Thursday, April 9, 2009

Change Of Heart

Hey guys, after my last blog message I carried on writing the final chapter of The Forbidden and it really re-awaked my love for horror and writing brutal stories and for that reason alone I can't leave, I wish I could just step down but it's really harder than I thought and so here is my concept for my newest story which does not have a snappy title yet (I'm open to suggestions) but does have a potential cast list, feel free to put your name down for a role.

Sam and his family have just moved from Las Vegas to a long deserted farm in rural Kansas due to the economic crisis, which forced them to give up their home in the big city. While his parents take the only car back to Las Vagas to retrieve more of their belongings Sam throws a house-warming party with his newly acquired 'friends'. However, someone without an invitation has decided to crash. The power is cut, Sam and his friends find themselves without a phone, light, or a car. Stuck on a farm hundreds of miles from help. Are they the potential victims of the same killer who slaughtered an entire family in the house 4 years earlier?

The characters are as follows, all are early concepts and their personalities and looks can and most likely will change, possibly to fit in with whoever takes the role. The names will change to also coincide with who takes the role.

Sam - Young and naive, he is easily lead by the older members of the group but gets jittery very easily, he is unaware of the previous slaughter that took place in his new farm house.

Jack - A nice guy who instantly befriends Sam, no questions asked, he is pretty goofy and fun loving which makes him a butt of the jokes the more popular gang make.

Mindy - A fun loving party girl who would attend the opening of an envelope in her Prada heels and clutching the seasons must have bag, she's dizzy and easily spooked but she's a good friend and ally to have. She takes pity on Sam and Jack at the hands of her bullying boyfriend.

Cameron - The sarcastic jock who thinks nothing of making fun of others, he thinks of nobody but himself and his enjoyment, which is often at the expense of Cloee and Jack. Is dating, Mindy.

Cloee - The emo of the group, she's reluctant to attend the party but joins the clan after befriending Sam, Cloee is sceptical about most things and is quick to see the worst in a situation, she is aware of the history of the farm house.

Colby - Cloee's hardcore boyfriend, he is unfriendly and rowdy his attitude stinks and he openly cheats on his poor girlfriend but he is really strong and ready for a fight, unfortunately he usually starts them!

Melody - Uber-bitch and a half, she only tags along because of Cameron and Mindy, she's got no interest in befriending Sam or his friends and she would save her own ass over anyone, her disloyalty to Mindy is proved as she constantly hits on Cameron.

Megan - Jacks little sister who tags along even though Jack tells her not to, she makes her appearance after the lights go out and she makes a grisly discovery in the corn field.