Sunday, December 7, 2008

Knock & Run

He rose from the sofa, the back of his checked shirt ruffled, he looked toward his company and smiled, laughed a little and walked out of the room, into the light kitchen area, suddenly his company rose from her seat, blond hair, long, hanging in the middle of her back, she hurried over to the large mirror in the corner of the room and shook her hair and ran her fingers delicately through it, Ellie (fakeshake3) stood at the mirror gazing at herself, quickly she returned to the sofa and grabbed her black studded purse, rummaging through she pulled out a tube of lip gloss and smothered her lips with it, sparkling in the low light she puckered her lips and glanced at the area her companion had disappeared to, suddenly lightning cracked, filling up the darkened room with a blast of colour, Ellie's skin seemed light and untainted, she looked towards the window, touched her neck briefly and quickly walked back to the sofa and say down, still preening her hair as her male friend came back into the room, It was Dan, (Fag_Puff) in his hands a bowl of freshly popped corn, the heat dancing into the air he slowly walked into the room, Ellie smiled and stood up, holding out her hands to help him, grabbing a bottle of cola she placed it on the table and quickly smiled contently at Dan, his eyes fixed on the bowl balanced on one arm. Ellie took the bowl, her laugh echoing as Dan dropped a glass to the floor, they both laugh and attempt to pick up the glass, their hands touching briefly, Dan snatched his hand away and smiled embarrassingly, Ellie smiles briefly and pouts as Dan walks over to a shelving unit, picking up a pile of DVD’s.

‘What did you get?’ asked Ellie lightly pushing her fringe behind her left ear, Dan hesitates and looks at the packaging – ‘300, Nightmare Before Christmas and erm…’ His voiced trailed off as Ellie reached over to her purse once again, ‘It’s a good job I have some taste!’ she says jokingly throwing a disc at Dan, ‘The Devil Wears Prada!’ he said loudly, sarcastically as he raised his brown eye brows. ‘Of course’ said Ellie open mouthed, her tongue lightly tasting her freshly applied lip gloss, Dan laughed and shrugged, ‘why not’ he said dropping the other movies into a near by chair, quickly he ran over to the entertainment until and the TV flashed on, the light glowing into his beautiful and handsome face, making his skin tone seem grey but still immaculate, the room falls darker as the movie starts, Dan kneels on the floor and plays with the TV remote, his pink boxer shorts showing over his skin tight black skinny jeans, the volume over powers their conversation as Ellie again laughs as Dan stumbles as he regains is balance, suddenly lightning again cracks and rain pours hard onto of the house, Ellie leans back into the sofa and looks up, the whites of her eyes glistening, The room is suddenly engulfed in darkness as Dan comes back from the kitchen, ‘Dude it’s raining so hard’ he says matter of factually as he crosses the room and closes the curtains, ‘Suddenly I See’ plays loudly as Dan's shadowy body jumps over the couch and lands next to Ellie, she lets out a girl giggle and calls his name sternly.

Dan and Ellie sit watching the movie, occasionally exchanging glances, joined often with a smile and a hand full of salty popcorn, the rain is still heavy and distracting but they carry on watching, suddenly Ellie’s pink razr mobile phone lights up on the table, omitting a flicker of light to rival the sheerness of the TV, Ellie slowly reaches over and looks at the caller ID unknown is says, Dan kindly turn the sound on the TV to mute, Ellie opens the phone and sweetly speaks ‘Hello?’ she says furrowing her brow, with no reply she holds the phone away from her face and looks at the ID, unknown still. she again places the phone to her ear, ‘hello?’ she says more assertively, suddenly she hears a faint sound, a rustling, some sort of snapping sound, again she holds the phone away from her ear and as she does screams echo from her phone, ear shattering, ungodly screams, Ellie quickly puts the phone to her ear as Dan sits up on the sofa, both startled by the loud scream from her phone, as Ellie listens in on the phone her eyes widen in disbelief, she pulls her hand up to her face and holds it to her mouth, Dan looks on and tried to lean into what Ellie is hearing, again a loud scream, startling Ellie, she drops her phone and it hits the coffee table, and before hitting the floor the sound goes loud speaker, the once quiet room filled with foul, evil noises, animal sounds and moaning sounds, Dan stands up and looks down at the phone as the noises continue, Ellie still shocked, holding her hand to her mouth, ‘What the fuck is that!’ says Dan, not expecting any answers, ‘I…I…No, I don’t know’ says Ellie taking a deep breath. The whaling and shouting continues until Dan lunges at the phone and flips it shut, Ellie looks on as Dan looks at the phone, ‘was that some sort of prank?’ he said uncaused, ‘I have never gotten any pranks like that before’ said Ellie in quick reply, suddenly Dan lets out a small laugh, ‘what the fuck’ he says through his laugh, Ellie looks at his face, smiling slightly she cracks up too, ‘That is the most odd thing ever!’ she retorts as the both snigger, suddenly the door bell chimes, Ellie and Dan’s laughter broken at the both look at the door, the bell chimes again and a third time in successions, Ellie slowly rises to her feet and looks at Dan, he slowly progresses to the door, Ellie watching tentatively as he reaches the door, the bell rings once more as he reaches it, Ellie walks a few steps forward and watches as Dan peeks through the peer hole, her body motionless, Ellie walks ever closer, suddenly Dan jumps from the door and rests his back on the adjoining wall.

Ellie takes a step back and watches Dan as his eyes dance from her to the door, Ellie mouths as Dan ‘what!’ he looks at her and slowly walks away from the wall, towards her, ‘there is somebody outside’ he says quickly glancing back at the door, Ellie’s mouth opens widely as she controls her breath, obviously worried, Dan put his hands on Ellie’s upper arm and looks into her eyes, ‘I’ll open the door..’ he said, Ellie quickly interjects, ‘what!? – No, fuck that!’ she says more loudly than she had wanted. Dan ignores her and again approaches the door, looking back Ellie states as Dan ushers her over to the window, she goes over slowly as Dan peeks through the hole again, Ellie reaches the window and slips her fingers between the curtains, she slowly peeks through, in the distance Dan is looking through the spy hole and the door bands as he backs away quickly Ellie jumps and pulls the curtains back, quickly running over to Dan she catches her foot and falls to the floor, as she falls she sees a figure outside the window.

Ellie stares towards the figure, their hand pressed firmly against the window pane and their face also pressed against the glass, Ellie’s mouth drops open as she digs her heels into the carpeting and struggles to push herself backwards away from the person, their eyes the only thing vibrant, suddenly Dan grabs Ellie’s arm and attempts to pull her up, he sees the person and reacts the same, mouth open and eyes widened Dan looks at the huge man, tall, over 6 feet, his face dirty and shadowy, black wet hair disguising most of his face, he only facial feature noticeable, his eyes, wide and incredibly scary, staring at Ellie and Dan, transfixed.

Dan pulled Ellie up from the floor and they quickly run to the kitchen, Ellie reaches for the light switch and the room is illuminated, Dan stands in the kitchen door way and keeps a vigil of the man at the window, his stance fixed, his breath causing condensation on the window as he breaths heavy, bearing his yellow teeth Dan drops to his knees pulling Ellie down with him, ‘oh my god’ she says breathy, watching the man still standing at the window, ‘it’s okay. it’s okay, he’s outside’ said Dan trying to calm a visibly upset Ellie, Dan’s eye glance around the room as Ellie swings her head around, paranoid and extremely frightened, suddenly Dan moves away, Ellie grips his shirt as he moves into the living area on his hands and knees, he slowly ducks behind the couch and behind the coffee table, Ellie switches her eyes every few seconds between Dan and the stranger, her breaths fierce and hurting her chest.

Dan reaches onto of the table and grabs Ellie’s phone, he flips it open and his face lights up as the light dimly lights the room, Ellie is still in the door way when unbeknown to her somebody walks past the kitchen window, her bottom lip trembles at she watches Dan with her phone, suddenly there is a smashing sound behind her and Ellie screams as the kitchen window explodes, making glass slide and spray across the tiled floor, she grasps at the door frame and hoists herself to her feet, suddenly an arm appears through the window, clothes in a dirty jacket, Ellie watches as the hand searches the window frame for sharp edges, suddenly her shoulder is touched, she swings around quickly, her hair covering her face, Dan stood before her, his face filled with fear, suddenly another unexpected crash as the main living area window crashes open, a chair flies past their heads and crashes into the wall, Ellie and Dan both retreat into the kitchen only to be met by the terrifying sight of a man wearing a clown mask pushing himself into the window, they quickly react and dash for the stairs, Ellie pulling Dan along with her, they both dash up the stairs quickly but Ellie suddenly lets pulled back by Dan, who seems to have tripped, looking back she sees a hand clutching his leg, she gasps and tried to pull his arm but Dan is yelling and unable to get away, quickly Ellie loosens his grip of Dan’s hand and she runs up the stairs to the landing, grabbing a statue on a table, as she returns Dan is still shouting and trying to get away, Ellie dashes to his aid and smashes the statue into their pursuers hand, he screams and lets go but puts his face to the banister, wrinkled and mutated, filed with scars, the man’s face screws up as he growls in pain, his eyes burning as he watches Ellie pull Dan to his feet.

Dan and Ellie run along the landing and into Ellie’s walk in closet, slamming the door behind them, Dan leans down and wraps his hands around his ankle, gritting his teeth he pulls up his jeans and reveals a huge red mark, Ellie looks on and brushes her hand through his brown highlighted hair, Dan looks up and winches a small smile, Ellie reaches down to his neck and caresses it lightly, she slowly moves her leg along Dan’s arm, ‘are you okay?’ asks Dan pushing his jeans leg back down, ‘no’ says Ellie letting out a sharp breath, Dan pulls himself up to his feet and he walks over to the window, Ellie watches, holding her left hand to her stomach. Peering through the window Dan sees his car, in the drive, he feels for his keys in his pocket and plunges his hand inside, pulling out his keys, ‘we need to get outside’ he says quickly glancing at Ellie, her face weary but visibly shaken. ‘How?’ she asks resting herself against the wall, ‘are flat roofs or a plant trellis?’ asked Dan holding Ellie’s hand, his grip staring and willing, Ellie looked into his green eyes and swallowed hard, she felt for Dan, he had always been there for her, always thought the best of her, she suddenly felt an argue but stopped herself, again looking into his eyes she felt she had nothing to loose so she relented and leaned in to kiss Dan, her lips met his and for a few seconds she kissed his lips, her gloss softening their tender kiss, she pulled herself away and breathed heavily, ‘I’m sorry I…’ before she could finish her works Dan’s lips touched hers and they kissed passionately, Ellie’s hands reached up and cupped Dan’s jaw, his sin was smooth but stubble, she felt their passion and a tear ran down her face, Dan’s hand ran down Ellie’s side and to her thigh, they again stopped and looked once again at each other, lovingly, Dan stole another kiss and Ellie smiled, suddenly the door to the room crashed and snapped open, Ellie screamed loudly as Dan pushed her behind him, one of them men ran into the room and tackled Dan sending both of them crashing into the rails of clothing, colours and sequins flew into the air as Ellie fell backwards to the floor, she pulled her hand up to her face and moved her long hair away, she gasped as the man and Dan struggled, not knowing what to do Ellie used furniture to pull herself to her feet, she watched on as the Dan punched Dan in the face, through their tussle Ellie’s and Dan’s eyes met, she looked at him, his face filled with doom ‘RUN!’ he cried muffled by the weight of the man wrapping his hands around his neck, Ellie backed up and ran from the room, as she did she ran straight into the other man, his hands grabbing her arms, one hand bloodied, she looked up to see the mad she had attacked staring back, a sadistic smile spread upon his face. He shook Ellie and she tried to get away, his grasp like steel he picked her up by her waist and launched her back into the room, Dan still struggling with the man, Ellie backs up to her vanity table, her hands gripping the edge as she watched the man walk into the room, his smile even more menacing.

The man quickly walked over to Ellie, she stood her ground as he pushed her onto the table, perfume bottle and make-up spilling onto the floor, his eyes measured her up, as she looked down she saw the other man holding Dan to the floor, holding his head up his hair, forcing him to watch Ellie, Dan struggled but to no avail, the man gripped Ellie’s face and pushed her head backwards, ‘why are you doing this?’ muttered Ellie holding back tears, her lip quivered as the mans hands vigorously touched her face, suddenly he yanked her forward and grabbed her hair, the man holding Dan was now laughing, menacingly, throughout Dan’s struggles, the man holding Ellie breathed on her, his breath smelling so bad, putrid and unclean, ‘please, stop’ cried Ellie lightly, tears rolling down her face like melting ice, the man stuck out his rotten tongue and caressed Ellie’s cheek, licking her face slowly, Dan struggled more and the man holding his was distracted, trying to retain his grip, Ellie saw her chance and she felt for something on the table, grabbing a perfume bottle she swung it around hit her tormentor in the head, take aback he let go with a yelp, holding his hands to his face Ellie pointed the spray to his face and excreted the perfume into his eyes, crying in pain the man back handed Ellie, she swung around and back onto the vanity table, Dan still struggling with the other man tried his best to struggle free, suddenly the man goes limp and stumps on top of Dan, he squeezes himself from between the floor and the man to see Ellie standing above them and a sharp pair of scissors stuck deeply into the mans neck, Ellie held her hand out to Dan and pulled him to the floor, they both look at the other man, still alive but contained by his burning eye balls, they hold hands tightly and run for the door but as they do the man quickly blocks them and pushed them backwards, in doing so their body weight forces him out of the door and back into the hallway, Ellie pushes herself upwards, looking for her friend, as she stood up she saw him, still standing, more leaning onto the wall, she looked at his face, blood, dark red blood running from his mouth, a small amount and then panning her eyes down she saw a sharp railing rod from her closet protruding through his upper chest, panting fiercely Dan held both of his hands to his chest, around his wound, trying desperately to stop the blood, the pain.

Ellie quickly jumps over the dead man and holds Dan close, he splutters and coughs and she also tried to stop the blood, ‘Dan’ she says softly her mouth upturned, his eyes meet hers and he gasps, ‘Run’ he says breathy, ‘run’ he repeats trying to catch a breath, ‘No, please stop it’ cries Ellie her vision obscured by the tears welling up in her eyes. Dan presented his hands to Ellie; she held open her hand and allowed his car keys to fall into the palm of her hand. Dan started at her, his body trembling, Ellie could feel his faint heart beat as she held him onto her body, blood staining her polka-dotted shirt, slowly his heart beat slow down, Ellie took his hand and held it in hers, she needed him, willed him to be okay, Dan continues to cough up blood, his eyes began to close, ‘No! please don’t leave me’ begged Ellie again cupping his face in her hands, their eyes met once more, ‘at least…we you know how I felt’ says Dan, his head shaking, falling into unconsciousness, his head jerks once more as Ellie holding his wound, blood now quickly trickling between their bodies and on to a large pool on the floor, quickly Dan’s hand fell limp in Ellie’s and his heart gives in, his body slumps slightly, Ellie’s chest jumps as she tries to stop herself screaming, she clasped her hand over her mouth, pulling herself away from the body of the person she knew and loved, walking backward she bumped into the body of the man, the awful man who had caused his death.

Ellie pushes the heel of her boot onto the band head and slips her fingers into the handle of the scissors and with a sharp tug she pulls the implement from his neck, leaving a large gaping wound, she holds the scissors in her palm and wields them as a weapon, slowly she walks towards the door but as she reaches it once again the man clambers in front of her, she grabs the handle of the door and swings it shut, hitting the man but not shutting, pushing all her weight upon the door she forces it closed, his hands invade and quickly Ellie slaps his hand, he has no reaction so Ellie snaps open the scissors and unsteadily hold them by his fingers, snapping the scissors shut the man lets out a blood-curdling cry, Ellie slams the door shut and looks to the floor to see three severed finger tips sitting on the floor, Ellie quickly runs over to the window and opens it, the rain had stopped and the air was crisp and clean, at the top of her lungs she screams ‘HELP ME!’, pushing herself through the window she screams again, long enough for her voice to fade, she hears the door open and she quickly turns around to see the man running at her, gripping her neck her forces her against the wall, Ellie stabs his side with the scissors and he relents, again she stabs him and he stumbles backwards, Ellie lunges at him again but he grabs her hand, trying to get the scissors they swing around forcibly, Ellie gritting her teeth and not letting the bastard get the better of her. Suddenly he pushes her and they both crash through the window, screaming Ellie falls onto the sloping roof and at speed they both plummet downwards and through the air to the concrete floor below.

Ellie and the man lie motionless on the floor, only the sound of the night surrounds them, suddenly a cough, a slight sigh, Ellie stirs and raises her head, coughing still she pushes herself into a sitting position, gritting her teeth sharply she felt her head, a small cut brazed her head, a small amount of blood, looking around she saw the man, the killer, the beast on the floor, his eyes wide, seemingly dead, Ellie winces and pushes herself to her feet, numbly she stumbles toward Dan’s car, an old BMW. Slipping the key into the door she swung the door open and again looked at the killer, still lying motionless on the ground.
Pushing herself into the car seat quickly Ellie pushes the keys into the ignition and slams the car door shut, pushing on the accelerator pedal she speeds away, watching the road in the bright lights from the car she remembered Dan, how he was cruelly taken from her, sobbing Ellie catches small breath and wipes tears from her eyes, now black from smudges make-up, driving through the back roads always scared her but she willed herself on. Unbeknownst to her something stirred in the back seat, catching her eye she tilted the mirror to see someone staring back at her, with a sharp Ellie tried to break, forcing the person backwards, whooping the person laughed and quickly raised an axe from the back seat, Ellie grabbed at the door handle and forced it open but before she had a chance to escape there is a large thud and a cracking sound, the door slips open and Ellie falls out, her bloodied body hitting the floor, the back door opens and out steps a man, wearing a black jump suit, in one hand an axe and in the other the decapitated upper head of Ellie, he smiled and throws the head into the ditch, walking into the road the fat man whistled to himself, grinning ear from ear.

Walking back to the house he holds out a pink phone and clicks some buttons and with a beep out comes a voice…’Hey Ellie, we are running a little late but we will be there as soon as possible, see you soon’ approaching the house the man laughs as he sees another car waiting at the house…


M!KA aka Mik-Ma said...

Awesome story, this is an AWESOME horror story, trust me you have talent! I loved this. Why isn't this famous yet?

M!KA - Mik-Ma

Anonymous said...

cant wait to read more

Anonymous said...

are u the same person that wrote the story about fag-puff - by fag puff fan??

TheFemaleDog said...

Aww! That is SO sweet!
To bad Fag_Puff is gay :(

Stardoll And Me said...

Aw that is awesome!
Ever thought of pursueing it in real life?

jenakellie said...

pretty interesting story.
I'm pleading for more !
as long as I have a good story and a cup of starbcks,
I'm usually in tune.

Sophia said...

Thats Awesome mate :D

sparklystef said...

This blog is AMAZING! love it!

Ripper said...

Thank you for all the comments, they mean a lot.

I know my writing is nowhere close to perfect and I could improve massivly but this is the first story and I hope to get a lot better.


Diva_Always said...


Boy you betta write them stories!!! Work it!!!! lol

Seriously that was exuberating! Give us some more! Use more Star doll characters...
~Da Diva~

Dei* said...

I just finished this one! It is great..... o.o
Tomorrow, I will read the other one =)

Fag_Puff said...

Awesome, I really enjoyed it.

The kiss part was really well written, I felt pree sad reading it.


talkzi1213 said...

Wow. You have a lot of talent. That was absolutely amazing! You should persue a career in womthing like this, because that blew me away!

xx talkzi1213

PBjelly.x said...

Im Shaking!
Why am i shaking?

Write a Book man, my eyes hurt from the screen. :)

But seriously, Awesomely Breath Taking :D

Puccapo said...

this is so scary! i couldnt stop reading!

Anonymous said...

The story is amazing! :D

arna-rut said...

My god, i couldnt stop reading, Good job, Pretty scary yet sad story =[

SmoochGals.x said...

Ellie is dead!
Awesome amazing story!
You need to be a writer absoultely awesome!

untitled_me said...

Wow I couldent stop reading, you have such a talent ! keep it up !!

arna-rut said...

Blogger SmoochGals.x said...

Ellie is dead!
Awesome amazing story!
You need to be a writer absoultely awesome!


Its not cool that she's supposed to be dead there, I mean ellie's SO nice!!

Opto' said...
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Samantha said...

I loved it, too!

It was crazy. =]


wow you have a serious talent amazing

Babii-Mariex said...

Wow! I absolutely love your stories. You are an extremely talented writer. I couldn't move my eyes off the screen on my laptop.. they were glued!

Perfect horror story!
I loved it.

Fay said...

Cool story :P

Ciaraleanne said...

Wow! I...I ...I can't speak! That truely think I actually feel a tear... Amazing! It would make an awesome movie...think about writing..and please...become famous so you can create the best scary movies ever!

...I love scary films....since I was 5 years old! lol!

- Ciara 'ox
(Ciaraleanne on stardoll)

LilMrsRich said...

are you single?

arna-rut said...

Anonymous LilMrsRich said...

are you single?

Blonde_Bum101 said...

Wow. This story made me experience many emotions: sadness (tears welled up in my eyes during the romantic bits), happiness (the awkward scenes b/t Ellie and Dan), disgust (the fat man holding Ellie's decapitated head), and intrigue (the ENTIRE story, man!)
I totally love your stories, and you are truly talented. :)
-Ashley Taylor

rihanna_best_si said...

You defiently need to be a book writer!
It was an awesome horror story!

Anonymous said...

omg that was awesome
now my eyes hurt
i couldent look away
awesome awesome awesome
you should get it published