Thursday, October 29, 2009

Drop Dead Gorgeous: Act Five

Cordelia strolled down the hallway, before reaching Deidre’s dressing room. She tried the door, realising it was locked.

CORDELIA: Miss Locwood, are you in there? You have to be packed up and gone before the end of the day.

She knocked on a couple of times and then called again. Still no answer. angry, she pulled out her cell phone and punched in a three digit number: 911.

CORDELIA: Hello. Yes, I’d like to speak to Agent Stephanie Bosworth.


Stephanie and Dan’s squad car parked up in the car park, and the two climbed out, strolling inside to meet Cordelia.

STEPHANIE: Which room is it?

CORDELIA: Deidre Locwood. It’s just down here. I don’t know what’s going on but the door is still locked and she isn’t answering.

STEPHANIE: Alright, we'll take a look.

DAN: Do you know how long she’s been in there?

CORDELIA: Since last night, I presume. She was eliminated from the competition, and then she went straight to her dressing room. I don’t suppose she’s even left yet.

Stephanie nodded and she and Dans began down the hallway until they reached Deidre’s room. Stephanie knocked twice.

STEPHANIE: Ms. Locwood, it’s Stephanie Bosworth. I’m with the police. If you don’t answer the door, we’re going to break it down, it’s your choice.

The two waited a couple of seconds. No answer. Stephanie nodded to Dan, taking her gun from her holster. Dan did the same and then stepped in front, slamming his foot into the door. It didn’t budge, so he tried again. This time the door came swinging open and the two officers rushed inside. Daria gasped as she noticed the broken window. Swinging her gun in every direction, she checked the room to make sure nobody else was in there. Once realizing she and her partner were alone she flicked her finger indicating Dan to approach the window, she slowly stepped to the window his shoes cracked the pieces of glass scattered on the floor. Peering downwards he saw Deidre's body lying on top of a full trash carrier, her body was crumpled like a doll dropped onto the floor, he could faintly see blood surrounding her body, he sighed heavily and nodded to Stephanie, Deidre was dead. she placed her gun back in her holster. James also put his weapon away.

DAN: Jesus Christ. Suicide?

STEPHANIE: I don’t know. Looks like it, but after everything that’s already happened, we have reason to believe not. We’ll have to wait, get the building evacuated now, I want this fucking room dusted.


In Callum’s apartment, Mia slowly wakes. She stretches her arms and groans before her eyes finally flutter open. She rolls over to see Callum lying next to her. Gasping, she immediately sits up, covering her breasts with the cover.

CALLUM: Whoa, chill.

MIA: Chill? Don’t tell me to chill! Oh God, I can’t believe I slept with you.

CALLUM: Wow. Thanks for re-assuring me of my performance standards.

MIA: Shut up! What time is it?

Callum yawned and checked his watch.

CALLUM: Just gone nine.

MIA: Fuck! I’m gonna be late.

CALLUM: What time you gotta be in?

MIA: Half ten.

CALLUM: You’ve got another hour and a half, why rush?

MIA: Because I have to fucking get home first.

CALLUM: I’ll give you a ride, just take a shower or whatever here and we can swing by your place.

MIA: Yeah, and then do my hair with your straighteners and put on your make-up.

CALLUM: Good point. You could always do that at work. You do have a dressing room, you know.

MIA: I’d have to get their first.


MIA: And people would see me.

CALLUM: Alright, I really don’t see where you’re going with this.

Callum rolled his eyes and threw back the bed sheets, he pushed himself to the side of the bed and slowly reached into a draw, grabbing a white pair of clean boxer shorts.

MIA: Can you imagine the embarrassment?

CALLUM: Who cares what the other models think? They’d just be jealous because you don't need make up, dude, compare you to that Paris Hilton dead beat Kasia, she looks like a Miss Tween finalist.

MIA: Oh, you know what, don’t even try and butter me up, because I’ve had about enough of you already.

CALLUM: Jesus, sorry for sleeping with you.

Mia rolled her eyes and then reached down to the floor, grabbing her bra and jeans from the floor. Spinning round so that her legs were just poking out of the cover, she pulled the jeans around her waist and then whipped the bra around her chest still holding the sheet against her flesh. Climbing out of the bed, she searched around until she finally found her shirt. She quickly pulled it over herself, and reached round, straining to do the zip.

CALLUM: Let me.

MIA: Just leave it.

CALLUM: So you’d rather stand there twisting your arms around than have me quickly zip it up for you?

Mia sighed.

MIA: Fine.

With a smile, Callum climbed off the bed and zipped up the back of Mia’s shirt. Mia felt his toned abs rub her back as he pulled the zip up. Callum turned her round and began to kiss her softly on the lips. She gave in for a moment, but eventually pulled away.

MIA: No! I am not repeating this whole thing all over again. Trust me, this was a one night thing, a fucking mistake!

Spotting one of her heels, she slipped her foot into it and then began to hop around, searching for the second one.

MIA: Where’s my other shoe?

CALLUM: How should I know?

MIA: It’s your room, Callum!

CALLUM: And? This is only a tad messier than usual.

Mia raised an eyebrow and then huffed, rolling her eyes as she continued to search for her shoe. She pushed Callum’s jeans aside with her foot and eventually spotted her other shoe, slipping her foot into it and glancing in a near by mirror..

MIA: Finally. Now how about that lift home?

CALLUM: Sure, but can I get dressed first?

Mia let out a long breath and then dropped down onto Callum’s bed again.


Fay rolled over and stretched, finally waking from her sleep. She crawled out of bed and, upon hearing someone humming a tune outside her door, threw on a dressing gown and strolled out into the kitchen, where Alice was stood, cooking something which smelt amazing.

FAY: Al? What are you doing here? What time is it?

ALICE: It’s nearly half nine, and I’m here because you got so wasted last night, I had to drag you home and then stay with you to make sure you didn’t get yourself killed in your own house.

FAY: That bad?

ALICE: No. Worse.

Fay chuckled lightly and sat down on a small wooden chair at a dining table.

FAY: On a scale of one to ten, how much of a fool did I make of myself?

ALICE: Eh. Four. Most of the embarrassing stuff wasn’t in public. Such as locking yourself in the toilet cubicle and refusing to leave.

FAY: Oh God, I am never drinking again.

ALICE: As if anyone’s gonna believe that one.

FAY: I’m serious.

ALICE: No you’re not.

FAY: No, I’m not. How did you get so good at knowing when I’m lying?

ALICE: I didn’t. You’re just really bad at it.

Fay shrugged and nodded, as Alice placed a plate in front of her, with a fried egg and two pieces of bacon on.

FAY: You expect me to eat this?

ALICE: Yes. And if you don’t, I’m gonna scream down your ear until you cry. Understood?

Fay whimpered for a second

FAY: Understood.

Resigned, she began to tuck in to the breakfast her friend had prepared for her.


Callum’s car parked up in the Studio Car Park. Mia, now showered, with her perfect hair and her make-up applied, climbed out of the car and strolled up the path, followed shortly after by Callum.

CALLUM: You do realise we’re like a half hour early, right?

MIA: Nothing wrong with an early start.

Callum laughed and went to put his arm round Mia. As soon she felt him close, she jumped aside.

MIA: What the hell are you doing?

CALLUM: Putting my arm around you. What’s the deal?

MIA: The deal is, you don’t come anywhere near me when people are watching and you tell nobody what happened. Do you know what people would say?

CALLUM: Is what people say supposed to bother me?

MIA: Yeah, it should.

CALLUM: Well it doesn’t.

MIA: Well, it bothers me, so bye, Callum.

Mia walked ahead and Callum sighed, stopping and taking a seat on a wall just outside the doors.


Inside, Mia strolled down the hallway to her dressing room. Just one room down, she noticed yellow tape across the door. Deidre’s dressing room. Raising an eyebrow, she began to approach. She reached the room and glanced inside. She began to panic, she pushed her way past the yellow tape, before she could an older man held her back, Mia glanced at him.

MIA: That's going on?


Stephanie, Dan and Cordelia to come rushing down the corridor, upon hearing Mia screaming sat on the floor by Deidre’s dressing room.

The three dashed over to the model and Dan pulled her away from the door. Upon hearing the scream, Callum had rushed inside. He came hurrying down the hallway and noticed a crying, screaming Mia being pulled away by the cop. He hurried over and grabbed her.

CALLUM: Mia, what’s going on? What is it?

Mia could not speak, her eyes stung and she felt like she could not breath, like somebody had punched her in the gut.

Callum looked over at Stephanie and Cordelia, Stephanie started as his eyes darted from her to Cordelia, she caught her breath and spoke.

STEPHANIE: Deidre Locwood was found dead this morning. I'm so sorry.

Cordelia quickly walked away as Mia sobbed loudly.


Callum slowly began to stumble away, before finally turning round. He hurried back to Mia and took her into his arms, letting her sob into his shoulder.


Around mid-day, several people were huddled around a brown wooden coffin. Most were wiping tears from their eyes or keeping strong. Many of the models were dotted through the crowd, as well as some other faces, such as Cordelia James and a handful of the volunteers.

Mia was close to the front, near to Callum, but not close enough for anyone to get any ideas. She was sobbing into a small piece of tissue, constantly wiping her eyes and sniffling. For someone with a constant toughness and nonchalance about her, this was a side that nobody had seen before. Mia was broken and everyone knew it.

An older woman was also amongst the crowd, in the arms of a male around the same age. She is crying uncontrollably, letting the tears flow down her face without wiping them away.

Her husband pulled her close and let her sob into his jacket, as he fought against his own tears. He watched as the coffin was lowered in an empty hole in the soil. The woman stepped forward and scooped up a handful of soil, holding her hand over the coffin and let it filter through fingers.

The woman, Jeanette Locwood, suddenly collapsed to her knees, tears rolling down her cheeks at increased speed. She sobbed as she said goodbye to her beloved daughter. Mia's chin shook as she tried to force back tears streaming down her face.

Jeanette husband George quickly reached out and grabbed her, helping her onto her feet and cradling her as they walked away, Jeanette continuing to cry and beg to know why Deidre would do this.

The attendees of the funeral all looked on sympathetically, before turning to face the coffin once more. Mia suddenly leaned into Callum and cuddled up to him as the crowd of black suddenly began to disperse, separate people walking in different directions. Callum stroked her black hair as they walked away towards his’s car.

Kasia Dunn watched on as Callum led Mia away, she scoffed loudly and turned to Vanessa and Melanie, she glanced at Mia once again and laughed to herself coldly.

KASIA: That is all for show, she never gave a shit about that dumb bitch, seriously!

Vanessa gasped as Kasia said this, suddenly Tiffani pushed past Kasia and stood face to face with her.

TIFFANI: You cold, fucking bitch. Why don't you disappear back up your mothers snatch.

Tiffani walked away before Kasia could reply, closely followed by Vanessa. Melanie simply walked away leaving Kasia standing on her own.


Fay and Alice were sat on their bench in the courtyard.

ALICE: I can’t believe it.

FAY: I know. It’s just awful, isn’t it? That’s the second model dead. Maybe Daniel was right. What if the models are all getting picked off, one by one.

ALICE: Shut up, Fay. We fall into that category too, you know.

FAY: Oh, well. You’ll live. Virgins always do.

Alice frowns and Fay curses under her breath.

FAY: For once, that actually wasn’t intended. I'm sorry.

ALICE: Figured. Besides, didn’t they say Dei committed suicide?

FAY: Duh! Cordelia said that to save reputation. Do you really think that one model is murdered and then another dies not long after and it’s just coincidence, or suicide?

Alice sighed and shrugged jabbing her pasta with the metal fork in her hands. Not more than 2 minutes later, Ryan and John approached and sat down.

Melanie, Kaisa and Mika were all sat in the dining hall eating lunch, Kasia watched as Vanessa gave their table a wide berth and joined some other people to eat her lunch.

KASIA: So they said it was suicide ?

MELANIE: Uh-huh.

KASIA: What do you think?

MELANIE: I think it’s the biggest load of crap I’ve ever heard.

KASIA: Same. So you think she was murdered?

MIKA: Definitely. It’s not just a coincidence that two models got murdered in their dressing rooms between such a short period of time. I think there’s some kind fucking crazy going down.

KASIA: Thanks, bitch. I’m a model too, remember!

MIKA: Sorry.

KASIA: Better be. Anyway, what’s happening tonight?

MIKA: Tonight I am going home, getting into a nice, hot, bath and then falling asleep to Glee.

MELANIE: Same, I can't even. Relatives are coming over this weekend.

KASIA: Ugh, boring. You know you so wanna come to the bar with me!

MELANIE: Sorry, gotta pass on that one. Got to get my beauty sleep, you know.

KASIA: Boo! You coming? I'm bored, lets go watch TV or something.

Melanie and Mika nodded and the three girls headed back to the dressing room.


Tyler Hemsley strolled down the hallway, where he bumped into Tiffani. He stared her up and down and smiled at her.

TYLER: Ah, you again.

TIFFANI: Move along, boy.

Tyler sighed and shook his head, continuing down the corridor.

TYLER: (sotto) Women.

Just a little further back down the corridor, Tiffani was strutting along. She saw Stephanie and Dan coming down the stairs, and she quickly smiled at Dan.


Dan stopped to face her as Stephanie continued on. Noticing Dan was lagging behind, she stopped and turned back, realising he was talking to Tiffani.

DAN: Hey wild thing, I heard about that fight you got into.

TIFFANI: Yeah well, I'm tougher than most pageant sweet hearts.

Tiffani smirked and leaned forward, she twisted a lock of her peroxide blonde hair around her finger. Stephanie, who had noticed the whole thing from afar, rolled her eyes.

STEPHANIE: Dan, you coming?

Her partner instantly raised his index finger, signalling he’d be one minute. Stephanie sighed and then continued on outside, leaving the pair to it.


Tyler was fiddling with his camera he looked through the lens momentarily and clicked a snap, he took a step back and admired the space.

He was done for the day and he could finally go home. He turned and headed for the ladder down onto the stage. Reaching the bottom, he sighed and then walked to the end of the stage, dropping off and making his way up the steps, past the seats to the door.

However, before he reached the doors, he heard the sound of someone running between the seats nearby him. He instantly turned back and glanced around the large room.

TYLER: Hello? Is somebody there?

No answer. He shrugged, turning around and continuing on. Until he heard the same sound once again, this time louder, indicating whoever was running around was closer than before.

TYLER: Who’s there?

Like before, there was no answer. Just the continued sound of running.

TYLER: If you think I’m scared of you, you’re wrong. Come out!

No answer yet again. Tyler sighed and shook his head. He didn’t have the time, or patience to bother with stupid things like this. Turning round, he made his way for the door and exited.

Tyler strolled down the corridor, when he suddenly heard the sound of glass shattering, followed by a thud. He furrowed his brow and glanced down the hallway. He was sure it came from Cordelia James’ office. Thinking for a second, he eventually shrugged and began to approach the door. Finally reaching her office, he knocked twice and waited.

TYLER: Ms. James?

No answer. He knocked again, and called out again.

TYLER: Ms. James? You in there?

Once again, no answer. He reached out for the handle and grabbed hold of it. He slowly turned it. The chances of the door being open were close to none. And even if it was, she’d probably just be sat there and then bite his head off for entering without permission. But, he was wrong. The door pushed open and he exhaled. The light was off and it was dark outside. He couldn’t see a thing. He reached around for the light, patting the walls and running his hand along. Finally, he reached a switch and flicked it.

Light flooded into the room and he sighed. But his calmness was short-lived. In the middle of the room was an unconscious, maybe dead, Cordelia. Her hair was matted and damp and a pool of blood leaked from the back of her head into her hair.

Tyler gasped dramatically and dropped to his knees, hurrying to his boss’ side.

TYLER: Cordelia!

He scanned the room and noticed the glass on top of Cordelia's desk was shattered and blood smeared all over the table and a note sitting in the blood.

Tyler gasped as he stared at the note, he quickly pulled his phone from his pocket and dialled a number.

TYLER: Hello? I need an ambulance, fast!


An ambulance and a squad car were parked up outside the studio. A moment later, two paramedics exited, with Cordelia on a stretcher. They placed her into the back of the ambulance, and one climbed in with her, whilst the other walked round and climbed into the front. The ambulance began to reverse and the paramedic in the driver’s seat waved to Stephanie, who was stood by her squad car, as he drove past.

Meanwhile, Stephanie and Dan were by their squad car, speaking to Tyler.

STEPHANIE: Alright, just explain exactly what happened from the beginning.

TYLER: I had been taking pictures of the stage area for press, I got down from the stage and started to make my way out. And, this may sound stupid, but I heard footsteps, like there was someone running around and hiding behind the seats in the audience. I waited for a while to see who it was but I just left in the end. It was probably just one of the cleaners playing a stupid joke or whatever. Anyway, so as I was making my way out, I heard this smashing sound, like glass shattering, and then this loud thud. I thought it came from Cordelia James’ office so I made my way up there and knocked on. She didn’t answer so I tried the door, and it was open. But when I went inside, I found her on the floor, then I saw the desk and that note.

Tyler hesitantly retrieves the note from his jacket pocket and hands it to Stephanie who unfolds it and reads. She frowns and shows Dan, who looks surprised.

STEPHANIE: Thank you.

Tyler nodded and then turned, strolling away from the scene and leaving Stephanie and Dan alone.

STEPHANIE: So that’s 2 murders and a death threat. Looks like someone’s targeting these models. Question is: who?

DAN: A model?


DAN: Well, models, you know how they get: jealous, competitive. They’d do anything to get what they want, and what they want right now is to win, maybe somebody's competitive streak took a fucking brutal turn?

STEPHANIE: You think one of the models is killing to be the winner?

DAN: It’s a theory.

STEPHANIE: Could be an accurate one. Interviewing the models wouldn’t work, though.

Dan frowned, curious.

STEPHANIE: They would have all been here. If our assumptions are correct, Deidre Locwood was killed around 10-30 minutes after the show in which she was eliminated, which would mean all the girls would have been getting changed in their dressing rooms.

DAN: And that would give none of them an alibi, unless they had someone in their dressing rooms, watching them get changed.

Stephanie sighed and glanced down to a picture of the girls, more generally towards Tiffani Horrowitz, that could be a distinct possibility with that one she said raising her eye brow and staring at Dan.

STEPHANIE: We are missing something, fuck!

Dan smirked as he strolled round the side of the squad car and climbed in. Stepahnie waited a moment, before climbing in herself.


The sound of water running was drowned out by the sound of music blasting. A moment later, the water stopped running. The shower door opened and Tiffani climbed out, wrapping a towel around herself. She hit the stop button on the stereo and then strolled away from the shower and out of the bathroom.

Downstairs, she switched on the TV and then strolled to the mirror, plugging in her hair-dryer and then aiming it in the direction of her hair. Tiffani glanced at the TV as her hair dried slowly.

REPORTER: Following the death of model, Deidre Locwood, there has been yet another incident at the Studio where both she and another model, Ellie Watson were found dead, only a few weeks apart. Last night, Cordelia James was knocked unconscious, reports are think on the ground put an inside source claims in her dressing room their was a message left, one which could indicate these deaths could be murder. Terrorist extremists are said to be...

Tiffani’s jaw dropped. She grabbed the remote and turned the TV off again, dropping the hair-dryer and racing back up the stairs.


ALICE: Do you think Cordelia’s okay? And that message, I’m really worried about it.

FAY: One: I don’t care. Bitch had it coming. And two: It was probably just some little shits trying to be clever or she spoke wrong to one of the minimum wagers. Don’t worry about it.

As the two continued discussing, Tiffani marched by in the near distance. She headed into the building and up to the main desk. Fay nudged Alice to watch as Tiffani slammed her hands on the desk before a stern looking receptionist.

TIFFANI: Tell Cordelia I’m out.

WOMAN: Excuse me?

TIFFANI: This competition, I quit. There’s no way I’m staying here to get my ass killed. I don't need this shit and I'm not staying here to die.

WOMAN: Um.. would you like to speak to Brittaney, she can help you, I'll call her for you Miss Horrowitz.


The woman nodded and picked up her smart looking phone, she tapped in a small code and waited a few moments, she stared at Tiffani.

WOMAN: Brittaney is currently unavailable...

TIFFANI: Just tell her. Them. Whoever you have to tell, I'm done.

With that, Tiffani then turned around again and strolled away from the desk. The woman began typing something on her computer. She marched past Fay and Alice, Alice tutted as Tiffani stopped to talk to the girls, Alice was somehow upset, she felt like she had just found a friend in Tiffani and now she was just walking away.

ALICE: Tiffani, come on you don't have to quit, it's nothing.

Tiffani sighed heavily and scrunched her blonde hair in the palm of her hand, she looked like a rocker chick out of her pageant clothes. She smiled weakly but apathetically at Alice.

TIFFANI: This is so fucked, I hate doing this but something crazy is going down and I really do not want to be part of this. I can't be here, you guys should do the same, I mean it. This whole place is just, just be careful, yeah?

Tiffani quickly pulled a ring from her pocket and threw it towards Alice who caught it quickly, she glared at the ring and thrust her hand back at Tiffani.

ALICE: Thank you, it's beautiful but I can't take this from you, we all know what it means to you.

Tiffani shrugged her shoulders and shook her head.

TIFFANI: It's for luck, if you are staying then I think you are going to need it more than I do.

She quickly hugged Alice and ran towards the huge glass paneled entrance, she skipped down the steps, looking back one last time at Fay and Alice, she held the ring close to her chest as Tiffani disappeared down the stairs.


Kasia and Vanessa strolled up the path towards the Studio. Tiffani marched past them, totally ignoring their presence as Kasia rolled her eyes.

VANESSA: Whoa. What’s her deal? She looked pissed.

KASIA: She was probably just going for a walk, trying to lose all that extra weight.

Vanessa rolled her eyes, barely listening to her friend.

KASIA: Fuck, it’s boiling.

The blonde peeled her jacket away and sighed, as she and Vanessa arrived at the entrance, heading inside.

VANESSA: It’s not that warm.

KASIA: Shut up!

Vanessa smirked at the blonde.

VANESSA: You’re such a drama queen.

KASIA: (sarcastic) Oh my God! I so totally and completely am not! How could you say that?

Vanessa and Kasia both laugh as they continue walking along.


Brittaney sits in her office, typing something on her computer. There is a knock at the door and a petite, ginger girl stands in the doorway.

BRITTANEY: Ah, Ginger Snaps, come in.

The girl rolls her eyes and enters.

ASSISTANT: Here’s your coffee.

BRITTANEY: Just leave it on the desk there. Thanks.

The assistant places the coffee on the desk and then turns and leaves.


The girl stopped. Did he just call her by her name? She slowly turned round, a confused expression painted on her freckled face.

EMILY: Um.. Yeah?

BRITTANEY: Take 10, get yourself a soda or something. You deserve it.

Emily smiled and nodded, before turning round and walking away, happier than she was a second ago. Brittaney smirked and then turned back to her computer, continuing to type.


John and Ryan were stood in a large room, arranging dresses onto the right racks.

RYAN: Dude, this job is so boring.

JOHN: Eh. It passes the time.

RYAN: So does partying. Let’s go do that instead.

John laughed and continued his job.

RYAN: So, I’m thinking of asking Alice out.

JOHN: In your financial position, she should consider herself lucky if she gets Burger King.

RYAN: She's not that type of girl, I bet she could not care less where you take her so long as she has fun.

John chuckled to himself as he continued hanging dresses onto racks. Ryan sighed.


Tiffani’s car parked up in her driveway. She climbed out and strolled up to her front door. Sighing, she dug into her bag and fumbled around for her keys. She eventually pulled them out, but dropped them to the floor. Groaning, she reached down and scooped them up. Behind her, she heard someone running past. She glanced back, but nobody was there. Frowning, she ignored it and unlocked the door, heading inside.

Once inside, she shut the door again, strolling down the hallway and entering her living room. She grabbed the remote and switched on the lights before heading through to the kitchen. She rooted through the cupboard, before pulling out bottle of Vodka. She was about to open the bottle, when she was disturbed by a knock at the door. Sighing, she headed back through the living room and down the hallway, pulling open the door. She looked through the spy hole and quickly swung open the door, she peered left and right but there was nobody around, she quickly kicked the door shut and put the dead lock across, fucking kids she said to herself as she walked back to the kitchen.

Then, she heard a loud crash coming from upstairs. She didn’t have any pets or anything to explain the noise

TIFFANI: Who’s there?

Obviously, there was no answer. She began to walk slowly down the hallway, reaching the stairs. She started to ascend. As she reached the top, she warily looked around. There was nothing out of the ordinary. Then a second crash was heard. It was coming from her bedroom.

TIFFANI: Hello! Who’s in there? Tyler if you are fucking around I swear to god I will castrate you.

She looked around for something to use as a weapon, eventually grabbing hold of a small pointed paper weight that was sitting upon a book case by the stairs. It had belonged to her father.

TIFFANI: I'm not fucking kidding!

She began to advance towards the room. Then she stopped to think. Was this a good idea? Two of the models had been murdered, and that threat. What if they’d come for her?

Tiffani took another step forward towards the room. She reached out and pushed the door open, instantly hopping back and raising the ornament in the air, ready to hit out at anyone, or anything, that emerged but there was nothing.

She paced forward, entering the room, still holding the paper weight in the air, ready to strike at any second. She glanced around the dark room. It was impossible for her to see a thing. Scaling the wall, she searched for the light switch, listening intensely for any slight sound. As she reached the light, she reached back and flicked the switch. Light instantly filled the room and she squinted her eyes, adjusting them to the brightness. Still nobody to be seen.

Maybe she was just hearing things? Nerves had got to her, perhaps. She picked up a golf club cluttering her bedroom floor and tossed the paper weight to her bed. Once her guard was down she smiled faintly and laughed at herself, so paranoid! Suddenly she heard a whirring sound down stairs, she furrowed brow and turned to exit her bed room. As she turned the corner somebody wearing a black hooded cloak wielding a large knife lunged at her, she squealed and ducked, the knife swiping over her head and slamming into the wooden frame of the door She swung the club, catching the attacker in the chest, and turned, dashing out of the room.

She hurried to the stairs and the intruder quickly followed. As she began to hop down them, the masked stranger reached out and grabbed hold of her hair, slamming her head against the banister and then releasing. She slipped back and rolled down the stairs, landing into a heap at the bottom, before climbing onto her feet and dashing to the front door, she pulled at the door and it partially swung open but she had forgotten the dead lock and the door refused to open.

Pulling at the door, she was interrupted by a knife slashing into it just next to her head. She gasped and ducked out off the way as the attacker came crashing into the door. The attacker tore the knife from the door and spun on their heels, speedily making chase.

Tiffani hurried into the kitchen and slammed the door behind her, pushing a small, wooden chair from the dining table in front of it, keeping the handle in place so it couldn’t turn.

Then she turned and hurried to her drawers, reaching inside and pulling out a large kitchen knife. She turned to the door as the handle began to wobble, unable to turn for the chair blocking it.

The handle suddenly stopped shaking and Tiffani sighed. Maybe they were gone. Still, she wasn’t going to make the same mistake as those stupid bimbos in horror films and open the damn door. She turned and spotted her bag on the counter top. She raced to it and whipped it up into her hands, she tipped it's contents onto the floor and reached for her green iPhone dialling 911 and pressing it to her ear. Suddenly the kitchen door boomed and the wooden panel fell out, Tiffani picked up the knife she had laid down and waited for the operator to take her call.

TIFFANI: Go away!

She ran her hands through her hair and glanced back at the door, waiting for the killer to burst through at any minute. However, she was still shocked when the back door, which was located behind her, shattered and the attacked dived inside, shoving Tiffani to the ground, her head slammed onto the floor and blood trickled onto the floor, she picked up her phone and dashed towards the whirring sound, the pushed open the door leading to the garage and slammed it behind her, she held the iPhone to her ear as a woman spoke to her, she barely paid attention before she started shouting into the phone.

TIFFANI: Oh fuck, please help me, there is somebody in my house trying to kill me, they have a knife!

Tiffani slowly glanced around the room, the whirring sound was a circular power saw, sitting on the floor of her garage, it was sat by an opening which had been kicked through the side of the building, Tiffani glanced back at the door handle, the saw had been used to gain entry, Tiffani pushed various items aside and tried to reach the opening just as the masked attacker burst through the door, their eyes glanced around the room looking for their prey, but Tiffani was nowhere to be seen, the stranger walked slowly around the room, they groaned heavily, angry and turend to leave, as they did Tiffani grabbed the saw from the floor and lunged at the person, she swung the saw at their head but missed as the person grabbed her wrist and punched her in the face.

She groaned as she slapped against the tile floor. She kicked the attacker and sent them rolling backwards and Tiffani quickly climbed onto her feet, flinging a small tire iron at them, she ran to the door, however, before she could open it fully, the attacker grabbed her hair and spun her round, throwing her against the wall. She groaned, and turned round, and the disguised stranger grabbed her once again, this time head butting her in the face, Tiffani yelped in pain as her nose exploded with blood, she tried to get to her feet but she over balanced and fell back to the floor, she gasped hard and tried to pull herself from the ground, the vicious attacker kicked her in the face as she did so and again Tiffani slumped to the floor, she spat up a partial shard of her smashed teeth and again rolled over trying to escape, she clawed the tiled floor as the person grabbed her by her left ankle, her finger nails ripped from her bare skin as she tried to stop them dragging her back, she screamed and gurgled as blood shot from her bleeding mouth, the attacker dropped her ankle and Tiffani cried and whimpered as she again tried to drag herself away, she could hear the person rusting around as she pulled herself to her feet by the wall, as she did so she felt the attacker grip her by her hair, whoever this was they had a lot of strength, they pulled Tiffani over the the work bench and held her over it, they pulled at her hair and forced her to lean over the work bench.

Suddenly Tiffani realized the loud screeching was not sheer pain, the attacker was pushing her face towards the circular saw which they had lodged inside a vice, Tiffani screamed as loud as she could as blood and tooth shards fell from her mouth onto the fast moving saw, she pushed her hands against the table as she weakly tried to pull her head back. She gasped loudly, her strength was no match for theirs, suddenly her arms gave way and Tiffani's face dropped down onto the saw, blood splattered all over as the saw ripped at her face, Tiffani's body shook as the killer rolled Tiffani's head back and two into the saw, viscera and blood decorated the room as the saw switched off and the killer held Tiffani's hollowed out head, they looked at it with glee in their eyes, admiring their work for a moment.

The killer smiled and dropped the body, they pulled out a black distressed piece of paper from their robe and threw it down next to Tiffani's unrecognizable body before dashing out through the back door and into the night.


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Alice in Wonderland said...

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