Friday, December 26, 2008

The Forbidden Part III

Alice stared vacantly into the crowds of people, she rolled her eyes and breathed heavily, a small eruption of warm air caused a cloud to emerge from her mouth, she pulled her jacket tightly around herself and jumped from the car hood she had been sitting on, she quickly pushed her bangs to the side of her face and slowly walked into the crowd, seeing Tyler alone she made her way to him, she tenderly touched his shoulder and he turned to her, with a heavy smile, Alice pulled him from the crowd behind some trees, as she did so Tyler stumbled to follow, the crowd was busy and bustling – ‘Have you seen the others?’ asked Alice, Tyler nodded his head and swigged from a can of red bull, ‘Mario is with some people from his old school’ said Tyler, motioning over to a group of guys, mostly jocks, all laughing and pointing out girls they found attractive, ‘Lou and Anthony have gone to move the car’ said Tyler and then he shrugged ‘Ellie and Dee went off somewhere a little while ago and fuck knows where Dan is’ explained Tyler staring past Alice and to the party scene, Tyler pushed past her and rejoined the fun, Alice sighed heavily and pushed back the trees, she also made her way in to the crowd.

‘You have to say something’ said Dee, she and Ellie were sitting alone beside a small boxed off toilet, ‘It’s not even sure yet, I’m just…worried’ said Ellie weakly smiling at her friend, ‘babe, Tyler needs to know, you could be carrying his kid’ said Dee looking worriedly at Ellie, who looked unhappy, she gently played with her bag, picking at the stitched Chanel symbol, Dee pulled the bag from Ellie and hugged her, Ellie gasped back, she spluttered and began to cry, ‘I’m pregnant!’ she exclaimed as Dee held her tightly, ‘I have to face it, I’m over 3 weeks late, I’m fucking pregnant!’ she said raising her voice and choking back tears, suddenly Alice turned the corner, Ellie let go of Dee and quickly wiped a stray tear from her face, she looked down trying to disguise her upset, Dee held onto her hand as Alice looked on puzzled, ‘what’s up?’ said Dee, smiling at Alice, ‘is everything okay?’ asked Alice, noticing Ellie choking back attempting to stop herself crying –‘fine’ said Ellie abruptly standing up, ‘lets go’ she said pulling Dee up from the wooden log they had been sitting on, Ellie grabbed Alice also and pulled her along, the music was louder now and the people drunk and rowdy, ‘Hell yeeeaaahhhhh!’ screamed Ellie dancing along to the beat, Dee and Alice followed her lead and began getting into the rhythm.

Lou and Anthony headed to Tyler’s jeep, both laughing they pushed through the sea of parked and abandoned vehicles, Lou pushed the key into the lock and pulled open the door, Anthony leaned on a near by car and watched as Lou turned the ignition, the car did not flicked, nothing at all. Lou tried again and again, she looked as Anthony stared at her, ‘it’s dead’ she said getting out of the car, she closed her door slowly and approached the hood, she searched the fender for the release catch, but Anthony noticed it was already in latched, he slowly picked up the body work and unveiled the engine and parts, a stem of heat blasted from the car, Lou and Anthony backed away to allow the severe heat to rise, suddenly Lou fell backwards, she screamed as she fell hard onto her back, Anthony tried to catch her but to no avail, she hit the floor and groaned, ‘shit’ said Anthony staring at her, Lou struggled to pull herself up, Anthony helped and she managed to find her feet, she knew immediately she was covered in something, something dark and sticky, Anthony inspected her and gasped, he held his hand over his mouth and wretched, Lou followed his eyes, in the car the engine was trashed and upon the bare motor was red blood and entrails, shreds of flesh – Lou looked at the floor and then remembered she had fallen, she ripped off her coat and threw it to the floor, she looked on as Anthony stood aback, his face was white as a ghost, he looked in utter shock, Lou looked at her hands, they were covered in the blood and clotted blood, she panicked and tried to wipe it off her skin, she breathed heavily and began to hyper ventilate as the blood tricked from her arms, suddenly Anthony walked to her, taking off his hoodie he wiped the blood from his friends hair, her blonde locks were now stained a horrific red, not a word exchanged between the two, they were both too shocked to speak and take in what they had found, suddenly Lou gasped, her mind seemed to be unclouded instantly, ‘oh my god’ she said stopping cleaning herself, Anthony abruptly halted as Lou turned to him, ‘we need my cell phone’ she exclaimed, Anthony quickly turned to the floor and picked up her blood soaked coat and as he did his noticed an arm sitting beside the car, attached was a person, their face was unrecognisable, the skin was all but gone and tissue and muscle remain, Anthony looked at the person vacantly, he dropped Lou’s coat, Lou followed him and saw the person also, she let out a blood curdling scream and doubled over, straining her voice she screamed, the person was in such a mess, neither of the friends could take it in, suddenly Anthony pointed to her body, ‘it’s the guy who greeted us’ he said, his voice trembling, Lou stared on, just then somebody tackled Anthony to her floor, he immediately crumbled to the ground, Lou watched on as the bloodied person rolled off of Anthony, he held his head and groaned, Lou’s eyes befell upon the two lying next to each other, the attackers face was covered with dirty, blood soaked hair, Lou pushed herself into the car and closed the door, she peered through the window as the other person unsteadily tried to regain their balance, turning to the car and Lou the person fell onto the window their bloody hand print leaving a smear on the glass, Lou waited in bated breath as the person stared at her, their eyes seemed full of fear, their dirty face had clear water marks in conjunction with ear streams, the person stared at Lou, their chin trembling – ‘help me’ said the person softly, their voice breaking, Lou’s faced dropped, she slowly opened the car door and ran round to Anthony, he was still on the floor, she held him and tried to help him up, he groaned heavily and rubbed his head, they both turned to the girl leaning against the car, her face crippled and bloody, she held her hand out, her arms were cut and hands bloodied, ‘please, please – help me’ she begged as Lou and Anthony watched her cry, beg them to help, Anthony pulled away and gently touched the girls shoulder, she was freezing, ‘what happened?’ said Lou staring at the clearly broken girl, ‘they’re coming, we have to go now, please’ begged the girl grabbing Anthony’s hard tightly, she and Anthony were both shaking, their were terrified, the girl choked back and caught her breath. ‘Who?’ asked Anthony holding onto the girls hand, ‘they’re strong, they fucking killed them, killed my friends’ she exclaimed, bursting into tears, Lou cleared her throat as Anthony and her pulled the girl to her feet, she could barley walk, her body seemed so frail and weak, they each took her arm and held her up, as they make their way back to the thunderous music.

Tyler looked on at his girlfriend dancing, balancing a beer bottle in his palm scratched his chin, his stubble tickled his hand, the put his bottle on a close by beer stand and made his way over to her, she pulled Alice around in a circle and danced around, Tyler knew something was wrong, Usually he and Ellie were inseparable – barely leaving each others side, suddenly Tyler walked into Mario, Mario laughed as Tyler stared at him, Mario was clearly drunk and probably obnoxious by now, he smiled at Tyler and followed his eye line over his shoulder to Ellie, he raised his beer can and laughed once again, ‘DEE!’ he shouted, Ellie and Alice turned to see Mario stomping his way over Dee, she folded her arms as Ellie joined her side, ‘what the fuck, Tyler!’ she shouted over the music, ‘me?’ said Tyler, shocked by Dee blaming him, ‘you promised me you would stop him getting shit faced’ she screamed shaking her head, ‘you can’t blame Tyler’ interjected Alice peering at Dee, Dee looked around and narrowed her eyes, ‘who asked you, bitch?’ she cured, scowling at Alice, ‘he’s your boyfriend, Dee, you should be looking out for him, no. Actually he should be taking care of himself for gods sake’ shouted Alice, Mario laughed and danced as they girls argued back and two, ‘girl fight!’ he shouted loudly, Ellie pushed herself between Alice and Dee, ‘stop’ she pleaded but they were both angry, ‘nobody wanted you here, Alice’ screamed Dee, trying to offend Alice, ‘and now who do they not want here? Huh?’ shouted Alice back quickly; Ellie pulled Alice away, followed by Tyler. Dee stomped away in the opposite direction, briskly followed by Mario stumbling behind her.

Dee held her face in her hands as Mario wretched and vomited behind a near by tree, she looked up and saw the lights from the party in the distance, the music was faint and drowned out by Mario being sick, Dee groaned and stood up, she walked over to Mario and soothed his back, he gulped back heavily and stood up, his face was sweaty and glowing in the faint light, ‘lets get you back’ said Dee, tugging on Mario’s shirt, he stood strong and pulled Dee into his arms, he puckered his lips and tried to kiss Dee but she broke away from his grip and wagged her finger in his face, ‘don’t even Mario, I am not kissing you looking like shit’ she exclaimed smirking at him, she again pulled at his arm and he reluctantly followed, ‘babe, I’m going to spill’ groaned Mario pausing on the spot, he quickly bent down into some bushes and wretched again, Dee pulled out her cell phone and slipped it open, she pressed some digits but got a no signal announcement as she tried to phone Ellie, she slowly walked farther on as she tried to get a signal, Mario could still be heard in the background, Dee slammed her phone shut and looked back, she was taken aback to see Mario kneeling on the floor, his eyes staring at her frantically as a man stood over him, his hands powering down on Mario, his arms forcing Mario to stay kneeling down, Mario held out his hands towards Dee, her mouth dropped open as the ugly man looked at her, his face was deformed and white, Mario moaned as the man put his hands inside his mouth, he struggled as Dee froze to the spot, she watched in horror as the man pulled opposite ways on Mario, his jaw strained as he let out a muffled, but terrified shout, Dee heard a cracking sound and saw blood explode from Mario, to her horror the man was ripping off his jaw, his face ripped in two halves as he tried to shout, the skin around his mouth stretched and ripped open, blood gushed from his mouth as the man ripped and shook at Mario’s now broken jaw, his body fell limp as the man pulled a knife from his pocket, he pulled the sharp edge across the skin holding Mario’s face together and his jaw dropped to the floor with a thud, Dee’s whole body shook, she wanted to scream but she just gurgled, her throat closed as she tried to shout, say anything – suddenly the mans attention returned to Dee, she dropped her phone to the floor and stared into the mans eyes, his face repulsed her, suddenly the man ran at her, his arms out reached, Dee quickly darted to the left out of the mans reach, he fell to the floor, dirty filled the air from the ground as the man skidded to a halt, Dee quickly ran from him, she ran as quickly as she could, her heels digging into the ground every step she took, she gazed at the lights in the sky, she headed for them, knowing her only safety was with the other revellers, she quickly looked back to see the killer a few feet behind her, his breathing erratic, he snorted and wheezed as he tried to catch Dee, she screamed loudly and began to panic, she finally realized what had just happened, Mari was dead, mutilated by this mutant now chasing her, she tried to pick up speed as he ran through the woods, tree braches ripped at her skin and clothes, Dee screamed again, desperate for somebody to hear her, suddenly she turned back again and the man was gone, she carried on running, her feet ached but the music was loud now, she must be close, all of a sudden Dee tripped, her legs left the floor and she fell hard to the floor, her face grimaced in pain, she stared and saw a trip wire across the clearing, she dug her elbows into the ground and pulled herself forward, suddenly she felt a coldness grip her left ankle, she peered back to see another man, pulling on her leg, his hands were webbed and foul looking, his nails long and in growing, Dee let out a scream as a tear rolled down her cheek, she tried to pull herself away, digging her long nails into the ground she held on, the man pulled ferociously on her ankle and her nails snapped, letting out another scream the man pulled her away into the darkness, Dee carried on screaming for her life and the man laughed to himself, out of sight a loud slashing sound lightly echoed, Dee’s lifeless body fell into the clearing, her chest slashed open, her eyes still open and breathing faint, Dee gasped and looked at the bath, the music was loud and close, she was but yards away, the two men who attacked her surrounded her and plunged their hands into her open chest, their fingers ripped at her insides, she could see them pull her inside out, taking her last breath her head slumped on it’s side, a small trickle of blood seeped from her mouth as the men bit and tore at her innards.

Friday, December 19, 2008

Forbidden Part II

‘We need to stop soon!’ said Dee leaning over to talk to Tyler. he rolled his eyes and looked over to Ellie, her window wound down and her hair slightly blowing in the breeze, ‘I agree, I really need to pee’ shouted Dan from the back of the car, ‘Come on, there is a gas station a few miles up from here, please’ said Dee pleading with Tyler, ‘alright, alright we can stop’ he concurred seeing the small shack in the distance, approaching it they all looked on distastefully, the place was an utter shit hole, run down and dirty. Mario and Tyler got out of the car and inspected it, they needed gas. Ellie, Anthony and Alice walked around, making the most of the fresh air and the chance to stretch their legs, Dan and Dee both ran round back to where the sigh on the building indicated the bathrooms were – Dee opened the door to be met by a hoard of flies, the place stunk so bad she gagged, Dan opened the other door and was met by a similar stench, the quickly shut the door and looked around, he walked over to some near by bushes and unzipped his jeans.

‘Hello’ called Lou, peering through the window of the building, it looked empty, probably abandoned, she looked back and saw Tyler and Mario filling up the car with gas, she realized there must be somebody there, she knocked at the door, upon tapping the door creaked open slightly, she cautiously pushed it open, attempting to make no noise but as she did a bell connected to the door frame rung out loudly, she paused momentarily but carried on inside, she looked around at the food on the counter, the packaging looked ancient, ‘hello, is there anybody in here?’ she called out, looking around for a sign of humanity, she looked around once more and decided the place was abandoned, she turned on her heels and began to walk from the store when she heard some rustling in the back room, stopping she tucked her blonde hair behind her ear and called out yet again ‘Hello, we need to pay for some gas, please’ she said, briskly walking to the back room and pushing the door open, suddenly the door swing back, almost hitting Lou, she backed up, leaning back on the counter as a frail old man looked at her, ‘ya’ll need something?’ he said pushing past her and looking out of the window at Lou’s friends, ‘Yes, we need to pay for some gas’ she said opening her purse and pulling out a pink wallet, she looked through it and pulled out a credit card, motioning for the man to take it from her, ‘Thanks’ she said sweetly, the man turned around and looked at Lou, she was angelic, her skin glowing in the afternoon sun, her hair tied back in a bun, she looked down at her credit card and chuckled to himself, ‘we don’t take plastic pay’ she said wiping his nose with the sleeve of his shirt, ‘cash only’ he snorted holding out his hand, waiting for payment, ‘Oh, okay’ she said, once again rummaging through her purse, pulling out $30 she placed it onto the mans palm, he snatched it and pushed the money into his shirt pocket, he grunted and walked back to the entrance of his back room, taking one last look at Lou he sized her up, obviously staring at her chest, ‘make sure you close the door properly’ she said, slamming the rickety old door behind him, ‘thank you!’ called Lou sarcastically, she quickly exited and made her way back to the car, she jumped in and immediately gasped, ‘that guy was so rude!’ she said shaking her head, quickly Dan leaned over her seat and smiled at her, ‘I peed on his flower garden’ he said with a cheeky grin, everyone laughed and Tyler pulled back onto the road, ‘not far now’ he assured everyone as he turned the stereo up.


Tyler’s black 2007 range rover slowed up, they were approaching a split road, he peered through the window, squinting his eyes but it had gotten dark and beneath the trees darkness was upon them, his lights lit up their way but that was as far as their visibility allowed, Ellie leaned onto the window, cupping her face she strained to see a sigh post ‘What are we stopping for?’ asked Anthony looking around his friends, Tyler looked back and sighed – ‘there should a sign post some place, this split is not on the GPS, we need to follow Bitter creek Mountain road’ said Tyler turning back his attention to the GPS sitting atop his dashboard, ‘baby we need to be there before it gets too dark’ groaned Ellie leaning over Tyler’s seat, Dee and Lou huddled together, it was beginning to get cold ‘Where will the post be?’ asked Mario opening the glove box and taking out a torch, ‘fuck knows’ replied Tyler wearily, Mario wound down his window and flashed the light into the dense trees lining the road, the sound of animals and birds were evident, this creeped Ellie out and she rubbed her arms in anticipation, suddenly the trunk opened and closed and Dan appeared by Mario’s window, he grabbed the torch and quickly ran across the road and out of sight, his friends in the car watched the small light flicker amongst the side of the road, ‘Dan are you alright man?’ shouted Tyler trying to assure a worried looking Ellie. ‘dude’ called Mario, Dan was aware of them but he was cold and searching for a sign post he was unsure existed and he felt like not answering, he flashed the torch around quickly and randomly reached out his hand hoping to grab the wooden sign, unbeknownst to him he was being watched from the trees about 10 feet away by the man who had killed the young girl earlier, the mans hands wrapped around a self made, and crudely constructed knife, bloodied and soiled, the man breathed lightly, he had breathing problems and grasped for air, his eyes transfixed on Dan and he wandered further away from the safety of the car and his friends, the man slowly walked towards Dan, taking easy steps as if he knew every inch of the woods, he approached Dan unawares of the impending danger, the light from the torch dancing around distracting Tyler and the others, suddenly Dan saw the sign and rushed over to it, the disfigured man now only a matter of 2 feet away, Dan quickly pushed aside the foliage and read the sign, it was ancient and unkempt but still readable, ‘Bitter Creek Mountain’ read out Dan under his breath, shining his light source at an arrow pointing up the road, he quickly retreated just as the horribly scarred man stood behind the sign looking down upon him, Dan briskly jogged back to the car and got in, ‘you're so brave’ said Lou patting Dan on the shoulder, Tyler turned on the engine and the lights from the car shone, Ellie noticed some bushes shaking by the sign and looked on, there is no wind she thought to herself but not speaking up, Tyler slowly drove up the road with his fog lights on, ‘what did you not have those on to help Dan find the post?’ asked Mario looking at Tyler bewildered, ‘I never thought’ replied Tyler embarrassed, Dan rolled his eyes and sat down next to Alice and Anthony. From the trees the man watched them drive away, his breathing still struggled, he cackled excitedly.

Ellie and Dee jumped out of the car happily, they linked arms and ran over to a big lamp on the side of the road, in the distance they could hear thumping house music and the sounds of people laughing, Tyler and Mario grabbed the bags from the trunk and all the friends followed Ellie and Dee into a surrounding, the trees were scares but there were lights everywhere and masses of people dancing away, suddenly a man approached Ellie, ‘Hey there, you found us’ he said happily, he had a small keg strapped to his back and a super soaker in his hand, he filled up two cups and handed them over to the girls, they happily chatted to the friendly guy until the others arrived and received their drinks and welcome, the whole area was busy with activity and surrounded by wrecked cars and vehicles filled with varies colour lights, the whole place looked amazing, everyone made their way into the gathering, Dee, Mario, Tyler and Ellie broke away from the group and into a group and people dancing, Lou and Anthony joined them and began dancing together, Dan and Alice sat on top of one of the abandoned cars and drank their drinks, raising their voices above the thumping music Alice spoke to Dan ‘that was really brave of you, getting out of the car and all in the pitch black’ she said nodding her head, Dan smiled at her and watched on as Ellie dirty danced Tyler ‘no shame’ said Alice with a sigh, Dan laughed and drank the last of his drink, he quickly jumped from the bonnet of the car and pulled Alice along with him, ‘lets show them how it’s done!’ he shouted, he and Alice jumped around laughing and whooping, their friendship was enviable by most of their friends, they had known each other since they were born and they had remained the best of friends, even when Alice parents had split up Dan had always been there for her and vice versa, Alice would do anything for Dan, she knew him inside and out – Lou and Anthony joined them dancing around and they all had a great him dancing to the heavy music.

Dee quickly broke away from the dancing and pushed her way through the crowd, smiling she spoke to the guy who greeted them and she walked by the side of one of the tents to a cooling tower, filled with punch, she pulled out a paper cup and filled it with the bright green concoction and swilled it down, she gasped at the alcohol but enjoyed the taste, she reached down to fill up the cup once again but before she had chance to take a drink somebody grabbed her from behind, clasping their hand over her mouth, she quickly dropped the cup as she was dragged away into the woodland, attempting to scream she heard the person shush her, she felt herself turning around and the hand drop from her mouth, before she could scream she felt someone’s lips meet hers and kiss her, she opened her eyes to be greeted by Mario, his eyes closed as his passionately kissed her girlfriend, Dee wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, she then quickly pulled away, ‘you scared me!’ she said angrily, frowning, Mario cupped her chin in his masculine hands and kissed her nose, ‘I’m sorry’ he said smiling at Dee, she smiled back and leaned in to kiss him again. Meanwhile Ellie and Tyler were still in the crowds of people, they were dancing to their own beat and gazing at each other, Ellie rested her head on Tyler’s shoulder and the kept dancing, Lou, Anthony and Alice were still dancing also but Dan had wandered off with some people he knew and they were slowly walking along the dirt path, farther away from the music, they talked animatedly as they wondered freely into the woods, they kept talking about old times, ‘Dude it was the best’ said one girl laughing, Dan and the other guy laughed too, suddenly the guy pulled a small rolled up packet from his jeans, Dan watched as his old friend unrolled it unveiling some neon discs, pills. he held them in front of Dan and the younger girl, they both hesitated, he motioned his hand towards them, ‘Nah, dude I’m not into anything like that’ said Dan with a shake of his head, the girl also refused them, ‘You guys are no fun, what changed’ he said, skipping away from them, ‘dude…’ said Dan, trying to stop him running ahead into the darkness, ‘leave him, he’s drunk’ said the girl stopping Dan from following, she walked in front of Dan and stopped, she pushed her hands onto his chest and pulled her nails smoothly down his shirt, he stopped dead and looked at her puzzled, she smiled and brushed her hands over her body, attempting to flirt with him, he smiled slightly and held her arms away from him gently, ‘come on, there is nobody around’ she said pulling away, ‘Jess, I’m gay’ said Dan quickly, she stopped and her mouth fell open, ‘ohhh no, you let me make a dumbass out of myself’ she groaned, rubbing the side of her head. In the distance they heard their friend fall down and curse. They ignored him. ‘It’s not obvious?’ asked Dan sticking his hands out to steady his old friend ‘NO’ she said in quick response, she lent into Dan and hugged him, embracing for a second she pulled away, ‘shit my head hurts’ she said just as her whole body swung to the side with a swoosh, so quickly it make Dan's eyes blur, he looked to the right of him and his friend was slumped by a tree, on closer inspection a manipulated blade protruding through her head, he panicked and breathed heavily, hyperventilating he slapped his chest ‘what the fuck’ he repeated, he quickly realized his danger, taking one last look at the girl, whose whole head was crushed in by the force of the blade he dashed back in the direction he came, jumping over woodland he sprinted as fast as he could, his breath short and controlled, he kept running, the lights of the rave were in sight, in the distance he saw Anthony and Lou walking past the clearing, the music was louder than ever, he kept running for his life, catching his breath he called out loudly ‘Anth-‘ before he could continue somebody knocked him to the floor, he fell heavily, looking up at the person in the clearing Dan gasped, his face was disgusting, skin folds had become chapped and bloody, their skin a brown and pink colour, Dan looked over at Lou and Anthony again as he prepared to let out another shout for his friends help an arm from behind him clapped over his face and stopped him, he struggled free and managed to shout, ‘Anthon-‘, again his attempt thwarted, this time Anthony and Lou heard something and looked to the clearing but the two men had pulled Dan into the tree line, holding him back with a sharp knife pressed against his throat, Dan could see Lou and Anthony looking towards him, a single tear rolled from his eye and down his cheek, the two men holding him back were strong, suddenly Anthony and Lou walked past, Dan kicked and struggled but they had gripped his arms fiercely and he could not escape, with a shove they pushed him to the floor, he fell onto his chest and rolled over, his clothes now dirty and stained, he looked at them, one walked towards him and picked him up by his hair, pulling him to his knees, Dan gritted his teeth in pain as the roots of his hair ripped from his skull with the force, he looked towards the other man his face breaking out into a smile, he leaned into Dan and said loudly ‘beg’, Dan sniffed back tears and gulped for breath ‘w-what?’ she asked, the man holding him pulled at his hair, Dan let out a small cry. ‘Beg for your life’ said the man with a laugh, ‘What do you want?’ cried Dan, ‘please don’t do this’ he continued, ‘don’t hurt me’ he begged tears streaming down his face, suddenly the hand holding him viciously ripped the blade across his bare throat, the blade slashed open Dan's fragile neck with ease, blood erupted from the wound, spraying into the air and onto the other man, he stood with his grotesque mouth open, allowing droplets of warm blood to spray into his mouth, with the blood still flowing the taller man quickly and viciously tossed Dan's dead body into the trees, the two men watched on as people carelessly walked past the clearing, unawear of the slaugher taking place just yards away...

Sunday, December 14, 2008

The Forbidden

A tall blond girl walked briskly through the food court, her heels clapping in succession as she made her way through the hoards of fellow students, her face made up to perfection, as she walked by she took peoples breath away with her beauty, everyone knew her, everyone wanted to be her friend – Ellie, she quickly came to a halt bedside on table, looking around she placed a folded piece of paper onto the surface, the people sitting down looked at her knowingly, ‘You didn’t!’ said one girl snatching the piece of paper up, unfolding the white sheet her eyes gleamed, a smile quickly spread across her face, biting her bottom lip softly Ellie pursed her lips, ‘I did’ she smirked resting her hand on her hip, ‘Oh my god!’ exclaimed another girl, dark skinned, just as beautiful as Ellie. She leaped from the table and skipped into Ellie’s arms, ‘you are amazing’ she purred, hugging her friend, ‘You are very welcome, Dee’ said Ellie proudly, the letter being passed around raised everyone’s spirits, all smiling and thanking Ellie, the letter ended up with Alice, sat at the end of the table, she quickly looked at the paper; it stated that a rave would be taking place out in the woods in West Virginia and that to find out the location you had to wire $200 to a third source and you would get sent a map – Alice stared at the paper, her friend Dan nudged her ‘cool, huh?’ he asked, Alice smiled at him but unconvinced Dan turned toward her, ‘what?’ he asked rolling his eyes, ‘nothing!’ said Alice forcing a smile, ‘I know you and I know that you're not digging this’ Dan said knowingly, ‘I just…’ Alice paused ‘is it a good idea?’ she finally said, ‘Dan raised his eyebrows and pierced his lips, Ellie over heard them and interjected, ‘Are you real? this party is THE party, you’re either there or you’re nothing, you can count on the rest of your year being spent in your room, watching Gossip Girl and crying into your pillow, you have to be kidding…is it a good idea, it’s the best! and to be brutally honest, if you don't see that then your space in the car should be filled by somebody else.’ she said, scolding Alice, flicking her hair Ellie looked back over her shoulder at Dee, who looked embarrassed, Alice had no idea where to look, Dan nudged her again and smiled ‘I guess she’s on her period’ her said sarcastically motioning to Ellie, Alice laughed and lightly slapped her friends arm, Ellie gave her another growl and she walked away, followed by Dee, her boyfriend Mario and Lou, leaving Dan and Alice sitting at the table together, ‘she’s kind of right you know’ said a voice behind them, sitting the other side of the table was Anthony, their ever enthusiastic friend, her leaned over the table and took a peek at the invite, ‘you going?’ he quizzed Alice and Dan, ‘Yeah, but only if Alice does’ said Dan giving his friend puppy dog eyes, ‘that is so unfair!’ she exclaimed letting out a small laugh, Dan started at her some more, his bottom lip upturned quite comically, ‘fine!’ exclaimed Alice flailing her arms in the air, ‘yay’ said Dan smiling and hugging Alice. Quickly Alice, Dan and Anthony raised from the table and walked into the hall way laughing.

Next day Ellie and her boyfriend Tyler are walking hand in hand down the hall, making love eyes at each other when Mario crashes into them, pulling his arm around their shoulder he leans between them, ‘I need your cash’ he said pointedly, Tyler looked at him straight faced and smirked, ‘why?’ he asked thinking Mario had lost his mind, ‘for the rave, I’m having the map sent to Dee’s and I can wire the cash today because I have a free period’ he explained, Ellie and Tyler smiled, she quickly opened up her smart bag and pulled out two $20 dollar bills, waving it in front of Mario, he quickly snatched it away and left them to it. Making his way over to Dee he draped his arms over her, exposing the cash he had on him, ‘is that everyone?’ asked Dee taking the money and flicking through it, suddenly she stopped, ‘we are short’ she said wincing, ‘how?’ asked Mario squinting his eyes, because we need another person or we aren’t going, unless you want to pay extra?’ she quizzed her boyfriend, ‘erm…No!’ he said quickly, ‘Ohh wait, IDEA!’ he said clapping his hands, ‘ask the freshman that’s always hanging with Alice and Dan!’ he says smiling at himself, Dee rolled her eyes and smiled also ‘I love it when you have good ideas baby’ she said sweetly, stealing a quick kiss from Mario and hurriedly walking away ‘Where you going?’ he asked watching Dee stroll away into the crows of people and rushing over to Dan who is stood talking to some friends and Alice, ‘you need to get that kid to come to the rave!’ Dee said baffling them both, ‘Anthony!’ she said happily, ‘he’s too young’ said Alice shaking her head, ‘we need another person to come or none of us go’ said Dee slightly frowning, ‘I mean, we could ask?’ said Dan hoping Alice would agree, ‘no way, it is not fair to take a freshman, we won’t even know what to do with himself’ said Alice factually, ‘but we could at least ask!’ said Dee battling her friend, ‘it can’t hurt to ask’ said Dan siding with Dee, ‘fine but you have to look after him!’ said Alice pointing to Dan, ‘I will’ he confirmed pretending to bite Alice’ finger, Dee smiled broadly and bit her lip, how she was excited!

Friday night and Dee is alone in her house, flicking through the TV stations she paused momentarily, watching a few seconds of a chat show, then a soap opera, finally she reached a music station and she relaxed, snuggling into the leather sofa she hums along with the tune, rhythmically bopping her head slightly, she flicked the remote a few more times and sighed, switching off the TV she reached for her cordless telephone, she quickly dials a number and held the phone to her ear as it rang she gazed around the room, looking for something to entertain herself, ‘hello’ called a manly voice at the other end of the phone, ‘Dan baby’ said Dee smiling for no apparent reason, ‘Oh hey Dee, what up?’ asked Dan, ‘I’m bored as hell’ she said feeling sorry for herself, ‘at leas you don’t have to baby-sit, bitch’ replied Dan quickly, no sympathetic tone to his voice, suddenly Dan shouted in the background ‘get off of the table now, I'm warning you!’ he shouted, obviously at his little sister – Dee laughed she could hear his sister cussing Dan out in the distance. ‘Oh hey did you ask Anthony?’ quizzed Dee, ‘Yeah he’s in’ said Dan slowly with a sigh, Dee quickly sat up and got out of her snug seat, making her way over to the front door to her coat, when she’d left her cell phone, ‘give me his cell phone number so I can reach him and tell him when to be ready, Ellie will be severely pissed if he’s la…’ suddenly Dee screamed and threw the phone through the air, she saw somebody run past her door, the glass stained she only saw the figure, from the phone Dan could be heard calling Dee’s name, she slowly approached the door, getting ever closer when she heard a car outside screech away, Dee cautiously unlatched the door and opened it, she quickly saw a cardboard box on the stoop, on her tip toes Dee ran out into the cold night, her breath leaving a smoke like trail behind her, she quickly picked up the box and dashed back inside, closing the door behind her, as the shut it she could still hear Dan shouting her name over the phone, holding the box under her arm she picked up the phone, ‘Hey’ she said walking back into her living room she explained what had happened, she pulled open the box and saw a satellite navigation device, ‘what is it?’ asked Dan enthusiastically, Dee held up the machine in front of her and smiled, ‘our map’ she said giddily.

The car trunk slams shut and Tyler and Mario look on as Ellie pulls another case through the front door, ‘how many do you need!?’ hollered Mario, baffled at Ellie brings the second suitcase to be stored in the already crammed trunk, Ellie glared at him and pulled the case along the floor, scraping the material, Mario shakes his head and walks away as Ellie ignores him and opens the back door, struggling she heaves the case into the back and slams the door shut, her hair in a pony-tail she flips her head in disgust at Tyler and Mario deciding not the help, the silence only broken by the twitter of birds in the trees lining the house, Tyler laughs as Mario talks to him and Ellie walks back into the house and sees Dee and Anthony sitting on the couch laughing and talking, ‘where the fuck are Dan and Alice?’ she demands, stamping one foot to the ground, securing her authority, just as Ellie begins to launch into a tirade of abuse about their lateness a car horn sounds and arching her back she peeks around the door to see Alice car backing up her drive way, Anthony and Dee stand up leisurely and follow Ellie outside, they all gather at Tyler’s car and Dee pulls the sat-nav out of her Dior, brazenly resting on her wrist for everyone to see, Tyler fiddles with the technology for a moment and then leans in his open window and sticks the black TV like machine to his dashboard, Ellie links arms with Dee and they stare at Tyler as he speaks, ‘Okay, lets go have fun’ he says slapping the bonnet of his car, he and Mario take the front seats, joined by Ellie, Dee and Lou in the back seats and Anthony and Alice in the extra seating in the trunk, they are all squeezed tight, shuffling for extra room they all get comfortable, Tyler slips a CD into the stereo and they begin their journey…


Manic panting and rushed footsteps, leaves brushing to a side, somebody is running, and they are running fast, their breaths short, their voice cracking as they talk to themselves, ‘shit’ whispers the person breathlessly, their short breaths making their speech hard to hear, suddenly a maniacal laugh, psychotic, the most frightening sound the person had heard, the girl stopped dead, she holds her breath as she listens cautiously for that laugh, the one she seemed to recognize, she took two steps forward, breathing shallowly as she did, her eyes dancing around the dense trees, sunlight pounding down on her skin, her shirt dirty and soaked from sweat, she took another step, placing her hands onto a close by tree, she held herself steady as she watched for movement, listened for any sudden sounds, urging herself on she walked slowly forward, between trees she stood, twitching her head to look around, she seemed petrified, the sweat dripping from her brow and down her face, she raises her hand and wipes her hair from her eyes, she needed not to panic, not to run, she’d seen them, witnessed those things tear her friend apart, desperately she starts walking faster, jogging but keeping a vigil on her surroundings, she had no idea where she was, or where she was going, all she knew was that she needed to get out of the woods, to find people, a road, anything but the woods she had been running through for hours, as she runs she hears branches snapping, are they her feet causing the snaps? She has no idea but the sheer fright causes her to sprint, holding her hands out pushing stray braches from her face, suddenly she grounds to a halt, a road! grasping at her chest she breaths heavily, relieved, she quickly jumps over a pile of rocks and in doing so she falls to the ground, clambering to pick herself up she finds an arrow embedded in the tree, quickly she looks around, like an animal, aware of a predator, she backs away from the tree and suddenly somebody grabs her from behind, struggling she kicks her feet, attempting to scream the persons hand meets her mouth, slapping her mouth closed, disallowing her to scream, to signal to anyone that she needed help, she muffles a scream, desperate to escape, her attacks hand is deformed, their fingers stumpy and twisted, she could taste the dirt from their hand in her mouth, the person grunted and kept a firm hold but somehow, by a fantastic chance she manages to bite at their hand, shouting in pain, she is released, blood smearing across her mouth and cheek and she breaks free, quickly she runs, but all of a sudden her foot is in excruciating pain, dropping to the floor she looks down, her foot snared in a bear trap, she screams and looks on as her attacker runs at her, his mouth wide, face twisted and mutated, eyes bulging he gets ever closer, she sees in his hand a large axe, rusted and bloodied, he swings it into the air and she holds her hand up to stop him, her only form of defence from this mad man, she lets out a scream which is cut short. SLICE, three fingers and a segment of her hand drop to the floor, the hunter releases his weapon and looks down, the blade embedded into the girls face, her two remaining fingers pinned to her disfigured face, blood oozing out of her mouth, the blade slicing through her left eye ball. The man tilts his head and smiles, his teeth brown and full of holes; he licks his lip and reaches down, pulling his victim onto his shoulder and letting out another sinister laugh.


Monday, December 8, 2008

Friday 13th Trailer

I am really stoked for the new Friday 13th remake!


The door burst open, panting, out of breath, six people ran inside, one girl shouldering another, dragging her weary body over to a near by couch, the two guys within the group slam the door shut, one of them upturning a close by table, sending paper and pens into the air and scattering to the ground, pushing it quickly in front of the large wooden door he breathed a sigh of relief. All was quiet, the house seemingly abandoned. One of the girls stood tentatively at the window, peering through the blinds obscuring the window. In the background she could hear the other people she had entered with talking, raised voices, obviously deeply panicked.

‘She’s going to bleed to death’ said one girl, elevating her voice above anyone else, ‘we need to get her to a hospital or she does not stand a chance!’ she added, holding a scrap of cloth onto the bleeding girls blooded shoulder. ‘You think any hospital is going to be different?’ said one guy, pushing his way past another girl standing close, ‘You think they haven’t reached every hospital in the fucking area by now?’ he cursed, agitated. ‘Tyler, we have to try’ said the girl he pushed past, looking at her friend struggling for breath on the sofa. ‘We need to end it’ said Tyler edging his hand behind his back and pulling out a gun. ‘What the fuck man!’ called the other guy, grabbing at Tyler’s arm, ‘You can’t just shoot her!’ he demanded, pushing Tyler’s arm down to his side, Tyler struggled and aimed the gun at the other guy, his face contorted, getting more aggravated, ‘don’t fucking test me Dan’ said Tyler through gritted teeth, Dan quickly backed away holding his hands up in submission, ‘okay, alright, calm down’ he said softly trying to sooth the situation, the girl tending to her sick friend stood up and stared at Tyler, still pointing the gun at Dan, ‘You won’t solve anything by hurting more people you selfish bastard!’ she cried, pointing her finger at him, ‘she will be fine, she just needs medical attention you..,’ suddenly the girl at the window interrupted, ‘she’s dead already, she’s been bitten, within half an hour she’ll be ripping your throat out’ she said, sternly – ‘is that what you want, Arna?’ she continued, pulling everyone’s attention to her, ‘harsh much, Isabella?’ said Dan giving her a worried look. ‘Harsh or not it’s the truth and if you are honest you know that if we don’t kill Maria now, then Maria will kill us!’ she replied, cutting the warm air with her hand, slapping at the palm of her hand. Suddenly Maria began to cough and splutter, her breath raspy and harsh, Tyler pointed the gun at her, clicking the safety latch off he took aim at her head, ‘Tyler!’ said Dan trying to avert his attention, Isabella pushes her arm in front of Dan, stopping his interjection, Arna standing next to Maria, began to raise her voice, ‘No, you can’t shoot her, you don’t get to decide’ she shouted, sobbing, tears streaming down her flustered face. Mika standing behind Tyler held her hands over her ears, anticipating the deafening sound of the bullet. Tyler leaned over Maria, picking up a cushion he placed it over her head to soften the sound, still coughing and hissing Maria’s struggled breaths are muffled as the cushion smothers her face, ‘It has to be done.’ says Isabella softly grabbing Arna’s arm, the gun clocks and suddenly Arna lunges at Tyler, trying desperately to avert his aim, the gun goes off, making a large bang, deafening. Dan and Isabella lunge backwards, Mika falls onto the wall, holding her eyes closed, struggling the gun goes off again as Tyler pushes Arna strongly to the ground, her face enraged, Isabella reaches down to help Arna up but Arna looks at her, disgustedly and picks herself up, walking behind the couch, suddenly Maria splutters once again, both bullets had missed, Arna runs passed Mika, Tyler watches as she runs to the door, looking closely he sees her holding a fire poker, she reaches for the table by the door and throws it to a side, barely missing Mika who falls back to Dan and Isabella, ‘fuck you!’ screams Arna grasping the door handle, ‘NO!’ shrieks Isabella holding her hand up as a stop sign, but to no avail, Arna swings the door open and is immediately met by a horde of people, zombified, blood stained people, some with chunks of their face, neck and upper body missing, deep bite wounds littering their frail bodies, Arna screams as they rush their hands at her body, pulling her towards them, clawing at her clothing, her skin. Mika screams loudly and pushes her way past Dan and Isabella, both too shocked to move – watching on as Arna is pulled out of the door and repeatedly bitten, her screams desperate and heartbreaking, ‘Fuck’ shouts Tyler as the zombies dash past Arna and into the large room, he unloads four or five bullets into the room, each hitting the zombies in the head, their brain matter exploding out the back of their head, unrelenting they run into the room, quickly, almost like water they pile in, Tyler keeps shooting and edging backwards, Isabella, Dan and Mika quickly run around the sofa towards a hall way, as they do so Maria sits up, the cushion falling from her face, revealing an evil, menacing scowl, she reacts immediately, grasping at Isabella as she quickly tries to run past, screaming she tries to defend herself, seeing the onslaught of Zombies quickly following her and her friends, suddenly Mika smashes Maria in the face with a metal lamp, averting her attention, allowing her, Isabella and Dan to slip past, Isabella looked at the zombies, the once human beasts, who are now fixed in the doorway, pulling Arna’s body limb from limb, eating away at her fresh and organs, she carries on running to the hallway, clear, nothing obstructing them, suddenly Tyler jumps in front of them, still holding the gun, with a flash he takes the lead as all four run into the hallway, slamming shut the door, the sound of ripping flesh is still heard, the moans of the zombies ever as intimidating, Mika catches her breath and runs to the kitchen area, pushing herself onto the work tops she peers through the window, seemingly peaceful, it looks deserted, she looks around the garden and sees a wooded area, trees, maybe a forest backing onto the garden, she quickly looks back around at Tyler, Isabella and Dan, ‘we need to head for the trees’ she exclaims, Dan walks over to the window, ‘she’s right’ he says, looking at her, reassuringly caressing her shoulder, Tyler and Isabella join them and quickly the four try and find the exit, the door they entered is now being pounded, Isabella looks on as the door rattles and bends as their pursuers hammer at the door, trying to find their next meal. Tyler suddenly finds the back door, ‘here!’ he says bluntly, pulling at the handle, Mika and Isabella join him, willing him to pull open the door, Dan also joins them and hangs a key in front of Tyler’s face, Tyler snatches it with a snort and quickly unlocks the door, opening it slowly he sneaks out into the pitch black, no noises at all, incredibly peaceful, Mika and Dan quickly follow as does Isabella holding a large kitchen knife, they huddle together and head for the trees, Tyler holding the gun out in front, his trigger finger itchy, awaiting the need to fire.

They quickly reach the edge of the woods and suddenly they hear moaning, they all flinch as they see a large group of Zombies within the trees, ‘Oh my god, back to the house’ says Isabella, almost whispering, Dan and Mika turn around and bump into Isabella and Tyler, still facing the trees, the zombies from the house have broken out, the back door crashes open and they quickly run at Tyler and his friends, dashing in opposite directions the friends try and avoid the zombies, Mika and Dan sticking together they run across the yard, pushing at a gate leading back onto the street, the Zombies get ever close, Dan picks up a baseball bat from the floor nearby and attacks, smashing the ravenous monsters in their heads, forcing them to back up and fall to the floor, Isabella backs up into corner and wields the kitchen knife, the zombies relentlessly attacking her, she stabs the knife into their skin, blood exploding everywhere, covering her, fighting for her life Isabella screams and forces the attacking zombies away, giving herself space to swing the blade, swinging her arm she stanbs one in the head, the knife protruding the other side, the street lights allowing the red of the blood to shine like crystals, she retracts the knife and pushes the dead body aside with a heroic grunt, she looks at Dan and Mika, sees them struggle and she dashes to their aid, Mika still trying to open the gate as a zombie pushes past Dan and lunges at her, reacting quickly she picks up a shovel and swings it at the monster, slamming the sharp edge into it's face, scalping it and causing blood to spray all over her, another zombie runs at her, suddenly a gun shot and the zombie falls to the floor as the smoke from the gun whisks into the air, Isabella and Dan carry on fighting as the remaining zombie attacking them, Tyler suddenly runs over, Isabella looks at his concentrated face, following his eye line she looks over at the door, a motor bike is on it’s side, gasoline pouring onto the floor, he takes aim and shoots, the gasoline explodes, erupting into chaos, the back of the house obliterated, debris dropping to the floor, shards of glass twinkling like stars at they fall from the sky, the zombies still inside moaning and almost screaming as their flesh melts, suddenly another explosion detonates, a small metal barbeque near by explodes, the metal shooting through the air, hearing a whooshing sound the four duck for cover, Isabella looks up as they all fall to the floor, as she does she sees Tyler, a huge chunk of metal penetrates his head, almost cutting it clean off, he slumps to the floor, blood gushing from his head wound, Mika’s eyes widen as his neck pulsates, Isabella moves away as blood sprays the floor, ‘Ty...’ says Dan, slapping his hands over his mouth, in the distance the zombies in the house are still screaming, looking on the friends can see the undead running around, engulfed in flames, Isabella is the first to stand up, she walks to Tyler and unlatches his grip on the gun, she pushes his open eyes closed and looks at him admirably, turning around she sees Dan and Mika embraced, she pushes past them and kicks open the fencing, Dan and Mika stand up, Mika struggling to walk, wounded by the blast that killed Tyler, she clings to Dan as they walk through the gate, looking into the road they see a convoy of vehicles, people walking on foot, a woman points a gun at them, a man joins her, Isabella raises her gun and they suddenly drop theirs, ‘survivors!’ the man says wide eyed, ‘not seen any of you guys for about twelve blocks’ he says, Isabella relaxes her stance and lets her arm hit her side, ‘are you coming?’ says the woman, motioning for Mika, Isabella and Dan to follow, they do so, joining a large group of armed people, police, army and civilian, in the distance they hear gun shots but the traffic keeps moving, explosions and fire is all around, but they are safe…for now.

Sunday, December 7, 2008

Knock & Run

He rose from the sofa, the back of his checked shirt ruffled, he looked toward his company and smiled, laughed a little and walked out of the room, into the light kitchen area, suddenly his company rose from her seat, blond hair, long, hanging in the middle of her back, she hurried over to the large mirror in the corner of the room and shook her hair and ran her fingers delicately through it, Ellie (fakeshake3) stood at the mirror gazing at herself, quickly she returned to the sofa and grabbed her black studded purse, rummaging through she pulled out a tube of lip gloss and smothered her lips with it, sparkling in the low light she puckered her lips and glanced at the area her companion had disappeared to, suddenly lightning cracked, filling up the darkened room with a blast of colour, Ellie's skin seemed light and untainted, she looked towards the window, touched her neck briefly and quickly walked back to the sofa and say down, still preening her hair as her male friend came back into the room, It was Dan, (Fag_Puff) in his hands a bowl of freshly popped corn, the heat dancing into the air he slowly walked into the room, Ellie smiled and stood up, holding out her hands to help him, grabbing a bottle of cola she placed it on the table and quickly smiled contently at Dan, his eyes fixed on the bowl balanced on one arm. Ellie took the bowl, her laugh echoing as Dan dropped a glass to the floor, they both laugh and attempt to pick up the glass, their hands touching briefly, Dan snatched his hand away and smiled embarrassingly, Ellie smiles briefly and pouts as Dan walks over to a shelving unit, picking up a pile of DVD’s.

‘What did you get?’ asked Ellie lightly pushing her fringe behind her left ear, Dan hesitates and looks at the packaging – ‘300, Nightmare Before Christmas and erm…’ His voiced trailed off as Ellie reached over to her purse once again, ‘It’s a good job I have some taste!’ she says jokingly throwing a disc at Dan, ‘The Devil Wears Prada!’ he said loudly, sarcastically as he raised his brown eye brows. ‘Of course’ said Ellie open mouthed, her tongue lightly tasting her freshly applied lip gloss, Dan laughed and shrugged, ‘why not’ he said dropping the other movies into a near by chair, quickly he ran over to the entertainment until and the TV flashed on, the light glowing into his beautiful and handsome face, making his skin tone seem grey but still immaculate, the room falls darker as the movie starts, Dan kneels on the floor and plays with the TV remote, his pink boxer shorts showing over his skin tight black skinny jeans, the volume over powers their conversation as Ellie again laughs as Dan stumbles as he regains is balance, suddenly lightning again cracks and rain pours hard onto of the house, Ellie leans back into the sofa and looks up, the whites of her eyes glistening, The room is suddenly engulfed in darkness as Dan comes back from the kitchen, ‘Dude it’s raining so hard’ he says matter of factually as he crosses the room and closes the curtains, ‘Suddenly I See’ plays loudly as Dan's shadowy body jumps over the couch and lands next to Ellie, she lets out a girl giggle and calls his name sternly.

Dan and Ellie sit watching the movie, occasionally exchanging glances, joined often with a smile and a hand full of salty popcorn, the rain is still heavy and distracting but they carry on watching, suddenly Ellie’s pink razr mobile phone lights up on the table, omitting a flicker of light to rival the sheerness of the TV, Ellie slowly reaches over and looks at the caller ID unknown is says, Dan kindly turn the sound on the TV to mute, Ellie opens the phone and sweetly speaks ‘Hello?’ she says furrowing her brow, with no reply she holds the phone away from her face and looks at the ID, unknown still. she again places the phone to her ear, ‘hello?’ she says more assertively, suddenly she hears a faint sound, a rustling, some sort of snapping sound, again she holds the phone away from her ear and as she does screams echo from her phone, ear shattering, ungodly screams, Ellie quickly puts the phone to her ear as Dan sits up on the sofa, both startled by the loud scream from her phone, as Ellie listens in on the phone her eyes widen in disbelief, she pulls her hand up to her face and holds it to her mouth, Dan looks on and tried to lean into what Ellie is hearing, again a loud scream, startling Ellie, she drops her phone and it hits the coffee table, and before hitting the floor the sound goes loud speaker, the once quiet room filled with foul, evil noises, animal sounds and moaning sounds, Dan stands up and looks down at the phone as the noises continue, Ellie still shocked, holding her hand to her mouth, ‘What the fuck is that!’ says Dan, not expecting any answers, ‘I…I…No, I don’t know’ says Ellie taking a deep breath. The whaling and shouting continues until Dan lunges at the phone and flips it shut, Ellie looks on as Dan looks at the phone, ‘was that some sort of prank?’ he said uncaused, ‘I have never gotten any pranks like that before’ said Ellie in quick reply, suddenly Dan lets out a small laugh, ‘what the fuck’ he says through his laugh, Ellie looks at his face, smiling slightly she cracks up too, ‘That is the most odd thing ever!’ she retorts as the both snigger, suddenly the door bell chimes, Ellie and Dan’s laughter broken at the both look at the door, the bell chimes again and a third time in successions, Ellie slowly rises to her feet and looks at Dan, he slowly progresses to the door, Ellie watching tentatively as he reaches the door, the bell rings once more as he reaches it, Ellie walks a few steps forward and watches as Dan peeks through the peer hole, her body motionless, Ellie walks ever closer, suddenly Dan jumps from the door and rests his back on the adjoining wall.

Ellie takes a step back and watches Dan as his eyes dance from her to the door, Ellie mouths as Dan ‘what!’ he looks at her and slowly walks away from the wall, towards her, ‘there is somebody outside’ he says quickly glancing back at the door, Ellie’s mouth opens widely as she controls her breath, obviously worried, Dan put his hands on Ellie’s upper arm and looks into her eyes, ‘I’ll open the door..’ he said, Ellie quickly interjects, ‘what!? – No, fuck that!’ she says more loudly than she had wanted. Dan ignores her and again approaches the door, looking back Ellie states as Dan ushers her over to the window, she goes over slowly as Dan peeks through the hole again, Ellie reaches the window and slips her fingers between the curtains, she slowly peeks through, in the distance Dan is looking through the spy hole and the door bands as he backs away quickly Ellie jumps and pulls the curtains back, quickly running over to Dan she catches her foot and falls to the floor, as she falls she sees a figure outside the window.

Ellie stares towards the figure, their hand pressed firmly against the window pane and their face also pressed against the glass, Ellie’s mouth drops open as she digs her heels into the carpeting and struggles to push herself backwards away from the person, their eyes the only thing vibrant, suddenly Dan grabs Ellie’s arm and attempts to pull her up, he sees the person and reacts the same, mouth open and eyes widened Dan looks at the huge man, tall, over 6 feet, his face dirty and shadowy, black wet hair disguising most of his face, he only facial feature noticeable, his eyes, wide and incredibly scary, staring at Ellie and Dan, transfixed.

Dan pulled Ellie up from the floor and they quickly run to the kitchen, Ellie reaches for the light switch and the room is illuminated, Dan stands in the kitchen door way and keeps a vigil of the man at the window, his stance fixed, his breath causing condensation on the window as he breaths heavy, bearing his yellow teeth Dan drops to his knees pulling Ellie down with him, ‘oh my god’ she says breathy, watching the man still standing at the window, ‘it’s okay. it’s okay, he’s outside’ said Dan trying to calm a visibly upset Ellie, Dan’s eye glance around the room as Ellie swings her head around, paranoid and extremely frightened, suddenly Dan moves away, Ellie grips his shirt as he moves into the living area on his hands and knees, he slowly ducks behind the couch and behind the coffee table, Ellie switches her eyes every few seconds between Dan and the stranger, her breaths fierce and hurting her chest.

Dan reaches onto of the table and grabs Ellie’s phone, he flips it open and his face lights up as the light dimly lights the room, Ellie is still in the door way when unbeknown to her somebody walks past the kitchen window, her bottom lip trembles at she watches Dan with her phone, suddenly there is a smashing sound behind her and Ellie screams as the kitchen window explodes, making glass slide and spray across the tiled floor, she grasps at the door frame and hoists herself to her feet, suddenly an arm appears through the window, clothes in a dirty jacket, Ellie watches as the hand searches the window frame for sharp edges, suddenly her shoulder is touched, she swings around quickly, her hair covering her face, Dan stood before her, his face filled with fear, suddenly another unexpected crash as the main living area window crashes open, a chair flies past their heads and crashes into the wall, Ellie and Dan both retreat into the kitchen only to be met by the terrifying sight of a man wearing a clown mask pushing himself into the window, they quickly react and dash for the stairs, Ellie pulling Dan along with her, they both dash up the stairs quickly but Ellie suddenly lets pulled back by Dan, who seems to have tripped, looking back she sees a hand clutching his leg, she gasps and tried to pull his arm but Dan is yelling and unable to get away, quickly Ellie loosens his grip of Dan’s hand and she runs up the stairs to the landing, grabbing a statue on a table, as she returns Dan is still shouting and trying to get away, Ellie dashes to his aid and smashes the statue into their pursuers hand, he screams and lets go but puts his face to the banister, wrinkled and mutated, filed with scars, the man’s face screws up as he growls in pain, his eyes burning as he watches Ellie pull Dan to his feet.

Dan and Ellie run along the landing and into Ellie’s walk in closet, slamming the door behind them, Dan leans down and wraps his hands around his ankle, gritting his teeth he pulls up his jeans and reveals a huge red mark, Ellie looks on and brushes her hand through his brown highlighted hair, Dan looks up and winches a small smile, Ellie reaches down to his neck and caresses it lightly, she slowly moves her leg along Dan’s arm, ‘are you okay?’ asks Dan pushing his jeans leg back down, ‘no’ says Ellie letting out a sharp breath, Dan pulls himself up to his feet and he walks over to the window, Ellie watches, holding her left hand to her stomach. Peering through the window Dan sees his car, in the drive, he feels for his keys in his pocket and plunges his hand inside, pulling out his keys, ‘we need to get outside’ he says quickly glancing at Ellie, her face weary but visibly shaken. ‘How?’ she asks resting herself against the wall, ‘are flat roofs or a plant trellis?’ asked Dan holding Ellie’s hand, his grip staring and willing, Ellie looked into his green eyes and swallowed hard, she felt for Dan, he had always been there for her, always thought the best of her, she suddenly felt an argue but stopped herself, again looking into his eyes she felt she had nothing to loose so she relented and leaned in to kiss Dan, her lips met his and for a few seconds she kissed his lips, her gloss softening their tender kiss, she pulled herself away and breathed heavily, ‘I’m sorry I…’ before she could finish her works Dan’s lips touched hers and they kissed passionately, Ellie’s hands reached up and cupped Dan’s jaw, his sin was smooth but stubble, she felt their passion and a tear ran down her face, Dan’s hand ran down Ellie’s side and to her thigh, they again stopped and looked once again at each other, lovingly, Dan stole another kiss and Ellie smiled, suddenly the door to the room crashed and snapped open, Ellie screamed loudly as Dan pushed her behind him, one of them men ran into the room and tackled Dan sending both of them crashing into the rails of clothing, colours and sequins flew into the air as Ellie fell backwards to the floor, she pulled her hand up to her face and moved her long hair away, she gasped as the man and Dan struggled, not knowing what to do Ellie used furniture to pull herself to her feet, she watched on as the Dan punched Dan in the face, through their tussle Ellie’s and Dan’s eyes met, she looked at him, his face filled with doom ‘RUN!’ he cried muffled by the weight of the man wrapping his hands around his neck, Ellie backed up and ran from the room, as she did she ran straight into the other man, his hands grabbing her arms, one hand bloodied, she looked up to see the mad she had attacked staring back, a sadistic smile spread upon his face. He shook Ellie and she tried to get away, his grasp like steel he picked her up by her waist and launched her back into the room, Dan still struggling with the man, Ellie backs up to her vanity table, her hands gripping the edge as she watched the man walk into the room, his smile even more menacing.

The man quickly walked over to Ellie, she stood her ground as he pushed her onto the table, perfume bottle and make-up spilling onto the floor, his eyes measured her up, as she looked down she saw the other man holding Dan to the floor, holding his head up his hair, forcing him to watch Ellie, Dan struggled but to no avail, the man gripped Ellie’s face and pushed her head backwards, ‘why are you doing this?’ muttered Ellie holding back tears, her lip quivered as the mans hands vigorously touched her face, suddenly he yanked her forward and grabbed her hair, the man holding Dan was now laughing, menacingly, throughout Dan’s struggles, the man holding Ellie breathed on her, his breath smelling so bad, putrid and unclean, ‘please, stop’ cried Ellie lightly, tears rolling down her face like melting ice, the man stuck out his rotten tongue and caressed Ellie’s cheek, licking her face slowly, Dan struggled more and the man holding his was distracted, trying to retain his grip, Ellie saw her chance and she felt for something on the table, grabbing a perfume bottle she swung it around hit her tormentor in the head, take aback he let go with a yelp, holding his hands to his face Ellie pointed the spray to his face and excreted the perfume into his eyes, crying in pain the man back handed Ellie, she swung around and back onto the vanity table, Dan still struggling with the other man tried his best to struggle free, suddenly the man goes limp and stumps on top of Dan, he squeezes himself from between the floor and the man to see Ellie standing above them and a sharp pair of scissors stuck deeply into the mans neck, Ellie held her hand out to Dan and pulled him to the floor, they both look at the other man, still alive but contained by his burning eye balls, they hold hands tightly and run for the door but as they do the man quickly blocks them and pushed them backwards, in doing so their body weight forces him out of the door and back into the hallway, Ellie pushes herself upwards, looking for her friend, as she stood up she saw him, still standing, more leaning onto the wall, she looked at his face, blood, dark red blood running from his mouth, a small amount and then panning her eyes down she saw a sharp railing rod from her closet protruding through his upper chest, panting fiercely Dan held both of his hands to his chest, around his wound, trying desperately to stop the blood, the pain.

Ellie quickly jumps over the dead man and holds Dan close, he splutters and coughs and she also tried to stop the blood, ‘Dan’ she says softly her mouth upturned, his eyes meet hers and he gasps, ‘Run’ he says breathy, ‘run’ he repeats trying to catch a breath, ‘No, please stop it’ cries Ellie her vision obscured by the tears welling up in her eyes. Dan presented his hands to Ellie; she held open her hand and allowed his car keys to fall into the palm of her hand. Dan started at her, his body trembling, Ellie could feel his faint heart beat as she held him onto her body, blood staining her polka-dotted shirt, slowly his heart beat slow down, Ellie took his hand and held it in hers, she needed him, willed him to be okay, Dan continues to cough up blood, his eyes began to close, ‘No! please don’t leave me’ begged Ellie again cupping his face in her hands, their eyes met once more, ‘at least…we you know how I felt’ says Dan, his head shaking, falling into unconsciousness, his head jerks once more as Ellie holding his wound, blood now quickly trickling between their bodies and on to a large pool on the floor, quickly Dan’s hand fell limp in Ellie’s and his heart gives in, his body slumps slightly, Ellie’s chest jumps as she tries to stop herself screaming, she clasped her hand over her mouth, pulling herself away from the body of the person she knew and loved, walking backward she bumped into the body of the man, the awful man who had caused his death.

Ellie pushes the heel of her boot onto the band head and slips her fingers into the handle of the scissors and with a sharp tug she pulls the implement from his neck, leaving a large gaping wound, she holds the scissors in her palm and wields them as a weapon, slowly she walks towards the door but as she reaches it once again the man clambers in front of her, she grabs the handle of the door and swings it shut, hitting the man but not shutting, pushing all her weight upon the door she forces it closed, his hands invade and quickly Ellie slaps his hand, he has no reaction so Ellie snaps open the scissors and unsteadily hold them by his fingers, snapping the scissors shut the man lets out a blood-curdling cry, Ellie slams the door shut and looks to the floor to see three severed finger tips sitting on the floor, Ellie quickly runs over to the window and opens it, the rain had stopped and the air was crisp and clean, at the top of her lungs she screams ‘HELP ME!’, pushing herself through the window she screams again, long enough for her voice to fade, she hears the door open and she quickly turns around to see the man running at her, gripping her neck her forces her against the wall, Ellie stabs his side with the scissors and he relents, again she stabs him and he stumbles backwards, Ellie lunges at him again but he grabs her hand, trying to get the scissors they swing around forcibly, Ellie gritting her teeth and not letting the bastard get the better of her. Suddenly he pushes her and they both crash through the window, screaming Ellie falls onto the sloping roof and at speed they both plummet downwards and through the air to the concrete floor below.

Ellie and the man lie motionless on the floor, only the sound of the night surrounds them, suddenly a cough, a slight sigh, Ellie stirs and raises her head, coughing still she pushes herself into a sitting position, gritting her teeth sharply she felt her head, a small cut brazed her head, a small amount of blood, looking around she saw the man, the killer, the beast on the floor, his eyes wide, seemingly dead, Ellie winces and pushes herself to her feet, numbly she stumbles toward Dan’s car, an old BMW. Slipping the key into the door she swung the door open and again looked at the killer, still lying motionless on the ground.
Pushing herself into the car seat quickly Ellie pushes the keys into the ignition and slams the car door shut, pushing on the accelerator pedal she speeds away, watching the road in the bright lights from the car she remembered Dan, how he was cruelly taken from her, sobbing Ellie catches small breath and wipes tears from her eyes, now black from smudges make-up, driving through the back roads always scared her but she willed herself on. Unbeknownst to her something stirred in the back seat, catching her eye she tilted the mirror to see someone staring back at her, with a sharp Ellie tried to break, forcing the person backwards, whooping the person laughed and quickly raised an axe from the back seat, Ellie grabbed at the door handle and forced it open but before she had a chance to escape there is a large thud and a cracking sound, the door slips open and Ellie falls out, her bloodied body hitting the floor, the back door opens and out steps a man, wearing a black jump suit, in one hand an axe and in the other the decapitated upper head of Ellie, he smiled and throws the head into the ditch, walking into the road the fat man whistled to himself, grinning ear from ear.

Walking back to the house he holds out a pink phone and clicks some buttons and with a beep out comes a voice…’Hey Ellie, we are running a little late but we will be there as soon as possible, see you soon’ approaching the house the man laughs as he sees another car waiting at the house…