Thursday, October 8, 2009

Drop Dead Gorgeous: Act Four

A leggy brunette stood at the corner of the stage, lights shone and saxophone music, which is a staple she though as she slowly make her way across the stage holding a magnificent diamond look-a-like microphone, the woman was Analeigh Tipton, she had won this very contest three years before and been in America's Next Top Model, coming third, all the girls adored her on set, she was always helpful and guiding them whenever she could.

ANALEIGH TIPTON: Hello and welcome back. We’ve already seen the girls performing their talents, and now it’s time to ask them the question of the night. ‘If you could change one thing about the world we live in, what would it be?’

The audience and the judge’s quietly discussed the question.

ANALEIGH: It’s time to ask our first model: Tiffani Horrowitz!

Tiffani strutted onto the stage wearing her glistening Roberto Cavalli flowing dress with a deep neck line. She smiled sweetly and shifted her weight onto one leg, placing her hands on her hips and extending her rear. She gave a flutter of her eyelashes and looked towards the audience.

ANALEIGH: Tiffani, if you could change one thing about the world we live in, what would it be?

TIFFANI: Well, personally, I would make the penalty for murder a lot harsher. What ever happened to a good old-fashioned hanging?

Tiffani smiled sweetly again, as Analeigh furrowed her brow and tittered slightly into the microphone..

ANALEIGH: Okay, thank you.

Tiffani smiled again and exited the stage basking in the warm lights.

ANALEIGH: The next model to answer our question is Alice Kappa.

Alice appeared on the stage, and gave a gracious smile. her dress was her own pick, a gorgeous Oscar de la Renta gown She turned to Analeigh, who smiled back. Analeigh liked Alice, she saw a lot of herself in this pretty young thing.

ANALEIGH: Good evening, Alice. If you could change one thing about the world we live in, what would it be?

Alice paused for a few seconds to think, she had to say something good and not the old hat of 'world peace'.

ALICE: I would change the way that parents raise their children. I’m not saying that everything should be old fashioned, but I seriously don’t think it would hurt if parents still told their children no. It seems like now-a-days kids do whatever they want to do because no one has restricted them from anything.

Analeigh smiled sweetly at Alice.

ANALEIGH: Thank you, Alice.

Alice smiled and exited the stage, she saw the other girls standing around the back stage area, she saw Vanessa standing next in line, she looked so beutiful in her non designer dress, she had been away for rehearsals, she had gotten a shoot in New York and jumped at the chance.

ANALEIGH: Now for our third model, here is Vanessa Aleba.

Vanessa, rather arrogantly, onto the stage, and grinned at Analeigh.

Kasia stood in the model pit willing her to fall, she looked on as Vanessa approached the host.

VANESSA: Hello there, Carmen.

Analeigh smirked and turned to the audience, then back to the Vanessa.

ANALEIGH: Vanessa, if you could change one thing about the world we live in, what would it be?

Kraig smiled confidently. He had obviously rehearsed his answer before going on stage.

Vanessa: Poverty. There are too many people dying because they have no food or anything to keep healthy. Then people wouldn't starve to death and people would be able to live happy lives. I believe that can be done quickly if we all donate.

ANALEIGH: Good answer. Thank you, Vanessa.

Vanessa nodded and strolled off-stage.

ANALEIGH: Please welcome, Kasia Font...


Above the stage, Ryan and his boss Greg Foree were stood, controlling the lights.

GREG FOREE: Hey, Ryan I got this, would you go get wipes for this lense? it's looking a bit frazzled

RYAN: Sure.

Ryan nodded. He’d do whatever his boss told him to, he loved his job and intended to keep it. He walked away as Greg peered over the balcony, down at Analeigh, Kasia and the judges. As he continued to observe, two hands suddenly wrapped around his throat. He tried to call for help, but he couldn’t breathe. The hands tightened, and eventually swung him round. They forced him onto the floor and he groaned, through his gasps. The life quickly faded from him, until his head slumped back. The attacker released his head and he flopped down. As colour began to fill his cheeks again, the attacker quickly stabbed a pair of scissors into his stomach. The attacker then dragged his body away, leaving no traces of a struggle. Moments later, Ryan returned.

RYAN: Greg? Dude, what's up, we need to keep these lights moving!


Mia walked over to Analeigh, her dress was more sexy than the other girls and more expensive, her mother had provided the dress to the pageant for her daughter, Mia had always gotten what she wanted and she felt winning was what she wanted and deserved, she strutted over in her skin tight Dolce & Gabbana couture gown brimming with confidence she knew exactly how to answer this question, Analeigh smiled at her and began to speak when Mia clutched the microphone from her lips and began to speak.

MIA: I personally belive that we need to befriend those who appose us, my brother was in the army and he lost his life...

Tiffani and Alice stood by the curtains listening to Mia's voice break as she held back tears, age gasped loudly and reminisced of her dead brother and how his life could have been spared, Tiffani huffed and retreaded into the dressing room, Alice sneered and watched on as Mia softy spoke to the judges and audience, Vanessa moved in by Alice and smiled at her.

VANESSA: Wow, she's really got this all planned out, I almost admire her being brave enough to be that fake.

Alice stared at Vanessa, she never understood the distain for Mia, sure, she was never the nicest girl you could meet but she was hardly a bitch and she had taken Deidre under her wing when nobody else would have. Vanessa frowned at Alice, surely she knew? Obviously not!

VANESSA: You don't actually buy this do you? The girl is full of shit, her dead brother was a step brother, who died before she even got the know him, she hated him, she hated anyone coming between her and her mom, sure, the sentiment is there but all this talk of love, she never loved him, she never even went to his funeral, she was busy preparing for this, who would do this over remembering somebody they loved?

Mia smiled and headed off stage, she got a standing ovation from the crowd and judges, could that have really been an act Alice thought. Mia walked behind the curtains and immediately her 'tears' stopped, she strode past Vanessa and Alice with a devious smile upon her face.


The sound of Analeigh chatting to the audience could still be heard from the preparation room. All of the models hurried into their separate areas, and began to change into their evening attire.


ANALEIGH: Now for the big finish to tonight’s show, we welcome the seven models to the stage once again, to model their evening attire.

The models re-entered the stage, and flooded around, showing off their evening gowns. This was it, the final time to impress the judges and crowd, Alice was paired with Tiffani, they both walked down the runway laid with cherry red carpets, suddenly Alice felt her dress tug at the back, her heel had caught in her dress, she stumbled for a second and began to fall, she quickly felt a hand stop her from falling to the grown, Tiffani had grasped her arm and stopped her from wiping out, nobody seemed to notice as they both stood at the fore point being photographed and cheered at, they quickly retreated and headed back stage, Alice sighed in relife, she turned to Tiffani who had already began to unpin her hair of bobby pins.

ALICE: My god, thank you so much, that could have been bad.

Tiffani turned to Alice as her blonde hair fell down around her shoulders.

TIFFANI: The other day, when that bitch took me from behind, you had my back, I don't forget shit like that.

Tiffani walked away as Alice smiled, Alice nodded in agreement as Tiffani disappeared into the dressing room.

Fay ran up to Alice and hugged her.

FAY: This time tomorrow night one of us will have a scholarship!


It was around 2 hours after the show, and all of the models had left the studio. Only a few of the crew had stayed back to get everything back in order. Analeigh Tipton strolled down a long corridor, lined with staff dressing rooms. She reached her own, and pushed open the door.

Once inside, she closed the door behind her and quickly began to remove her dress. She let it slide to her feet and then she stepped away, wearing nothing but her heels and her underwear. She kicked off the heels and then scooped the dress from the floor, hanging it onto the dress rack. Then she quickly grabbed her informal attire, and slipped her feet into a pair of comfy ugg boots. She slung her hair into a ponytail, and then exited her dressing room, locking it. She had to get out of here quickly if she was getting to her date on time.

ANALEIGH: (to herself) Shit!

Analeigh quickly spun round again, unlocking the door and pushing her way back inside. She left the door wide open, as she headed for the drawer at the far wall, and began to fumble through. With her back turned, she didn’t notice a masked figure slip out of the room. Once she had retrieved her car keys, she sighed and hurried out of the room again.

She locked the door for the second time, and then began to make her way down the exit. Behind her, a darkened figure slowly began to approach, completely unbeknownst to her. A hand suddenly slammed down on Analeigh’s shoulder and she screeched, jumping around.

ANALEIGH: Christ. Dave, you scared me!

It was only Dave, one of the cleaners. He chuckled and Analeigh smiled awkwardly.

DAVE: What you doing here this late?

ANALEIGH: Oh, I don’t know. I just ended up staying behind a little longer than expected. I’m actually taking off now.

DAVE: Oh, I see. Well don’t let me be the one to stop you.

Analeigh smiled and nodded. Dave suddenly froze. His face retained the same smile, and his eyes were glazed, staring into space. Analeigh furrowed her brow.


He didn’t stir at all.

ANALEIGH: Dave, are you okay?

She slowly lifted her hand and gently shoved Dave’s shoulder. He suddenly slumped onto the floor, and she gasped. She looked down at him, noticing the shard of glass protruding from the back of his neck. She screeched and looked up again, finding herself face-to-face with a masked figure, armed with a large, red, fire-safety axe.

ANALEIGH: Oh my God!

The masked figure, refraining from using the axe just yet, grabbed his voctim by the hair and slammed her into the wall. A small trickle of blood dribbled from her nose, as she dropped to the floor. The attacker raised their axe above Analeigh, as she gasped. They brought it down with a great force, but she quickly pushed herself back and out of the way. The axe slammed into the ground making a loud clinking sound.

She climbed onto her feet and sped off down the corridor, only for the attacker to promptly make chase.


Ryan slowly made his way down the road. He sighed, wondering just where Greg could have gotten to. It wasn’t like him to just leave like that. Especially not with his job. He was very passionate about it, leaving the lighting unattended was not a trait Ryan had noticed on him. He sighed and continued walking, until he eventually took out his phone. He punched in Greg’s number and hit dial.


Analeigh scurried down the corridor, sobbing. She glanced forward and backwards, keeping her eyes peeled for the unknown assailant. As she continued to run, a faint vibrating sound could be heard. She slowed down, as it got louder and louder. She turned left, to a small storeroom, and began to walk towards it. The vibration was loud and clear now.

She quickly pulled open the door, only to find Greg’s dead body. She quickly clamped her hand over her mouth, to stifle a scream, as she silently sobbed. The vibrating continued, and she quickly dropped to the floor. She dug into the man’s pocket and retrieved his mobile phone.

RYAN: (O.S.) Hello? Greg?

ANALEIGH: Hello! Please help me! Oh God, help!

RYAN: Who is this? Where is Greg?

Two hands suddenly clasped around Analeigh’s throat. She gasped as she was dragged back and flung across the floor. The masked figure lifted their axe and slammed it down onto the phone, shattering it instantly.

ANALEIGH: No! God, help me!

Analeigh wasn’t exactly a religious person, but at a time like that, she was willing to pray for anyone. The figure approached her again, and struck her in the face with their fist. She slumped down, sobbing violently. Blood trickled from her nose heavily, and she began to push herself backwards down the corridor.

ANALEIGH: Please don’t hurt me!

The attacked proceeded to lift their axe, ignoring their victims’s pleas completely.


The killer stomped their foot down on her chest and she groaned, struggling to breathe. The killer, their axe still high in the air, panted heavily, groaning under the solid white mask that covered their face.

The axe suddenly came crashing down towards Analeigh. Her eyes widened and her jaw dropped as she was certain of her imminent fate.


The axe met her neck, and blood sprayed ferociously all around her. Her eyes were still wide with terror, as faint gargles came from her mouth. She gasped as more blood poured out of her wound, spraying all over her body, and all over the killer’s robe and mask.

Her head slumped down and her eyes flickered. The killer finally brought the axe completely down, and her head separated from her neck and the rest of her body. As blood spread out across the floor, her eyes continued to flicker, her mouth moving as she groaned and gargled. Mere seconds later, the gargling stopped. Her eyes remained still and all that was left was silence.


The front doors to the studio swung open and several models and volunteers flocked inside.


Inside Cordelia James’ office, Stephanie and Dan were speaking to her.

CORDELIA: Like I said, Analeigh has not turned in today. We already have a guest host lined up, unfortunately this means the pageant must run a little longer than expected. I have the go ahead and consent from all the girls managers.


CORDELIA: Of course.

Cordelia handed a sheet of paper over to Stephanie who skims it and nods, handing it back.

STEPHANIE: And David Williams?

CORDELIA: I’m sorry, David Williams?

STEPHANIE: He was the cleaner.

CORDELIA: They works for an outside cleaning firm. They send new faces every now and again. We never see the same employee for over a month. The last man was here for around 3 weeks, if I remember rightly, so that’s hardly suspicious. I really do not see why you are here disturbing me, his wife reported him late home from work? the man is probably drunk somewhere soaked in his own urine. Hardly my problem is it, agent?

STEPHANIE: OK, thank you for your time, Ms. James.

CORDELIA: Goodbye.

Stephanie nodded as she and Dan headed to the door. Stephanie suddenly stopped and turned.

STEPHANIE: Wait, what about Greg Foree?

CORDELIA: The light technician? He is not always in at this time, his shifts and shedual depend on our shedual and as you gather we are behind, so if you're done with this interrogation I'd love you to leave me alone to continue with my job.

Stephanie frowned, a little suspicious. She nodded to Dan and they both swiftly exited the door as Mrs. James picked up her phone and started dialing away.

DANIEL: What do you think?

STEPHANIE: I wish I had an idea.

JAMES: I don't buy the janitor gig, I've seen some of the girls talking with that guy, they seemed to know him pretty well, like they have known him for more than a couple of weeks.

Stephanie looked on wistfully as Dan bit into a sugary snack.


In Kasia’s dressing room, she was sat in front of her mirror, applying make-up. Melanie was behind her, reading some trashy celeb magazine.

KASIA: I bet it's Tiffani, I hope it is, the slut!

MELANIE: What now?

KASIA: The elimination! Who do you think will go!

MELANIE: I don't know, this was supposed to be a straight up competition, not some Big Brother experiment, one girl going every two days.

KASIA: Who cares, neither of us will go first, It will be Tiffani or Alice.

Melanie rolled her eyes.

MELANIE: Maybe Deidre? she's dumb but they might find that endearing?

Kasia had stopped caring, she only really wanted to be horrible about Tiffani and Alice, who she had taken note at their recent friendship.

KASIA: Oh, favour! Do you mind going through my dance routine with me? I need it to be perfect for next week.

MELANIE: Eh, sure. Not much better to do.

Kasia smiled and finished her make-up, before standing and heading out the door with Mel.


Mia and Deidre were outside the studio. Mia was sat on a wall, with a cigarette hanging loosely from her mouth. Deidre was stood next to her, staring blankly at a piece of chewing gum on the floor. Mia took a long drag of her cigarette and then removed it from her lips as she inhaled and then exhaled, grey-white smoke filtering into the air. Deidre turned to her and frowned, noticing the cigarette.

DEIDRE: I didn’t know you smoked?

MIA: I don’t.

Dei looked confused, but shook her head and continued staring at the chewing-gum. Callum spotted the girls from afar and grinned, hurrying over.

CALLUM: Mia! Hey, Mia!

Mia turned and spotted him running other. She sighed and rolled her eyes, taking a final drag of her cigarette, before dropping it to the floor and squashing it with the sole of her converse sneakers.

MIA: Camera-boy. What a surprise. Can I help you with anything?

CALLUM: As a matter of fact, yes, you can.

MIA: (irritably) What is it?

CALLUM: So, I got a few nice shots last night, but I was wondering if you’d mind taking a few more tonight?

MIA: Same pay?

CALLUM: Yep. And all the best ones will still go on the site, so you in?

MIA: Why not? Can I get a ride with you after tonight’s show?

DEIDRE: And me!

CALLUM: Yeah. Whatever. I’ll pick you both up tonight.

Mia nodded, and Callum smiled, turning and walking away, leaving the two girls to follow him back inside a moment after.


Alice, Fay and John were all sat in the cafeteria. John was wolfing down a huge sandwich, Fay leaning in and taking the occasional bite. Alice was sat in front of them, eating off of a small plate of pasta. Ryan approached from behind and sat next to her.

RYAN: Hey, Alice. Hey, guys.

A chorus of ‘heys’ ensued as the three others greeted their friend.

RYAN: So, what’s planned for tonight, everybody?

FAY: Well, there’s the show of course. After the rule change!

ALICE: Which I’m so nervous about! What if I go?

RYAN: Don’t be stupid. Of course you won’t go, you’re beautiful and talented. It’d be their loss.

Fay and John turned to each other and smirked, as Alice began to blush.

FAY: And moving on. So, after the show, I’m getting straight to bed. I can’t even remember the last time I had an early night, I’m so tired. I have to wear about a ton of make-up on just my eyes to hide the bags.

JOHN: I think I might do the same.

ALICE: Me too.

RYAN: Wow. So it’s early nights for all of us, then?

JOHN: Looks like it.

ALICE: Besides, I need to practice my talent for next week’s show.

FAY: Oh, what are you doing?

ALICE: Singing, I guess. But my voice is pretty bad.

FAY: Get out. You totally rocked that karaoke the other night!

Alice giggled nervously.

ALICE: Anyway, what are you thinking of doing?

FAY: God knows. I have no idea yet. I never thought we had to perform a talent.

ALICE: Why don’t you do your impressions?

FAY: Oh, yeah, how model-like.

JOHN: It’s different, and unique. I think the judge’s would love it.

FAY: Shhh. Your opinion doesn’t count, dweeb.

John chuckled and Fay turned back to Alice.

ALICE: You should go for it.

Fay sighed and nodded.

FAY: Maybe.

RYAN: So, who do you think will go tonight?

ALICE: I don’t even want to think it about it.

FAY: Eh. Vanessa. She's nothing special.

JOHN: Anyway, I think that Deidre chick. Or Mia. That girl is such a bitch.

RYAN: Anyway, I gotta run. Places to go, people to see.

FAY: You? Places to go? People to see?


FAY: What, your mom at the care home?

RYAN: Funny. Bye, Alice. Cya, John.

FAY: Aw, do I not get a hug and kiss?

RYAN: (laughing) Bye, Fay.

Ryan walked off.

Alice smirked to herself and turned to see what else was going on around her.


Tyler strolled down the corridor to his dressing room, bumping into Tiffani.

TYLER: Tiffani, hey...about the other day...

TIFFANI: Can I help you?

TYLER: I just wanted to explain myself, really.

Tiffani slowly rubbed her index finger across her smooth unmade-up lips as she narrowed her eyes.

TIFFANI: What about it?

TYLER: I should have never said what I did, I was being a jerk, you know that's not me, babe.

Tyler slowly pressed his body against Tiffani, forcing her against the cold wall, his hand gently stroked her thigh up to her waist, she looked into his eyes as Tyler slowly leaned in to kiss her, Tiffant kept eye contact with him as his lips gently touched hers, suddenly she pulled back.

TIFFANI: No, thanks.

Tiffani stooped under his arm resting close to her against the wall and stepped aside and walked on down the corridor, leaving Tyler’s ego bruised. Keeping up appearances, he signed and watched as Tiffani strutted away.


At the Wright Residence, Merio slipped out of his bed. He checked the alarm clock as he strolled past. 6:27. Opening her bedroom door, he marched out and turned into his bathroom, reaching down and turning both the hot and cold taps. Water began to flood into the large, white tub, as he spun round and exited the room again, heading back to the bedroom.

He pulled a pair of jeans and top of his draws and then returned to the bathroom, stopping the water from flowing and then slipping his underwear off, before stepping into the water and sitting down, pushing himself down onto his back and soaking up the warm water.



FAY: Fuck!

Everyone in the back-stage area suddenly turned to Fay, raising eyebrows and frowning.

Fay: Sorry. Dropped my drink.

The other models look down to the floor, where the remains of a smashed glass lay, in a puddle of water. They all sigh and turn around as one of the nameless volunteers steps forward to clean up the mess, scooping up the glass as a second volunteer wipes up the clear liquid.

ALICE: God, Fay, you’re such a clutz.

FAY: Eh. Not every one can be perfect like you.

ALICE: Oh my God, I am far from perfect, Fay. Why does everyone always say that. I mean, I’m not that smart or that pretty and I really don’t have that much to offer. How am I perfect?

FAY: Jesus, Ally, I was joking. Don’t have an aneurism.

Alice suddenly began to blush, combing her hair behind her ear..

Fay smirked before she was disturbed by the sound of Brittaney’s voice.

BRITTANEY: Cordelia wants everyone to make their way to Hair and Make-Up.

The girls sighed and began to file out of the room and down the corridor, towards Hair and Make-Up.

As they walked along, Mario strolled past them towards Cordelia’s office. He entered and took a seat across from Cordelia.

CORDELIA: Ah. Mr. Fortuna. What a surprise. You decided to turn up today.

MARIO: Wow. I’ll be sure to get you a medal for stating the obvious.

Cordelia scowled.

CORDELIA: So, care to actually explain why you were absent the past few days?

MARIO: I was ill, as I told you over the phone.

CORDELIA: Mario, if you keep up this behaviour, I’ll have to fire you. We can’t tolerate it here. Especially not mid-way through the competition.

MARIO: Do it then. It’s not as if I can’t find another job.

CORDELIA: Don’t test me, Mario.

MARIO: It’s a little late for that, isn’t it?

Without any further comments from either, Mario stood and exited the office, strolling back down the corridor and into his room.


In Hair and Make-Up, the models were seated at separate chairs, having their hair curled, straightened, whatever, and make-up applied. Tyler was stood in the corner of the room, having had his hair gelled in a matter of minutes. Mika approached him and began to speak.

MIKA: Do you have your stuff ready in your dressing room?

TYLER: Yeah.

MIKA: Then, I suppose, just go and get ready.

TYLER: Alright.

Mika smiled as he turned and strolled to the exit of Hair and Make-Up. She then approached Kasia, who was sat in a chair, staring at her reflection in the mirror.

MIKA: How the hell do you get more than three words out of that guy?


MIKA: Tyler Hamsley.

KASIA: Ah, you don’t. Been there, done that.

MIKA: By done, I assume you mean you did.

KASIA: Eww, don't be a trip. He was screwing around with that slut, do I look like I would ever be sloppy seconds?

MIKA: So there is somebody in this competition you haven’t slept with?

KASIA: Wha-what?

Mika chuckled to herself and stepped aside as a hair stylist approached and began to mess with Kasia’s hair. As she walked away she heard Kasia say...

KASIA: Ruin my hair and I’ll ruin you, okay?

HAIR STYLIST: Got it. (mouthing) Bitch.

Kasia caught her lip movement in the mirror and scowled.

KASIA: I’m sorry, what was that?

HAIR STYLIST: A sigh. Keep still or your hair will be ruined.

KASIA: (sighing) Whatevs.


Later that night, the girls were waiting backstage: their hair curled, straightened, or styled, their make-up applied and their dresses on. A few moments later, they began to file out onto the stage, where a petite blonde was stood, microphone in hand.

AUBREY O'DAY: Welcome back, girls! I'm excited to be your guest judge tonight!

The models smiled, glancing at the three judges sat a small glass table just in front of the crowd at the bottom of the stage.

AUBREY: I’m sure you’re all so nervous, so let’s just get going with this thing, shall we?

Aubrey, the guest host stepping in for Analeigh, took a slip of paper from the small white envelope in her hands.

AUBREY: The judges have decided that the bottom two tonight are...

The models all looked at each other nervously, feigning a smile or fidgeting with clothes.

AUBREY: Deidre and Tiffani. Could you two please step forward?

The girls looked surprised as they stepped forward.

AUBREY: Judges, can you now reveal the model who will be leaving the competition tonight?

JUDGE #1: Well, after some careful thinking, we’ve decided that the model who no longer deserves to remain in this competition is...

Tiffani looked to the ground, her blonde straight hair fell around her ears. Deidre looked back at Mia who actually looked a little upset, she turned back as the judge began to speak.

JUDGE #1: Heather.

TIFFANI: Oh, god.


The other models looked either surprised or disappointed. Most would’ve preferred for Tiffani to have gone. She was the competition. Deidre would’ve been easily beaten had she stayed on.

AUBREY: Oh, Deidre. Congratulations on getting this far, I'm so sorry. Girls, you may now leave the stage.

The models began to file off the stage, as Deidre ran ahead, crying and whining like a child. Once back-stage, Mia pushed past the others and began to follow, only to be stopped by Callum.

CALLUM: Hey, so you ready to leave?

MIA: Yeah. Just hold up a sec, I gotta get Dei.

CALLUM: Ah, yes. I forgot about her.


Further on up, a sobbing Deidre burst into her dressing room and slammed the door behind her, locking it. She moved over to her vanity table and slumped onto the seat, placing her head down, burying it into her arms.

A sudden banging at the door caused her to lift her head. She turned and frowned, looking at the door.

DEIDRE: Hello?

The banging continued and the door wobbled slightly in its place. As the banging went on, the door handle began to move. Someone was trying to get in.

DEIDRE: Who is it?

No answer. The banging just went on and on and the handle continued to move up and down.

DEIDRE: Go away! Who’s there? What do you want?

Once again, there was no answer. Deidre clasped her hands over her mouth, then moving them up her face and running them through her black hair.

She scans the room, trying to think of what to do.


She spun round quickly, thinking and searching at the same time. Her eyes locked onto the closet and she made a dash, whipping the doors open and jumping inside, kicking aside her several pairs of shoes and sliding her dresses along so she could fit behind them. She felt safe for the moment. Until a hand suddenly wrapped around her mouth. She gasped and screamed, but it was muffled, so the squeals barely made a sound.

MIA: (distant) Dei, open up. It’s me!

DEIDRE: (muffled, quiet) Help! Mia!

DEIDRE: Come on, we gotta go!

Dei began to struggle in the closet, unable to pry the hand from her mouth due to the arm wrapped around her body, trapping her arms by her side.

MIA: Whatever. I’m leaving. You can sit here and cry all night for all I care.

Dei heard Mia’s footsteps as she moved along, fading into silence once again. Tears streaming down her pale cheeks, she knew she had to do something. Pushing her head back, she slammed it into her assailant’s nose, causing them to fall against the back of the closet, releasing Dei from their grip. She quickly pushed open the doors and jumped out, dashing to the door. The masked attacker quickly recovered and made chase, tackling the model to the floor.

DEIDRE: Help! Someone please help me!

She lifted her elbow, slamming into the attacker’s face several times before climbing onto her feet and reaching the door. She began to fiddle with the lock, only for her attacker to grab her hair and smash her face into the door, then dragging her away.

DEIDRE: Get off me!

The attacker quickly pulled a thick piece of rope from inside their robe, wrapping it tightly around Dei’s neck. She squealed, and began to pry at the rope, gagging for breath.

DEIDRE: (choking) Please don’t kill me!

The masked figure tightened the rope and Heather groaned, gasping for breath.

the rope tightened for one last time and Deidre pushed herself away, they both fell forward and the rope fell from the attacker grasp and knotted onto the radiator it fell onto, her body suddenly fell limp. He let her slip to the floor and then began to tie the rope in a knot around her neck. Deidre tried to prize the rope from her neck but as she did so the masked stranger pushed her at great strength towards the open window, Deidre fell into the open space and dropped a few feet until the rope tightened and her neck snapped at the force of her fall.

The killer peered from the window, Deidre's body swung in the wind, the killer pulled a knife from inside their riobe and cut quicklt at the rope holding the body and withing a few moments Deidre's body fell several stories below, landing in an open skip full of waste.

Outside, Mia was leaning against Callum’s car. He was sat inside, watching the numbers on the digital clock as they changed every minute. He sighed and took out his cell phone, checking for any missed calls or messages. None. Sliding his phone back into his jeans pocket, he glanced through the window at Mia, who also took out her cell phone. She pulled up Deidre’s number from her contacts and hit ‘Call.’

Mia sighed as she heard the voicemail message.

DEIDRE: (over the phone) Hey, it’s Dei. Leave a message after the beep-y thing.

MIA: Dei, it’s Mia, you’ve got 5 minutes. We’re waiting for you in the car park. If you’re not here, we’re going.

Then, she hit ‘End Call’ and slid the phone back into her pink tweed quilted Chanel purse. Callum climbed out of the car and upon hearing the door shut, Mia turned around.

CALLUM: Are we leaving yet?

MIA: Just 5 more minutes and then we can go.

Tobey sighed.

CALLUM: So, how come you and Dei are so close? You don’t usually see that in two competitive models.

DEIDRE: Ha. Long story.

CALLUM: Did you two know each other before the competition or something?

MIA: Sort of. My Dad was dating her Aunt for a while a couple years ago. Nothing serious, it was just after my Mom and Dad had this huge argument. They broke up when my Dad got back with my Mom.


MIA: Anyway, 5 minutes is up. Let’s go.

Callum nodded and walked around the back of the car to the driver’s seat. He climbed inside as Mia hopped into the passenger’s side. He put the key into the ignition and then reversed out of his parking space, taking off out of the car park and down the road.


Callum’s car pulled up outside a rather large house. Mia glanced through the windows and smiled. It wasn’t the first time she’d been, but it made her smile every time. It was the kind of house she wished she lived in.

Callum opened his door and climbed out and Mia followed suit, closing the door behind her as Callum did the same, pressing a button on the keys to lock the car afterwards. The two made their way up the path as Callum retrieved the front door key from his pocket, sliding it into the key hole and then pushing open the door. Mia followed him inside, closing the door after herself.

CALLUM: I’m just gonna make myself a drink before we start? Do you want a coffee or a tea?

MIA: You got anything stronger?

CALLUM: Um, I have Jack Daniels.

MIA: Eh. That’ll do. I need my daily dosage of alcohol.

Callum chuckled to himself and pulled the JD out of the alcohol cupboard, pouring it into a small glass. He shrugged and poured a second glass for himself, before screwing the lid back on and placing the bottle back in the cupboard. Grabbing both glasses, he headed over to Mia and handed her a glass, keeping one for himself. He began to sip from his as Mia took a long swig and placed it down on the coffee table.

MIA: Alright, let’s get these pictures done, shall we?

CALLUM: We shall.

Mia smiled and followed Callum to the staircase, where they descended into the basement, which Callum had arranged into his own personal studio.

MIA: Do I get to wear a pretty dress?

CALLUM: Yes, you do. It’s over there by the door.

Mia spun on her heels and smiled, glancing at the short, silver dress, hanging on a metal rail by the door. She strolled over and took it off the rail, holding it in front of her figure whilst standing by the mirror.

MIA: It’s gorgeous. Now I just gotta get in it.

CALLUM: Alright, cool.

MIA: I hate people who can’t take hints. Turn around.

CALLUM: Oh! Sorry.

Mia chuckled a little and then slipped out of her own dress, flipping her hair back as she pulled Callum’s over her figure.

MIA: You can turn around now. Zip it up for me?


Mia strolled over to Callum and then turned around again, pulling her hair over her shoulder, giving Callum the space to do the zip. He pulled it to the top of the dress and then Mia released her hair, glancing backwards at Callum.

MIA: Thanks.

CALLUM: No problem.

Mia stared into Callum’s eyes and bit down on her lip. Finding herself unable to stop herself, she reached out and wrapped her arms around the back of Callum’s neck, pulling his head towards hers and pressing her lips against his. His eyes shot wide, and he wrapped his arm around her, grabbing hold of her hips. She smiled whilst still kissing.


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