Saturday, June 27, 2009

Drop Dead Gorgeous: Act Two

Outside of the large studio, several news-vans and police cars littered the front parking lot. All of the different reporters were stood in front of their cameras, speaking about the incident. Melanine Wilson walked towards the swarm of reporters, she knew the competion would get media attention but not this much, she smiled broadly and breathed deeply and paused upon short path to the front of the studio. A hand suddenly landed on her shoulder. The hand of Kasia Dunn.

KASIA DUNN: Mel, what happened? Anything exciting?


KASIA: More than that, something bigger...

Melanie looked over at the press as a unmarked police car approached the entrance, reporters rushed towards the gated area and pushed their microphones in the male and female agents faces, they both ignored all questions and passed the gates.

KASIA: A scandal! Maybe they found an old sex tape or some sleazy pictures of one of the girls. Probably Tiffani or Ellie, talking of Ellie I have a theory she was a fat child and lets face it she needs some press, she's falling behind and it's only the preliminaries!

Melanie smiled weakly and walked away from Kasia who stood unaware for a few seconds that Melanie had left. Melanie dodged the press as she quickly walked around to the side gate, she pulled her key pass from her shoulder bag and showed it to a guard who quickly let her past, as she walked into the studio entrance the reported took pictures and shouted questions at her

REPORTER: How do you feel about the death of Ellie Swanson?

Melanie gasped and hurried into the entrance, she walked inside as Kasia walked into the press pit, she stood surrouded by microphones and meekly wept flase tears as the reporters informed her of the shocking death of Ellie.

KASIA: I'm so incredibly sad, I always thought she was such a special girl and I honestly saw her winning this pagent.

Kasia answerd endless questions in the most politically correct way possible, she knew this would grand her press and media coverage and she knew people would fall in love her her gracious and caring attitude, fake as it was.

Inside the building the two agents who had gone inside ahead of Melanie were walking briskly towards the girls dressing room.

DANIEL SCOTT: So, what happened again?

STEPHANIE BOSWORTH: Ellie Watson, one of the models, was murdered in her dressing room. I don't know anything more than that, are you sure you want to be here, first day and all?

DAN: Yes, I mean, I have to get used to this.


Stephanie headed up to the entrance to the studio, closely followed by a fidgety Dan. The two headed inside.

Stephanie strolled down the corridor of absent dressing rooms. She reached the fifth door along, marked with: ‘Dressing Room 10.’ She grabbed the handle and pulled it down. The door swung ajar, and she pushed it wider, stepping inside. Stephanie was met by a hoard of crime scene investigation officers combing the scene for any clues. There a mere few meters away lay the white corpse of Ellie Swanson.

Stephanie looked down at the body. There were several stab wounds over her chest and her throat was slit, slightly masking the strangulation marks. Stephanie turned away in disgust. A moment later, she turned back. She really ought to have gotten used to dead bodies, after over 20 years on the force. Reluctantly, she crouched down by Ellie’s body. With a sigh, she shook her head. She gave herself a few seconds to examine the marks and then she stood again.

STEPHANIE: (to herself) I’ll get the sick bastard who did this.

She turned and exited the dressing room. She headed down the corridor, where Dan was stood, flirting with one of the models. Her hair huge and over styled and her boobs even bigger and under dressed, she and Dan chatted contently as she firmly pressed her perfectly manicured hands on his crisp white shirt.

STEPHANIE: Agent Scott!

DANIEL: Coming! (to model) See ya.

He turned and hurried after Agent Bosworth as the model, Tiffani Horrowitz, smirked and headed off in the other direction. With a strut in her step, she approached a young, handsome guy his hair cut perfectly and face handsome. She smirked, and grabbed his collar with her hands and pressed herself up against his chest.

TIFFANI HORROWITZ: Hey, Ty. Did you hear about that Ellie girl? It’s awful, right?

Tyler Hemsley grabbed both of Tiffani's wrists and forcebaly pulled her wrists from his collar. Shoving her back lightly.

TYLER HEMSLEY: Firstly, never call me Ty. Secondly, never talk to me again. I got what I wanted from you, I don’t care for you anymore. Go away, slut.

Tiffani huffed and pushed her bangs out of her eyes, she rested one hand on her bony hips and narrowed her eyes at Tyler.

TIFFANI: Fine, screw you.

TYLER: You've been there.

Tyler turned and walked away, leaving Tiffani looking furious. Her face boiled red as two of the other models strolled past her, chatting. Tiffany slinked off hurt as Deidre Lockwood and Mia Chandler passed her.

DEIDRE LOCKWOOD: Then he said he had no more cash so he took me to McDonalds and it saw so sweet, we shared a Strawberry Milkshake.

MIA CHANDLER: He took you to McDonalds?

DEIDRE: Yeah, he’s so sweet.

MIA: Sweet? He’s a fucking cheapskate.

DEIDRE: Actually, that’s where you wrong! He told me he doesn’t know how to skate.

MIA: Whatever you say, honey.

Mia sighed and retrieved her phone from her small Louis Vuitton clutch. she picked out her mabile phone and if flased One new message at her. She opened it up, and grinned.

DEIDRE: You got a message? Who from? What does it say?

MIA: From my mom. The rest is up to your imagination.

DEIDRE: Oh. My. God. She’s got you a pony!

Mia sighed and shook her head, as Deidre smiled ear from ear. She pushed her mobile back inside her bag.

MIA: (under her breath) Dumb shit.

DEIDRE: Ew. (laughing) The toilets are that way.

She points behind her and smiles broadly once again.

MIA: Great. I’ll keep that in mind.

Tyler Hemsley, the resident male model strolled past the two girls and Deidre smiled.

DEIDRE: He is so hot, right?

MIA: No, he’s a guy. All guys are pigs. Period.

DEIDRE: You’re on you’re period? No wonder you’ve been acting so bitchy! Do you need a tampon? my mom packed me so many!

Mia sighed.

MIA: Yeah, that’s exactly why I’ve been acting like a bitch.

DEIDRE: I know. I’m clever like that, you know? Anyway, so you’re not interested in Tyler?

MIA: (irritably) No.

DEIDRE: Good! I’m so going after him.

MIA: Dei, you’re dating Daniel.

DEIDRE: No, we got divorced last night.

MIA: Divorced? You weren’t married, Dei. Ugh, whatever. Go. Play. Leave me alone.

Deidre grinned and clapped her hands. she hugged a reluctant Mia and ran awkwardly towards Tyler.

DEIDRE: Oh! Tyler! Wait up!

Mia sighed and then headed off the other way. She approached the entrance to the rehearsal stage, and then bumped into a set dresser, Ryan Duffet.

MIA: Hey! Watch out, you idiot!

RYAN DUFFET: Hello to you, too, Mia.

MIA: Move out of my way, freak. Like now.

Ryan stepped aside, and Mia headed through to the stage. Ryan sighed and continued down the corridor. He cut across the grassy knoll, and found himself at a beautiful area, surrounded with grass and tress, an ornate fountain planted in the middle. Around the fountain was a concrete bench. Seated on the bench were two models, Alice Kappa and Fay Stewart, along with one of the other volunteers, John Practer.

RYAN: Hey, guys.

ALICE KAPPA: Hey, Daniel. What’s up?

RYAN: Nothing much, how about you?

ALICE: I’m good. Thanks for asking.

FAY STEWART: Oh, God. Cut the flirting, you’re making me nauseous.

ALICE: We were not flirting, okay?

FAY: Okay, okay. Don’t worry, I won’t tell.

Alice narrowed her eyes at Fay and shook her head. Fay pulled her tongue out at Alice cheekily.

FAY: Oh, if looks could kill...

JOHN PRACTER: Ry, stop flirting with Alice. And you two, carry on fighting. It’s hot.

FAY: Aw, Jeremy. Girl fights turn you on?

JOHN: That and Viagra. They both seem to do the trick.

Alice giggled as Ryan broke into hysterical laughter, high-fiving John. Fay struggled to keep a straight face.

FAY: Oh, I’ll bet.

Fay sighed and grabbed her bottle of water from the grass below her. She took a swig, and then threw the empty bottle into the trash, just a few feet away.

JOHN: Nice throw.

FAY: Why thank-you, Viagra boy.

FAY: My pleasure, comic-book girl.

Ryan grinned and laughed a little.

RYAN: And you said we were flirting?

ALICE: Dominique and Jeremy sitting in a tree...

RYAN: K-I-S-S-I....

FAY: (interrupting) Okay, that’s enough. I think we comprehend from there.

RYAN: You sure? Cause there’s two little letters to go.

FAY: I think I have a pretty good idea as to what those ‘two little letters’ are, thank you very much.

RYAN: If you say so.

FAY: Yes, I do say so.

JOHN: Oh, yeah, Ry, I forgot to ask. Do you know why all the cops and reporters are here?

RYAN: Oh, yeah, you guys will never believe this!

ALICE: Why? What happened?

FAY: Yeah, come on, spill.

RYAN: Well, you know that new girl Ellie Swanson girl?

FAY: Never heard of her. She one of the volunteers?

ALICE: No, she’s one of the models. She got a shot after Jenny dropped out. One of the judges made a snide comment last night, and she ran off, crying. I was gonna go check on her, but I had to get out pretty quick so I could duck down to school to pick up my assignments.

RYAN: Well, she was found murdered in the main dressing room last night.

ALICE: What!

FAY: You serious?

RYAN: Very.

JOHN: Gnarly.

ALICE: That’s so awful!

RYAN: Tell me about it. Apparently, she was stabbed, like, seven times in the chest and there was so much blood they had to close the entire floor this morning when a cleaner found her.

ALICE: (close to tears) Who would do that?

JOHN: Who knows?

FAY: There’s some pretty sick people around.

ALICE: Have they caught the guy?

RYAN: No. Supposedly, there was no traces of evidence.

JOHN: Maybe it's somebody picking off the girls?

RYAN: Dude!

FAY: Inconsiderate much?

Fay sighed, for a moment the foursome sat in silence reeling from the tragic news.

Mario Fortuna was sat on a small stool. Stood in front of him was Vanessa Aleba. She was dressed in a long, extravagant green dress that protruded beyond her feet. Mario was sewing the back of the dress, as Vanessa stood patiently.

VANESSA ALEBA: So, did you hear about that Ellie? She was murdered, isn’t it scary?

Mario scowled and pushed the needle forward, ‘accidentally’ pricking Vanessa’s back. Vanessa jumped forward and yelped.


She sighed, and returned to her position. Knowing how volatile Mr. Fortuna could become.

MARIO FORTUNA: (fakely) Sorry Darling!

VANESSA: No worries.

Mario continued sewing the dress, as the door opened and another model strolled in. She walked over to Mario’s desk, and observed the mess that covered the top. She smiled and grabbed a pair of scissors.

MIKA SUMMERSBY: Hey, Mr. Fortuna, can I borrow your scissors for a sec?

MARIO: No, put them back.

MIKA: I’ll only be a minute.

Mika turned and headed for the door. Mario quickly reacted, dropping the sewing needle and jumping from his stool, racing at Mika. He grabbed her shoulder and spun her round. As Mika gasped, He snatched the scissors from her hand.

MARIO: I said no, twat!

Mia jumped back, shocked.

MIA: Geez, calm down! I’m sorry, okay?

Mario scowled at her as he turned and opened the door, heading out.

MIA: (under her breath) Psycho.

Mr Fortuna sighed and pulled open one of the drawers of his desk. He shoved the scissors inside. There wasn’t much inside the drawer, just an old photograph of his sister and mother, a diary, and then two small white pearls. Mario closed the drawer, and then opened the next drawer down. He took out a small box, and opened it, taking out a small, rusty, silver key. He placed the open box on the desk, and then used the key to lock the top drawer. Then He placed the key back into the box and dropped the box into the second drawer again.

Sunday, June 21, 2009

Drop Dead Gorgeous First Act and Cast List

Pagent Princesses

Star_Awards - Vanessa Aleba
Hunnigall - Alice Kappa
Mik-Ma - Mika Summerby
fayasi - Fay Stewart
Guaggi - Mia Chandler
UndamyUmbrellla - Kasia Dunn
bluegreen86 - Melanine Wilson
fakeshake3 - Ellie Swanson
belle-ame - Tiffani Horrowitz
To_Royal - Deidre Lockwood


Tylerisbold - Gregg Helmsley
Dodence_bt - Mario Fortuna
Diva_Always - Dee Cameron
Rachwee123 - Stephanie Bosworth
DanPuffs - Daniel Scott

Ellie Swanson sat at her dressing room table. She sighed and peered into her mirror. She had stayed behind later than the other girls most of the time, she felt this was proof she wanted this more than them. Tears had left marks down her beautiful cheeks, her makeup smudged and damp.

She sniffed and pulled a tissue from a box to wipe her eyes. The reason for her tears was earlier, one of the judges in the competition, the beauty competition Ellie so wanted to win, had told her during rehersal that she had looked like a 'spastic' during her singing performance. Harsh, even by their standards. Not to mention incredibly intolerant. 'If there were anyone in the competition with a disability, said comment wouldn’t have gone down as smoothly' thought Ellie. Most of the other contestants had laughed behind Ellie's back at the comment which further upset her. She knew they were her competition but thought it was horrible for them to laugh at the comment.

Ellie stood and pushed back her chair. She was dressed in a beautiful, red dress that reached her feet. Her blonde hair was combed back into a beautifully prepared bun.

Around her neck was a circle of shiny white pearls that, as a matter of fact, had been passed onto her from her late grandmother. Her relationship with her grandmother had been the only stable relationship Ellie had had, loosing her had made Ellie even more determined to make a name for herself.

She walked up and down her dressing room, admiring herself. She looked beautiful. Bragging wasn’t something she particularly enjoyed doing, but she
did look beautiful. There wasn’t a single doubt about that. her slim figure and beautiful Alexander Wang dress were a perfect combination.

She ran her hand over her hair, straightening out any loose strands. She turned back to her mirror and forced a smile. If only her grandmother could have been there to see her now thought Ellie, she should be proud of her granddaughter. Ellie glanced in the mirror for the final time and then nodded and exhaled deeply as she took her seat again in front of the mirror. She kicked off her black stilettos quickly and pulled her hair loose from the bun and ran her fingers delicatly through her hair to straighten it out. She smiled and grabbed a wipe from the box on her table. She pressed it against her face and closed her eyes. She began to wipe the makeup away. Once finished, she leant over and dropped the wipe into the bin beside her vanity table.

Once she sat up again to face her mirror, she spotted a figure behind her. They were dressed in a thick, black robe, a plain white full face-mask covering their face. Ellie gasped and spun round.

ELLIE: God, you scared me! Gregg? Take that stupid outfit off, I'm really not in the mood tonight!

Ellie turned and continued wiping her makeup with a second wipe. Once finished, she disposed of it and glanced back at the figure still stood silently behind her.

ELLIE: Look, Gregg, please get out I need to get changed now.

Ellie waited for an answer but the figure didn’t move or talk. With a sigh, she stood and walked over to them. gripping their arm she tried to frog match them away

MARIA: Come on, out! NOW!

The figure suddenly pulled a pair of scissors from inside their robe. Ellie gasped. She struggled and tried to pull her hand away but the intruder grasped her arm and had a firm grip.

ELLIE: Oh, my God! That the fuck!

The person pressed the scissors against Ellie's bare forearm and slashed across sharply. Ellie screamed and recoiled, pulling her arm back in distress. Blood seeped out of the wound and she stumbled backwards whimpering

ELLIE: God! Help me! Somebody, help!

Ellie stumbled back and crashed into her vanity table. All the makeup dropped onto the floor, distracting Ellie. The intruder hurried forward and grabbed her jaw. Ellie gave a muffled scream, and the figure smashed her head against the mirror beside her. She screamed again, shards of glass errupted from the fram and sank into the back of Ellie's head cutting her head open.

ELLIE: No! (sobbing) Please, don’t!

The attacker continued to smash her head twice against the now completely shattered mirror. They stopped and flung her across the room. Ellie flew into the dresses rack, knocking it over and falling to the floor herself. The attacker breathed heavily under the mask, moving towards Ellie once again. She got to her feet as the figure swung the scissors towards her. She screamed and ducked. The scissors planted into the wall. Ellie stared at the mask as the attacker pulled at the scissors, trying to remove them from the plaster wall. Ellie quickly hurried to the door, she pushed aganst the door sharply but it was stuck fast. The attacker pulled at the embedded scissors and retrieved from the wall and raced after her.

They ran at Ellie grabbing her by her bloodied hair, as she pulled the door ajar. She yelped as they slammed her face into the door, pushing it shut again. Tears cascaded down her cheeks and blood ran from the open cuts in her head, as the intruder spun her round and forced her onto a vanity table. Everything that had covered the table was pushed off, smashing on the floor. The attacker wrapped his hands around Ellie’s neck, Ellie faught back and pushed at her attackers mask trying to force their weight away from her, as the person was forced back they pulled at Ellie's neck, gripping her beloved pearl necklace and snapping the golden chain, the pearls sprang into the airs and dropped to the floor like snow, the attacker gripped Ellie once again around the neck.

ELLIE: (choking) No! Help!

The attacker tightened their grip and Ellie began to gasp for breath, spluttering and coughing. her eyes bulged and began to redden She quickly brought up her knee, forcing it against the attackers stomach. They stumbled back and Ellie shoved them over onto the ground. As they fell, they kicked her ankles and she slipped too. They rolled on top of her, pinning her down. She screamed as they gripped her hair and lifted her head.

ELLIE: Please, don't kill me!

The attacked plunged the scissors into Ellie’s chest, inches below her throat. They repeated the process, stabbing her over five times. As she slowly bled to death, they slashed her throat from left to right. Blood poured from her wounds and bubbled from her mouth, as the killer released her body.

She slipped back onto the floor, her body bloodied and bruised and her dress torn and bloodied. Amongst her were several of the pearls that once were part of her mush loved necklace.