music.

Tyler looked on at his girlfriend dancing, balancing a beer bottle in his palm scratched his chin, his stubble tickled his hand, the put his bottle on a close by beer stand and made his way over to her, she pulled Alice around in a circle and danced around, Tyler knew something was wrong, Usually he and Ellie were inseparable – barely leaving each others side, suddenly Tyler walked into Mario, Mario laughed as Tyler stared at him, Mario was clearly drunk and probably obnoxious by now, he smiled at Tyler and followed his eye line over his shoulder to Ellie, he raised his beer can and laughed once again, ‘DEE!’ he shouted, Ellie and Alice turned to see Mario stomping his way over Dee, she folded her arms as Ellie joined her side, ‘what the fuck, Tyler!’ she shouted over the music, ‘me?’ said Tyler, shocked by Dee blaming him, ‘you promised me you would stop him getting shit faced’ she screamed shaking her head, ‘you can’t blame Tyler’ interjected Alice peering at Dee, Dee looked around and narrowed her eyes, ‘who asked you, bitch?’ she cured, scowling at Alice, ‘he’s your boyfriend, Dee, you should be looking out for him, no. Actually he should be taking care of himself for gods sake’ shouted Alice, Mario laughed and danced as they girls argued back and two, ‘girl fight!’ he shouted loudly, Ellie pushed herself between Alice and Dee, ‘stop’ she pleaded but they were both angry, ‘nobody wanted you here, Alice’ screamed Dee, trying to offend Alice, ‘and now who do they not want here? Huh?’ shouted Alice back quickly; Ellie pulled Alice away, followed by Tyler. Dee stomped away in the opposite direction, briskly followed by Mario stumbling behind her.

Dee held her face in her hands as Mario wretched and vomited behind a near by tree, she looked up and saw the lights from the party in the distance, the music was faint and drowned out by Mario being sick, Dee groaned and stood up, she walked over to Mario and soothed his back, he gulped back heavily and stood up, his face was sweaty and glowing in the faint light, ‘lets get you back’ said Dee, tugging on Mario’s shirt, he stood strong and pulled Dee into his arms, he puckered his lips and tried to kiss Dee but she broke away from his grip and wagged her finger in his face, ‘don’t even Mario, I am not kissing you looking like shit’ she exclaimed smirking at him, she again pulled at his arm and he reluctantly followed, ‘babe, I’m going to spill’ groaned Mario pausing on the spot, he quickly bent down into some bushes and wretched again, Dee pulled out her cell phone and slipped it open, she pressed some digits but got a no signal announcement as she tried to phone Ellie, she slowly walked farther on as she tried to get a signal, Mario could still be heard in the background, Dee slammed her phone shut and looked back, she was taken aback to see Mario kneeling on the floor, his eyes staring at her frantically as a man stood over him, his hands powering down on Mario, his arms forcing Mario to stay kneeling down, Mario held out his hands towards Dee, her mouth dropped open as the ugly man looked at her, his face was deformed and white, Mario moaned as the man put his hands inside his mouth, he struggled as Dee froze to the spot, she watched in horror as the man pulled opposite ways on Mario, his jaw strained as he let out a muffled, but terrified shout, Dee heard a cracking sound and saw blood explode from Mario, to her horror the man was ripping off his jaw, his face ripped in two halves as he tried to shout, the skin around his mouth stretched and ripped open, blood gushed from his mouth as the man ripped and shook at Mario’s now broken jaw, his body fell limp as the man pulled a knife from his pocket, he pulled the sharp edge across the skin holding Mario’s face together and his jaw dropped to the floor with a thud, Dee’s whole body shook, she wanted to scream but she just gurgled, her throat closed as she tried to shout, say anything – suddenly the mans attention returned to Dee, she dropped her phone to the floor and stared into the mans eyes, his face repulsed her, suddenly the man ran at her, his arms out reached, Dee quickly darted to the left out of the mans reach, he fell to the floor, dirty filled the air from the ground as the man skidded to a halt, Dee quickly ran from him, she ran as quickly as she could, her heels digging into the ground every step she took, she gazed at the lights in the sky, she headed for them, knowing her only safety was with the other revellers, she quickly looked back to see the killer a few feet behind her, his breathing erratic, he snorted and wheezed as he tried to catch Dee, she screamed loudly and began to panic, she finally realized what had just happened, Mari was dead, mutilated by this mutant now chasing her, she tried to pick up speed as he ran through the woods, tree braches ripped at her skin and clothes, Dee screamed again, desperate for somebody to hear her, suddenly she turned back again and the man was gone, she carried on running, her feet ached but the music was loud now, she must be close, all of a sudden Dee tripped, her legs left the floor and she fell hard to the floor, her face grimaced in pain, she stared and saw a trip wire across the clearing, she dug her elbows into the ground and pulled herself forward, suddenly she felt a coldness grip her left ankle, she peered back to see another man, pulling on her leg, his hands were webbed and foul looking, his nails long and in growing, Dee let out a scream as a tear rolled down her cheek, she tried to pull herself away, digging her long nails into the ground she held on, the man pulled ferociously on her ankle and her nails snapped, letting out another scream the man pulled her away into the darkness, Dee carried on screaming for her life and the man laughed to himself, out of sight a loud slashing sound lightly echoed, Dee’s lifeless body fell into the clearing, her chest slashed open, her eyes still open and breathing faint, Dee gasped and looked at the bath, the music was loud and close, she was but yards away, the two men who attacked her surrounded her and plunged their hands into her open chest, their fingers ripped at her insides, she could see them pull her inside out, taking her last breath her head slumped on it’s side, a small trickle of blood seeped from her mouth as the men bit and tore at her innards.


arna-rut said...


The way mario died there is SICK! I seriosly felt like throwing up just thinking about it :S

I hope this would NEVER happen to him and not just anyone :o

but woah, this story is the best one yet O_O

lovinitlovinit said...

WOW. That deserves some APPLAUDS! I love it!

I am getting to be so attatched to the characters! I find myself mourningn the deaths as I read!

I mean, poor Dee! The last memory she has of her dearly beloved is him as a puking drunk. Can you imagine? I bet she wouldn't have turned down his kiss if she knew what the future behold.

arna-rut said...

lovinitlovinit said...

WOW. That deserves some APPLAUDS! I love it!

I am getting to be so attatched to the characters! I find myself mourningn the deaths as I read!

I mean, poor Dee! The last memory she has of her dearly beloved is him as a puking drunk. Can you imagine? I bet she wouldn't have turned down his kiss if she knew what the future behold.
I couldnt really imagen mario as drunk.. hes just not that type yano... :S

Dei* said...

Wow, I love this story =o

Wow the way that Mario and Dee died was just, wow...

He had his frinkin' jaw cut off!

Oh, how I love horror.

Can'wait for Part IV!

Love, Dei*

p.s. Whoa, Ellie is preggers

Ripper said...

Just to let anyone who is concerned know, I'm not saying anyone involved is a drunk or anything, it's just a characterization, I needed a way for Dee and Mario to leave the group and be preocupied enough to find themselves being attacked and Mario being ill from drink at a party seemed logical to me.

I'm not out to offend anyone at all, I would rather shut down the blog then upset or anger anyone at all, if anyone concerned has any problem with any part then please, just let me know and I'll either re-cast the role or delete the story all together.


Tash37 said...

Don't delete the story. That story is sick. Totally wicked. It made me feel sick when Mario got his jaw snapped off. Om my god. And Dee having her insides ripped out. It's disgusting! I love horrors and this would be some freaky movie. My face is covered in sweat and I have goosebumpss up my arm from reading this, no joke! x Vanessa

smiley ayu said...

OMG! That was so SCARY! I'm thrilled!

cant wait for the next one! :D You're very talented!

arna-rut said...

I only know about one person who got upset because of this, That person is mario, Probably cause he died. but hey, there is no horror if noone dies right? :D

Keep up the great work :)

Anonymous said...

mario got upset? ffs its a story there is no need for him to cry about it.

some of you people really piss me off, this guy is super talented and hes just creating a fun story that a lot of people really enjoy and your fucking complain abaout it

arna-rut you need to just fuck off and stop trying to cause drama

arna-rut said...

I'm not trying to start drama, and mario didn't cry, he was upset already and then he heard his character dies, so don't open your mouth and say stuff you don't even know(to anonymous)

Fag_Puff said...

Arna, I kind of agree with the Anonymous, it is just a story and if Mario got upset by it that's pathetic. I don't think you are causing dramz though.

I've died twice and I'm still kicking. Ryan, dude don't delete your blog man! If Mario has his panties in a bunch then bare that in mind and don't include him again, It's a pleasure to be included in your stories. Kill and torture Stardoll moi as much as you feel the need to.


arna-rut said...

Lol dan, your misunderstanding what i ment xD

M!KA aka Mik-Ma said...

That part where the dude rips Mario's jaw off makes me think of that part in Texas Chainsaw Massacre when Thomas cuts te guys face off and ties it around is head!!

Soooo trajic, I kept shivering. Awesome story though, this is my favourite part out of them all.

Keep it up,

M!KA - Mik-Ma

Hunnigall said...

Ouch, if I die like Mario in this I'll end up with nightmares! Lol, SICK, dude. Just the way I like my horror ;)
Mika, I think this strange girl could be you. Obviously we'll either die or run together ;)
I'm so hyper...

- Hunni x x x

Tylerisbomb said...

Loves it!


Claire said...

lovinitlovinit said...

WOW. That deserves some APPLAUDS! I love it!

I am getting to be so attatched to the characters! I find myself mourningn the deaths as I read!

I mean, poor Dee! The last memory she has of her dearly beloved is him as a puking drunk. Can you imagine? I bet she wouldn't have turned down his kiss if she knew what the future behold.
Arna-rut said...
I couldnt really imagen mario as drunk.. hes just not that type yano... :S

Mario is always drunk ya known ;D

HotStuff said...

I have to hand it to you, I read the three parts and really enjoyed them, I hope you continue to write these stories, they are different to anything I have read before in conjunction with stardoll.