Sunday, January 4, 2009

Ellie and Tyler pushed their way through the intoxicated crowds of people, the mass of people seemed to have broken away now, Ellie could see people in the tree line in groups, people vomiting and a general disarray of activity, she held tightly to Alice’ hand as Tyler led them to the opposite end of the clearing, farthest away from the speakers pumping out the music so ferociously, suddenly Ellie felt her grasp lost and Alice was nowhere to be seen, she tried to look back but there were too many people, she stopped for a second and tried to glimpse her friend but she could not see her, not at all. She turned back and hoped to see Tyler but he was also out of sight, Ellie smacked her forehead and pushed her hair from her eyes, she stood crowded by people and looked around, pushing past people she struggled to pull herself past the bodies, the people still dancing and enjoying their selves, she ignored peoples annoyance as she pushed between couples and groups of people, suddenly Tyler grabbed her arm and pulled her close to him, her eyes met his and she felt amazingly safe with him, she rested her hand upon his shoulder and allowed him to pull her safely behind one of the cars surrounding the area, Tyler glanced back into the crowd, ‘where’d Alice go?’ he asked staring worriedly at Ellie.

Alice stumbled past a group of heavily drunk people, her converse sneakers made a crunching sound as she lost her footing upon stepping on a beer can, she caught herself before falling and held a tight grip upon the tree which saved her fall, she looked into the dense crowd for Ellie and Tyler, or even Dee and Mario but as with Ellie the crowd was still heavy and she could not see one recognisable face amongst the people, she sighed heavily and stepped over a drunk person sleeping off their skin full, she stepped into the woodland beyond and looked into the now misted surrounding, she peered and strained her eyes as she saw somebody stumbling around in the distance, unbeknownst to her on the tree she had just rested on their was a bloody arrow embedded in the tree and the person ‘sleeping’ was actually lying in a pool of their own blood, their dead body was assumed to be a drunk passed out, Alice folded her arms and kept her eyes on the person in the distance, she took a few more steps into the woods and suddenly hands wrapped around her, she pulled away with a mighty gasp to see an over-weight guy looking at her, his eyes lazy from intoxication, he leached towards her, Alice pushed him away from her and walked back into the crowds of people, ‘oh come on, bitch’ shouted the guy, extending his arm to call out to Alice, suddenly he fell to the floor with a painful shout, he lay on his front, a huge pick axe embedded in his back, from the trees one of the men who killed Dan pulled at the weapon, with a mighty pull the implement slid from his back, warm air rose from his wound as his spine snapped and strained, the man held the pick to his face and ran his tongue across the bloodied weapon, his tongue stained with blood he swallowed heartily and bared his teeth before retreating back into the dense tree line.


Anthony and Lou struggle to pull the girl along with them, Anthony held her up as her feet dragged along the floor, all her weight rested on his and Lou, suddenly Anthony stopped and pushed the girl away with a huff, Lou unbalanced herself and struggled to hold her up, the girl was exhausted, her breathing weak, shallow and quite worrying to Lou, Lou looked sharply at Anthony ‘what are you doing?’ she demanded trying to keep hold of the poor girl, who’s body was cold and bloodied, ‘I’m fucking tired!’ he shouted glaring momentarily at Lou, she steadily helped the girl over to a near by fallen log and sat her down, Lou glanced at Anthony angrily and stomped over to him, leaning over him she scowled, ‘what the fuck is your problem?, she’s hurt, we need to get her back to the party, they will have supplies and more importantly a fucking car to get the hell out of here!’ said Lou trying to not let the girl hear, before Anthony could answer he looked over Lou’s shoulder and at the girl, her hair and face were dirty and her clothes ripped and heavily stained with blood, she looked up at him, her eyes seemed hollow and her face blank, she looked away from his glare and he turned back to Lou, her eye brows arched in anger she shook her head, ‘you are nothing short of selfish’ she concluded resting her hands upon her slender hips, Anthony looked down and mumbled ‘we don’t even know her’ he said, ‘she’s a person, she’s hurt and I’m going to help her, she needs out help, Anthony’ said Lou backing away from him, as she turned around the mysterious girl stood up, her arms folded keeping herself warm, she gulped and raised her head to look at Anthony and Lou, ‘I’m Mika’ she said meekly, hardly projecting her voice at all, Lou watched as she pulled her ripped shirt up baring her torso, Lou gasped as the girl revealed a large cut into her side, ‘they took it’ said the Mika, tenderly touching her horrific wound, it was deeply cut and the edges rough, the flesh was hanging off and blood dripping from it, ‘who took it?’ asked Anthony, Mika looked at him and pushed her shirt back over herself slowly, ‘them, the people who live in these woods – they took my friends and they killed them’ she sobbed, strings of tears thundered down her cheek, she sniffled and shook her head, ‘they ate them, they ate me!’ she said motioning to her wound again, Lou held her hand over her mouth as Mika explained, her voice trembled ‘they are vicious, they took my friends one by one and they cut them into pieces in front of me, they ate them, I watched them eat my best friend!’ she said raising her voice, ‘I’m so sorry’ said Lou approaching the girl and soothing her back, the girl sobbed lightly as Lou gently hugged her, ‘this is crazy’ said Anthony loudly, he held his hands together and watched as Lou and Mika embraced.

‘We need to get out of here!’ said Anthony but just as he said it and caught Lou and Mika’s attention a huge axe embedded into his head with a squelch, blood pumped from his head and his body convulsed, Lou screamed loudly and Mika pulled away from her, they both watched as the man standing behind Anthony pulled the axe from his head, as he did Anthony’s head fell into two half’s, his once face was unrecognizable as his body crashed to the dirt floor, Mika tugged at Lou and they both ran as quickly as they could, looking back Mika could not see the man, only Anthony’s half headless body in the distance, Lou struggled to keep us as Mika sprinted into the woods further but she never let go, she kept hold of Lou’s hand and gallantly pulled her along, her long blonde hair danced in the wind as she ran behind Mika, suddenly Mika pulled Lou behind a tree and she quickly controlled her breath, Lou coped her quickly as they crouched behind the large tree, suddenly the killer ran into the clearing, brandishing the large axe he had mutilated Anthony with, his breaths short he glanced around quickly looking for the girls, he snarled and ran forward deeper into the wood, Lou let out a heavy breath and fell onto her back, she cradled her head in her hands, Mika ignored her and kept looking around, she had seen them hunt, knew their tactics, and sure enough into he clearing another man leered, with a slight limp he sniffed the air and followed where the other deformed man has gone, he was uglier than the man before him, his hair lank and grey, his skin hanging down over his face, Lou peered from behind the tree and watched him fade into the tree line, sighing Mika regain her balanced and pulled Lou to her feet, ‘we need to get to that party’ said Mika slowly walking across the clearing following Lou.


Ellie and Tyler were still searching for Alice, they held hands tightly as they made their way through the crowds of people, ‘You know what?’ shouted Ellie, ‘she’s probably with Dan and Lou!’ she shouted over the music, ‘yeah, I guess’ replied Tyler obviously worried about his friends, Ellie smiled at him and pulled him along after her, walking into a clearing she holds Tyler’s hand to her heart and took a deep breath, he smiled at her and laughed, ‘what’s up?’ he asked, running his fingers delicately through her hair. Ellie closed her eyes and sighed, ‘I don’t want you to worry, Tyler, I could be wrong and I know I should be upset but I can’t be because I love you, always will, I hope you don’t get mad or freak out’ Tyler waited on her words, the music of the party drowned out, he waited as she paused, ‘I think, I might be pregnant’ she said, looking straight to Tyler awaiting his reaction, he looked at her for a second and smiled, he hugged Ellie tightly and kissed her on her forehead, ‘you’re not mad?’ she questioned, ‘hey, if you are we can deal with this, I love you and yeah, I guess it’s crazy but I want to spend the rest of my life with you, I love you and I’ll love this baby’ Tyler said, with a sweet smile, Ellie laughed cautiously, Tyler was happy? She could not understand it but she felt the same way, ‘I love you too!’ she cried, standing on her tip toes and kissing him on the lips, for a second the world totally revolved around them, this was bliss.

Out of nowhere Tyler is ripped from Ellie’s arms, falling to the ground she screamed as Tyler fell down a steep hill, crashing into frees and foliage she could hear him shout and wince in pain, ‘TYLER!’ she screamed looking into the misty darkness, she could faintly see Tyler lying at the bottom, she scrambled to her feet but upon looking around she saw two of the deformed men watching her contently, she starred at them back and two and tried to catch her breath, suddenly one laughed at her, Ellie jumped in fright as he cackled and whooped out loud, Ellie slowly walked away, her shoes digging into the soft dirt, the men watched her, both exchanging glances as Ellie looked on, petrified, they were grotesque but there was nowhere to run, nobody would hear her scream, suddenly Ellie took a chance and darted trough the trees, one of the men griped at her arm and tried to pull her back, she faulted and fell to the floor, she screamed as she fell, the man held tightly to her arm and gripped her by her hair, the other watched on, clapping his hands together in glee, Ellie gritted her teeth as the man pulled her from the ground by her hair, screaming at the top of her voice she slapped at the mans arm, struggling to have him release his grasp, she suddenly pulled herself towards him and bit at his disfigured hand, drawing blood he let go and Ellie fell backwards, she ran forward to see yet another man, disfigured and twisted, her let out a scream and Ellie again stopped, darting to her right she pushed past branches and made her way into a clearing, she stared at a tall building in the distance, she quickly ran toward it and opened the heavy door.

Ellie slipped inside and pushed the heavy door shut, she looked around, behind her was amass of cars, all makes and models – she stared at them and his behind a large desk, suddenly she heard the door forced open, it’s hinges creaked as the door opened fully, moonlight flooded in, Ellie grasped her hand over her mouth and kept quiet, she could hear the men speak to each other, their voices raspy ‘we will go south, you search here if you think she is here’ suddenly the door slammed shut and Ellie froze, she could see the tallest of the man limbering around the floor space, looking all over for her, she kept still and waited as he passed her and walked between the cars, Ellie slid from beneath the table and slowly crawled over to the door, reaching for the handle she turned the knob but it was stuck tight, she tried once more and crouched in silence, she slowly wade her way to another door to her right and she stood up, the door was wooden and warn, the glass panel seemed dirty, Ellie pulled the handled delicately but it was also locked, suddenly as she walked away the mans frightful face appeared at the window, his teeth bared like a dog he looked into the distance, Ellie stood to the side and waited for him to disappear, as he did watched him exit the door the other side, he walked away and Ellie sneaked along the passage way, she opened the door and quickly closed it behind her, pulling the locking mechanism shut she ducked out of the sight of the window and slowly turned around, she gasped in shock, hanging up from the ceiling were 10 or more dead bodies, in various states of undress and pools of blood beneath them, some had their chest ripped open and organs hanging from them, she wretched at the sight, suddenly she noticed a face, Dan’s corpse hung by it’s heels, his naked torso hollowed out, his skin from his arms was missing to the bone, Ellie wailed quietly at the sight, her friend was now nothing but a meal, suddenly the door handle strained, Ellie ran for cover as the man entered the door, sniffing the air he growled and huffed, he swung open doors to lockers in the room, searching for Ellie, suddenly he swung open a locker and Ellie darted out, knocking him to the ground, she smashed the heel of her shoe into his face wildly, over and over again, the man heaved her off after a few seconds, stumbling around he shouted in pain, Ellie looked at he walked around, she saw her heel imbedded in his eyes socket, she heaved as he pulled the shoe from his eye, it was embedded deeply, blood spat from his eye, Ellie looked on, suddenly behind her some large garage type doors swung upwards, the other two men stood menacingly, Ellie quickly ran to the door and tried to pull it open, she held her breath as it rattled, it was locked! Ellie grabbed a metal implement from a near by desk and smashed it trough the window, she could see the two men outside scrambling with keys at a lock fencing them outside, she struggled to get trough the small window, ripping her skirt, as she almost got out she felt herself being forced back, she kicked her feet and fell from the door, the man with the wounded eye grunted heavily and looked through the smashed panel, as he did Ellie plunged the sharp knife she broke the window with into the top of his head, he gasped lightly and his face strained, Ellie wriggled the knife inside his skull, forcing it inside, the mans body fell limp and fell backwards into the room, Ellie managed to pull the knife out of his head and she ran deeper into the field of cars, ducking behind one she gripped the long knife and slid underneath the car. she could hear footsteps and talking, she shifted herself so she could see the door so she could make her escape, Ellie saw one of the men, he sneaked past, his foot steps light, Ellie waited for him to pass, she wriggled from beneath the car and looked around curiously, she looked over at the dead body of the man she had managed to kill, blood surrounded his corpse, Ellie hurried along the hallway, almost upon her escape Ellie was confronted by one of the men, her lunged at her baring an bloodied axe, Ellie screamed and tried to run but she saw no escape, as the other man lumbered into the hallway, he snarled at Ellie and approached her…
(Special thanks to snapple2 for her contribution to the story, I can't tell you how much I appreciated your input and help.)


lovinitlovinit said...

I love this BEYOND words! When will you have the next part? I must know so I can look forward to it! :D

I wonder if anyone will survive?

Star_Awards said...

This is incredible, you really have a great imagination.

Totally awesome story, can't wait for the next part!



Hunnigall said...

Am I dead?
Do I meet Mika?
Do I survive?
OMG, I love it! You really know how to create suspense!

- Hunni x x x

Anonymous said...

i saw ur picture and u are so hot if i knew you in real life i would want you to fuck me


Tash37 said...

This is beyond freaky. Wow, I'd love your freaky as mind. I hope Ellie lives. I wonder what will happen to Mika and Lou. Anthony's head got chopped in half. AHH! Words can't describe the amount of fondness I have of this story. In one of the other posts I said it would be some pretty sick horror movie. I still think that. Lol, make a book get it published and have some MEGA huge movie production buy it. Some freaky as anything movie. Imagine watching it at the cinema. *Shivers greatly*!! You have a great imagination and very freaky mind! Haha, no offence. In a good way. x Nessa xD

Sophia said...
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Dei* said...

Tash37 stole the words right out fo my mouth XD

This story is crazy! And I am in love with it.

I was asking the same thing as Alice lol, will she survive?

Then the axe in Anthony's head..'OHHHH shit....'

Can't wait for more

Love, Dei*

Anonymous said...

i am still not sure if tyler got killed or not, & your story is lacking more chase scenes, cuz most of the murders happen is a moment. the killers pop up from nowhere and kill the victim asap.

Fag_Puff said...

Best part so far, I would pay to see this if it was a movie, I am on the edge of my seat waiting to see what happens to Ellie.

The Anonymous above is bugging, I got chased, Lou and Mika got chased, Dee got chased and the girl at the start got chased, everyone apart from Mario and Anthony got chased and Ellie got stalked and chased all the way through the woods, how much chasing is expected.

Bro, you are amazing, I am in awe of you.

Anonymous said...

To the first Anonymous: You REALLY have no life if you want to fuck somebody just because you saw their picture....

Anonymous said...

i want to fuck you in the ass

Tash37 said...

Glad we have the same passion for this story Dei*. It is ABFAB! I'd pay for my popcorn and sneak in a bag of lollies & buy a ticket to watch it. T-O-T-A-L-L-Y in love with it.

x Nessa xD

Anonymous said...

Amazing! :D