Friday, December 19, 2008

Forbidden Part II

‘We need to stop soon!’ said Dee leaning over to talk to Tyler. he rolled his eyes and looked over to Ellie, her window wound down and her hair slightly blowing in the breeze, ‘I agree, I really need to pee’ shouted Dan from the back of the car, ‘Come on, there is a gas station a few miles up from here, please’ said Dee pleading with Tyler, ‘alright, alright we can stop’ he concurred seeing the small shack in the distance, approaching it they all looked on distastefully, the place was an utter shit hole, run down and dirty. Mario and Tyler got out of the car and inspected it, they needed gas. Ellie, Anthony and Alice walked around, making the most of the fresh air and the chance to stretch their legs, Dan and Dee both ran round back to where the sigh on the building indicated the bathrooms were – Dee opened the door to be met by a hoard of flies, the place stunk so bad she gagged, Dan opened the other door and was met by a similar stench, the quickly shut the door and looked around, he walked over to some near by bushes and unzipped his jeans.

‘Hello’ called Lou, peering through the window of the building, it looked empty, probably abandoned, she looked back and saw Tyler and Mario filling up the car with gas, she realized there must be somebody there, she knocked at the door, upon tapping the door creaked open slightly, she cautiously pushed it open, attempting to make no noise but as she did a bell connected to the door frame rung out loudly, she paused momentarily but carried on inside, she looked around at the food on the counter, the packaging looked ancient, ‘hello, is there anybody in here?’ she called out, looking around for a sign of humanity, she looked around once more and decided the place was abandoned, she turned on her heels and began to walk from the store when she heard some rustling in the back room, stopping she tucked her blonde hair behind her ear and called out yet again ‘Hello, we need to pay for some gas, please’ she said, briskly walking to the back room and pushing the door open, suddenly the door swing back, almost hitting Lou, she backed up, leaning back on the counter as a frail old man looked at her, ‘ya’ll need something?’ he said pushing past her and looking out of the window at Lou’s friends, ‘Yes, we need to pay for some gas’ she said opening her purse and pulling out a pink wallet, she looked through it and pulled out a credit card, motioning for the man to take it from her, ‘Thanks’ she said sweetly, the man turned around and looked at Lou, she was angelic, her skin glowing in the afternoon sun, her hair tied back in a bun, she looked down at her credit card and chuckled to himself, ‘we don’t take plastic pay’ she said wiping his nose with the sleeve of his shirt, ‘cash only’ he snorted holding out his hand, waiting for payment, ‘Oh, okay’ she said, once again rummaging through her purse, pulling out $30 she placed it onto the mans palm, he snatched it and pushed the money into his shirt pocket, he grunted and walked back to the entrance of his back room, taking one last look at Lou he sized her up, obviously staring at her chest, ‘make sure you close the door properly’ she said, slamming the rickety old door behind him, ‘thank you!’ called Lou sarcastically, she quickly exited and made her way back to the car, she jumped in and immediately gasped, ‘that guy was so rude!’ she said shaking her head, quickly Dan leaned over her seat and smiled at her, ‘I peed on his flower garden’ he said with a cheeky grin, everyone laughed and Tyler pulled back onto the road, ‘not far now’ he assured everyone as he turned the stereo up.


Tyler’s black 2007 range rover slowed up, they were approaching a split road, he peered through the window, squinting his eyes but it had gotten dark and beneath the trees darkness was upon them, his lights lit up their way but that was as far as their visibility allowed, Ellie leaned onto the window, cupping her face she strained to see a sigh post ‘What are we stopping for?’ asked Anthony looking around his friends, Tyler looked back and sighed – ‘there should a sign post some place, this split is not on the GPS, we need to follow Bitter creek Mountain road’ said Tyler turning back his attention to the GPS sitting atop his dashboard, ‘baby we need to be there before it gets too dark’ groaned Ellie leaning over Tyler’s seat, Dee and Lou huddled together, it was beginning to get cold ‘Where will the post be?’ asked Mario opening the glove box and taking out a torch, ‘fuck knows’ replied Tyler wearily, Mario wound down his window and flashed the light into the dense trees lining the road, the sound of animals and birds were evident, this creeped Ellie out and she rubbed her arms in anticipation, suddenly the trunk opened and closed and Dan appeared by Mario’s window, he grabbed the torch and quickly ran across the road and out of sight, his friends in the car watched the small light flicker amongst the side of the road, ‘Dan are you alright man?’ shouted Tyler trying to assure a worried looking Ellie. ‘dude’ called Mario, Dan was aware of them but he was cold and searching for a sign post he was unsure existed and he felt like not answering, he flashed the torch around quickly and randomly reached out his hand hoping to grab the wooden sign, unbeknownst to him he was being watched from the trees about 10 feet away by the man who had killed the young girl earlier, the mans hands wrapped around a self made, and crudely constructed knife, bloodied and soiled, the man breathed lightly, he had breathing problems and grasped for air, his eyes transfixed on Dan and he wandered further away from the safety of the car and his friends, the man slowly walked towards Dan, taking easy steps as if he knew every inch of the woods, he approached Dan unawares of the impending danger, the light from the torch dancing around distracting Tyler and the others, suddenly Dan saw the sign and rushed over to it, the disfigured man now only a matter of 2 feet away, Dan quickly pushed aside the foliage and read the sign, it was ancient and unkempt but still readable, ‘Bitter Creek Mountain’ read out Dan under his breath, shining his light source at an arrow pointing up the road, he quickly retreated just as the horribly scarred man stood behind the sign looking down upon him, Dan briskly jogged back to the car and got in, ‘you're so brave’ said Lou patting Dan on the shoulder, Tyler turned on the engine and the lights from the car shone, Ellie noticed some bushes shaking by the sign and looked on, there is no wind she thought to herself but not speaking up, Tyler slowly drove up the road with his fog lights on, ‘what did you not have those on to help Dan find the post?’ asked Mario looking at Tyler bewildered, ‘I never thought’ replied Tyler embarrassed, Dan rolled his eyes and sat down next to Alice and Anthony. From the trees the man watched them drive away, his breathing still struggled, he cackled excitedly.

Ellie and Dee jumped out of the car happily, they linked arms and ran over to a big lamp on the side of the road, in the distance they could hear thumping house music and the sounds of people laughing, Tyler and Mario grabbed the bags from the trunk and all the friends followed Ellie and Dee into a surrounding, the trees were scares but there were lights everywhere and masses of people dancing away, suddenly a man approached Ellie, ‘Hey there, you found us’ he said happily, he had a small keg strapped to his back and a super soaker in his hand, he filled up two cups and handed them over to the girls, they happily chatted to the friendly guy until the others arrived and received their drinks and welcome, the whole area was busy with activity and surrounded by wrecked cars and vehicles filled with varies colour lights, the whole place looked amazing, everyone made their way into the gathering, Dee, Mario, Tyler and Ellie broke away from the group and into a group and people dancing, Lou and Anthony joined them and began dancing together, Dan and Alice sat on top of one of the abandoned cars and drank their drinks, raising their voices above the thumping music Alice spoke to Dan ‘that was really brave of you, getting out of the car and all in the pitch black’ she said nodding her head, Dan smiled at her and watched on as Ellie dirty danced Tyler ‘no shame’ said Alice with a sigh, Dan laughed and drank the last of his drink, he quickly jumped from the bonnet of the car and pulled Alice along with him, ‘lets show them how it’s done!’ he shouted, he and Alice jumped around laughing and whooping, their friendship was enviable by most of their friends, they had known each other since they were born and they had remained the best of friends, even when Alice parents had split up Dan had always been there for her and vice versa, Alice would do anything for Dan, she knew him inside and out – Lou and Anthony joined them dancing around and they all had a great him dancing to the heavy music.

Dee quickly broke away from the dancing and pushed her way through the crowd, smiling she spoke to the guy who greeted them and she walked by the side of one of the tents to a cooling tower, filled with punch, she pulled out a paper cup and filled it with the bright green concoction and swilled it down, she gasped at the alcohol but enjoyed the taste, she reached down to fill up the cup once again but before she had chance to take a drink somebody grabbed her from behind, clasping their hand over her mouth, she quickly dropped the cup as she was dragged away into the woodland, attempting to scream she heard the person shush her, she felt herself turning around and the hand drop from her mouth, before she could scream she felt someone’s lips meet hers and kiss her, she opened her eyes to be greeted by Mario, his eyes closed as his passionately kissed her girlfriend, Dee wrapped her arms around his neck and kissed him back, she then quickly pulled away, ‘you scared me!’ she said angrily, frowning, Mario cupped her chin in his masculine hands and kissed her nose, ‘I’m sorry’ he said smiling at Dee, she smiled back and leaned in to kiss him again. Meanwhile Ellie and Tyler were still in the crowds of people, they were dancing to their own beat and gazing at each other, Ellie rested her head on Tyler’s shoulder and the kept dancing, Lou, Anthony and Alice were still dancing also but Dan had wandered off with some people he knew and they were slowly walking along the dirt path, farther away from the music, they talked animatedly as they wondered freely into the woods, they kept talking about old times, ‘Dude it was the best’ said one girl laughing, Dan and the other guy laughed too, suddenly the guy pulled a small rolled up packet from his jeans, Dan watched as his old friend unrolled it unveiling some neon discs, pills. he held them in front of Dan and the younger girl, they both hesitated, he motioned his hand towards them, ‘Nah, dude I’m not into anything like that’ said Dan with a shake of his head, the girl also refused them, ‘You guys are no fun, what changed’ he said, skipping away from them, ‘dude…’ said Dan, trying to stop him running ahead into the darkness, ‘leave him, he’s drunk’ said the girl stopping Dan from following, she walked in front of Dan and stopped, she pushed her hands onto his chest and pulled her nails smoothly down his shirt, he stopped dead and looked at her puzzled, she smiled and brushed her hands over her body, attempting to flirt with him, he smiled slightly and held her arms away from him gently, ‘come on, there is nobody around’ she said pulling away, ‘Jess, I’m gay’ said Dan quickly, she stopped and her mouth fell open, ‘ohhh no, you let me make a dumbass out of myself’ she groaned, rubbing the side of her head. In the distance they heard their friend fall down and curse. They ignored him. ‘It’s not obvious?’ asked Dan sticking his hands out to steady his old friend ‘NO’ she said in quick response, she lent into Dan and hugged him, embracing for a second she pulled away, ‘shit my head hurts’ she said just as her whole body swung to the side with a swoosh, so quickly it make Dan's eyes blur, he looked to the right of him and his friend was slumped by a tree, on closer inspection a manipulated blade protruding through her head, he panicked and breathed heavily, hyperventilating he slapped his chest ‘what the fuck’ he repeated, he quickly realized his danger, taking one last look at the girl, whose whole head was crushed in by the force of the blade he dashed back in the direction he came, jumping over woodland he sprinted as fast as he could, his breath short and controlled, he kept running, the lights of the rave were in sight, in the distance he saw Anthony and Lou walking past the clearing, the music was louder than ever, he kept running for his life, catching his breath he called out loudly ‘Anth-‘ before he could continue somebody knocked him to the floor, he fell heavily, looking up at the person in the clearing Dan gasped, his face was disgusting, skin folds had become chapped and bloody, their skin a brown and pink colour, Dan looked over at Lou and Anthony again as he prepared to let out another shout for his friends help an arm from behind him clapped over his face and stopped him, he struggled free and managed to shout, ‘Anthon-‘, again his attempt thwarted, this time Anthony and Lou heard something and looked to the clearing but the two men had pulled Dan into the tree line, holding him back with a sharp knife pressed against his throat, Dan could see Lou and Anthony looking towards him, a single tear rolled from his eye and down his cheek, the two men holding him back were strong, suddenly Anthony and Lou walked past, Dan kicked and struggled but they had gripped his arms fiercely and he could not escape, with a shove they pushed him to the floor, he fell onto his chest and rolled over, his clothes now dirty and stained, he looked at them, one walked towards him and picked him up by his hair, pulling him to his knees, Dan gritted his teeth in pain as the roots of his hair ripped from his skull with the force, he looked towards the other man his face breaking out into a smile, he leaned into Dan and said loudly ‘beg’, Dan sniffed back tears and gulped for breath ‘w-what?’ she asked, the man holding him pulled at his hair, Dan let out a small cry. ‘Beg for your life’ said the man with a laugh, ‘What do you want?’ cried Dan, ‘please don’t do this’ he continued, ‘don’t hurt me’ he begged tears streaming down his face, suddenly the hand holding him viciously ripped the blade across his bare throat, the blade slashed open Dan's fragile neck with ease, blood erupted from the wound, spraying into the air and onto the other man, he stood with his grotesque mouth open, allowing droplets of warm blood to spray into his mouth, with the blood still flowing the taller man quickly and viciously tossed Dan's dead body into the trees, the two men watched on as people carelessly walked past the clearing, unawear of the slaugher taking place just yards away...


arna-rut said...

That was SCARY O_O

M!KA aka Mik-Ma said...

WHOA! That one freaked me out.. it was soo realistic.

I can't wat for the next one.

M!KA - Mik-Ma

Hunnigall said...

Holy cow
Love it
Love it
Love it
Love it
Love it
...When's the next one? I love being in this story! :)

- Hunni x x x

Blonde_Bum101 said...

Crazy scary, man! I'm totally paranoid from this moment on. :)
-Ashley Taylor

Anonymous said...

OMG this part was scary!
cant wait for the next part! ^_^

Dei* said...

Looooooove it!
And I LOVE how the music follows the story! So thrilling....and I LOVE the thrill of a good story. =)
Can't wait for Part III!

Love ,Dei*

Sophia said...

Scary much?

Anonymous said...

love it i cant wait for the next 1

Vanessa said...

Omg. Scary. :3. :S Shivering out of my thongs. Haha. Woah. Hope there's a Part III. x Tash37 on stardoll. x Vanessa in real life... Hah, I don't want to go in the woods EVER!

Fag_Puff said...

Fantastic, I'm sad I died so early but it worked so well because I seemed like a central chatacter, damn amazing!


lovinitlovinit said...

Wow! That was so amazing!
I don't know how you come up with this stuff!

You're writing is so good I can picture the story as if it were a movie in my head. And lemme tell you - It's a darn good movie! :D

untitled_me said...

damn that was scary !!!

it really freaked me out !

but i love love LOVE it !

arna-rut said...

you should totally make horror movies in the future, id go see htem :)

GinaFatPussy said...