Wednesday, October 7, 2009

Drop Dead Gorgeous: Act Three

(Guest starring Style_Magazine as Cordelia and Britneys07 as Britteny)

Britteny Schalanger walked quickly down the corridor, her insanly expensive Christina Loubutin heels clacking at the floor hurridly She glanced left one of the female volunteers as they walked past walked past.

BRITTENY SCHALANGER: Hey! Ginger Snaps! Coffee, my office. Thank you!

Britteny continued down the corridor, as she passed the competition manager’s office. Inside, the manager, Cordelia James, was sat at her desk. Officer Stephanie Bosworth was stood in front of her.

CORDELIA JAMES: Please, take a seat, officer.

STEPHANIE: I’ll stand.

CORDELIA: So, what do you need?

STEPHANIE: What do I need? Do you even have a conscience?

CORDELIA: I’m sorry?

STEPHANIE: One of your models was murdered last night, Ms. James, and you show little sign of remorse.

CORDELIA: I, personally, believe that incident to be suicide. The girl you speak of had a history of illness.

STEPHANIE: Suicide? You expect me to believe that girl stabbed herself several times in the chest with a pair of scissors, strangled herself, and then slit her own throat?

CORDELIA: Assisted suicide.

STEPHANIE: Either way, assisted suicide is just a fancy term for murder.

Officer Bosworth turned and walked to the door.

STEPHANIE: I will find out who did this, Ms. James. Don’t you worry.

Cordelia stared ahead at the Officer. She didn’t move a muscle. A smile crossed her lips. Daria opened the door and walked out. Cordelia waited a second and then picked up the phone from her desk. She punched in a number and waited for an answer.

Daniel waited by the door to Cordelia’s office. He had two coffees in his hands, as he had just returned from the hot drinks machine. Stephanie exited the office and smiled at Daniel weakly. She took the coffee from him and fained a grin at her partner.

STEPHANIE: Thanks, James.

Daniel smirked and hurried after his partner.

DANIEL: So, what have we got?

STEPHANIE: So far? One dead body, and one cold-hearted bitch of a pagent co-ordinator. In fact, I’m not too sure she even has a heart.

DANIEL: My guess is you’re referring to the
lovelyMs. James. She may be a bitch, but she's been in this industry for years, she's a huge name.

Stephanie grimaced at Daniel.

STEPHANIE: How do you even know that? You into fashion now?

Officer Stephanie Bosworth shot her partner a sarcastic look and paced on ahead of him.

DANIEL: Well aren’t you just a barrel of sunshine and rainbows.


As they walked through the white hall ways Daniel rushed to keep up with his partner, Stephanie was well known in the department, she was a ball breaker who's opinion was rarely kept to herself, to some she was irritating but to Daniel she was an amazing cop who was fantastic at her job, even if she was a bitch to him sometimes.

They reached the exit of the building and walked quickly past the gates to the studio and past the baying reporters, they pushed cameras in their faces as they made their way to their car, Stephanie knew the drill and she was inside the car in a matter of moments, Daniel struggled to heave past the people in their expensive suits shouting questions at him, he remained quiet and jumped into the car, Stephanie scowled at him and quickly sped away onto the free way, leaving the reporters and the pageant in their wake.


Melanie was stood by Kasia, who was sat in a chair, her blonde hair curled, and pulled back into a bun resting on the top of her head. The long green dress that Mario Fortuna had previously sewn, was covered by a large, white overall, to avoid any spillages pre-rehearsal. Mika, the newest assistant pressed some scarlet-red lipstick across Kasia’s lips. Kasia puckerd her lips and admired her reflection longingly.

KASIA: Thanks, bitch. I look beautiful.

MIKA: No problem.

Kasia stood and took off the white overall. She smiled at Mika and then headed away. A hand dropped onto Mia’s shoulder and she glanced back, to see Brittaney.

BRITTANEY: Hey Mia, so, all I’ve been hearing about is Mario today. Tell me the gossip, honey!

Mia grinned.

MIA: OK. So, I went to borrow some scissors from him, and he completely went insane. He snatched them back out of my hand. Vanessa told me he locked them away in some drawer. The guy is a psycho.

BRITTANEY: Tell me about it. Just last week, I asked him to get me a coffee, and he completely ignored me. I shouted, ‘Hey, I need a coffee!’ and she turned around and snapped. He was almost crying. I had to lock myself in my office.

MIKA: Oh. My. God. I heard some story that when he was a kid, he had a sister called Missy. Something about his mom taking his sister to all these beauty pageants, and Mario felt excluded. Apparently, he’s now got major issues.

Britteney’s eyes widened as she noticed Mario stood behind Mika. Britteney was in charge and she knew this would never get her into trouble but she feared for Mika, she was new and although Mario was evidently crazy he was also a magnificent dress maker and artist and Cordelia doted on him and no doubt could he get Cordelia to cut Mika's new career short.

MIKA: He’s still a total freak, anyway. I mean, what's up with that box thing he carried around everywhere?

Mika looked up at Brittaney and sighed. She immediantly saw Britteney darting her eyes behind Mika, Britteney pouted and strightened out her blazer jacket, for once she had no idea what to say or do.

MIKA: She’s behind me, isn’t she?

Britteney gave a subtle nod and Mika spun round.

MIKA: Hey, Mario.

Mario glared at Mika for a second and then scowled.

MARIO: Bitch!

MIKA: I’m so sorry!

Mika shyly looked from under her brown highlighted bangs which rested neatly above her beautifully made-up eyes, she could tell Mario was furious, even if what she had said was true she knew he would not hesitate in telling Cordelia about what he had heard her saying, three other assistants had been fired in a matter for months and Mika needed this job.

MARIO: You will be!

Mario stepped face to face with Mika and he looked into her eyes, Mario looked around, a few people in the make-up room were watching, suddently he pushed Mika sharply and she fell into Britteney's arms

BRITTENEY: Whoa, calm down!

Everyone stopped and turned to Mario as they heard Mika and Brittaney struggle to stay on their feet.

MARIO: You’re all idiots! You can talk behind people’s backs in your little groups, and you can gossip all you like, but you’re all conniving, two-faced whores! All of you!

Two security guards suddenly rushed in.

SECURITY #1: Calm down, Sir.

Mario ignored the security. He was beyond reason now, he was so angry. He hated everyone and everything in the damn pageant and he was finally venting off some steam. The guards rushed at him and grabbed his arms.

MARIO: Get off me!

The guards pulled him away as Mika looked on, shocked, and still clinging to Brittaney.

MIKA: That guy should be locked up! What a nut job!

Mika screamed as the security team escorted Mario from the make up room.

BRITTANEY: Fuck, I think I just peed a little.


Deidre came rushing into the room seconds later with foil scrunched in her hair and a half make-up coverd face, she was totally oblivious to what had gone on and she rushed over to Mia, who she had somehow become attached to, even though Mia found Deidre insufferable.

DEIDRE: I found him in the phone book! I totally have his number now!

MIA: Why didn’t you just ask him?

DEIDRE: That seems desperate. He’ll think I wanna have sex with him, and get married, and have kids.

MIA: Well, do you want to have sex with him?


MIA: What’s the big deal then?

DEIDRE: I don’t want kids!

MIA: If he’s willing to wrap it, let him tap it.

DEIDRE: Wrap what? Tap what?

Mia stared at Deidre for a second, the girl was as dumb as a rock, she could not be bothered to explain herself as Deidre looked on, with a puzzled face.

MIA: Ugh, never mind.

Mia got up from her seat and walked away from Deidre, she walked past Britteney and Mika who were still gossiping and probably making fun of somebody else by now, Mia hated Britteney, she had no idea how much an OC reject had gotten a job at such a great pageant. Suddenly Deidre was right behind Mia once again, chattering away as Mia thought of how idiotic Mario had been.

DEIDRE: So, did you get your pony?

MIA: What?

DEIDRE: The pony. The one your mom got you. Did you get it?

MIA: Oh, yeah, whatever.

DEIDRE: Cool! Can I see it?

MIA: Huh?

DEIDRE: Can I see it?

MIA: No.

DEIDRE: Why not?

MIA: It died.

DEIDRE: What? How?

MIA: I didn’t feed it.

DEIDRE: Oh, that’s awful. When’s the funeral?

MIA: Thursday.

DEIDRE: Wow. Am I invited?

MIA: Uh, yeah. Whatever.

DEIDRE: Yay! Will there be mini quiches.

MIA: Yeah, sure.

Heather grinned and turned to face forward as Callum Sonney, an intern with a bit of an obsession with cameras and a big obsession with the girls, stepped out, camera in hand. He grinned at the sight of the two models and aimed the camera at them.

CALLUM SONNEY: Smile, ladies!

Deidre gave a cheesy smile as Mia put up her middle finger. Callum smiled, moving the camera away from his face.

CALLUM: Nice shot, Mi. That’s going to look great on your portfolio.

MIA: You’ll have a nice portfolio of injuries if you ever call me Mi again, jackass.

CALLUM: Ah, Rebecca. Sweet as a rose. I’d expect nothing less.

MIA: Ugh, shut up, you're so fucking stupid.

Mia shoved past Callum and strolled away.

DEIDRE: Hey, Callum.

CALLUM: Hi, Dei.

DEIDRE: So, you gotta girlfriend?

TOBEY: Nope.

DEIDRE: You wanna go on a date?

CALLUM: No, I’m into someone else. Sorry. You're beutiful but, yeah...

DEIDRE: Oh, who?

CALLUM: Alice.

Callum pointed out across to where Alice, Fay, Ryan and John were seated.

DEIDRE: The virgin?

Callum sighed, he watched Alice laughing as Ryan joked around with her.

CALLUM: You just assume that, Dei. Even if it is true, I think it's great, at least she's not a slut.

DEIDRE: I’m not a virgin. Am I a slut?

CALLUM: You know, I think that question is better left unanswered.


Suddenly another photogrpaher walked past and he caught Deidre's ever wandering eyes. Deidre gasped and quickly chased after him.

DEIDRE: Hey! hey, wait up!


Alice, Fay, Ryan and John were all still seated around the fountain.

ALICE: I still can’t believe about Maria. I mean, who would have thought something like this would have happened around here?

FAY: Me. My mom and dad always used to tell me that before I was born, there was a serial killer that lived here.

JOHN: Yeah, I think I read about that.

FAY: He used to kidnap people and then kill them in horrific ways. A couple of days after they were reported missing, their bodies would turn up.

Alice' face looked worried, John smiled as she squirmed.

RYAN: You guys are so full of shit.

ALICE: I am so not gonna sleep tonight.

JOHN: Don’t worry, he was sentenced to death in 1942. If he ever comes back again, you’re seeing things.

ALICE: Nice to know. Have you not seen the films? Serial killers always come back as ghosts!

RYAN: Yeah, in films. Not in real life.

FAY: Still, crazier things have happened.

RYAN: Like what?

AURELIE: Man walked on the moon.

FAY: What?

JOHN: Fay, that’s nothing special.

ALICE: It was when it first happened.

FAY: So just because a man walked on the moon years ago, that means a serial killer from 40’s is gonna come back as a ghost. Alice, your head is officially screwed up.

Ryan glanced at his watch, his sunglasses obscuring his view, he pushed them on-top of his head and stood up.

RYAN: Don’t you girls have to get to rehearsals?

ALICE: Gosh, how bad is it I forgot?

John laughed as Alice hurried away her bottle of water and celery sticks into her shoulder bag.

FAY: What a subtle way to get rid of us, Ryan.

RYAN: (laughing) I didn’t mean it like that. Just looking out for you.

FAY: Well, as a matter of fact we do, so come on, Alice.

Alice stood up and brushed her pretty floral dress down, it was peach and light green and fitted her well. She and Dominique made their way back over the grassy knoll and into the side entrance to the studio. The two girls headed inside as Ryan and John slowly followed.

JOHN: Daniel, I have something to tell you.

RYAN: What?

JOHN: I think I’m falling for Dominique.

RYAN: Oh, thank God.

JOHN: Thank God?

RYAN: Yeah, because I’m falling for Alice.

John laughed as the two guys headed into the studio to help out with rehearsals.


Cordelia James palmed around her office. She creased her forehead, and brushed her fringe back. She checked her watch and sighed. Quickly grabbing her bag from the desk, she exited her office bound for home.

Officers Stephanie Bosworth and Daniel Walker were sat in their car, parked outside the modelling studio. Stephanie took a sip of her coffee and then placed it back on the dashboard as she licked the froth from her lips. Daniel grinned at Stephanie, shook his head, and then took a sip from his own coffee.

DANIEL: Jesus, what time does this woman finish?

(Stephanie smiled but then suddenly sat up.)

STEPHANIE: Here we go.

She pointed ahead and Daniel followed her finger to see Cordelia exiting the studio. A cigarette hung loosely from her mouth, as she took a long drag whilst rooting through her bag. She dug out her keys, and then quickly removed the cigarette. She exhaled, letting the smoke drift out into the open air again. She gave a little cough, and then held her keys at arm’s length. She hit the small button in the middle, and her car, which was parked up ahead, made a beeping noise as the headlights flashed. She reached her car and climbed inside.

DANIEL: Do we follow her?

STEPHANIE: Not, Dan. Not just yet, we wait until she’s ahead. We don’t want her to catch on.

Dan nodded and averted his gaze back over to Cordelia’s car as it pulled out of the parking space and sped off out of the parking lot. Dan took a final sip of his coffee, and then strapped his seatbelt on. Stephanie placed her coffee in the small compartment beside her so it wouldn’t spill, and then pressed her foot down on the accelerator.


Fay sat in the driver’s seat of her car. She checked the clock and sighed.

FAY: It’s way too early to settle down and watch TV for the night. Who’s coming for a drink?

She looked into the passenger seat at Alice, and then into the back-seat at Ryan and John, who had been fighting over the latest FHM magazine.

JOHN: I’m in!

RYAN: I don’t know.

FAY: Come on, fag. One drink. Be a man, for once in your life.

RYAN: Fine. For one drink.

FAY: Aurelie?

ALICE: No, not me. Sorry.

FAY: Whatever you say. I’m going straight to the bar so you can walk home bitch.

Although she was joking Alice knew Fay would let her walk home alone rather than change her plans.

ALICE: Fine. I’ll come.

Fay grinned and turned the cars ignition over.


Kasia, Mika and Brittaney all exited the studio.

BRITTANEY: I wonder if she’s at the station. Do you think she’ll lock her up?

MIKA: He needs to be locked up, alright. In an asylum.

KASIA: They won’t arrest him. They’ll probably suggest anger management. Imagine Mario in anger management. He’d probably murder the therapist.

Mika and Brittaney chuckled, and then Brittaney turned and started walking the other way.

BRITTANEY: Bye, girls!

Kasia waved meekly and Mika smiled as Brittaney walked away.

MIKA: Bye, Brit.

Mika giggled and shook her head. She and Kasia continued chatting as they headed off the premises. Brittaney stopped by her car and pressed the button on her key. The door unlocked and she climbed in.


Kasia and Mika continued down the road. The sound of a car horn caused them to look back as Brittaney waved from her car window. They waved back as she turned and sped off.

MIKA: God, I just wanna get home and get in bed.

KASIA: Screw that, hon. I’m stopping at yours. It’s a girl’s night in.

MIKA: Oh God, Kas, I wanna sleep.

KASIA: Not a chance.

Kasia giggled and ran up ahead. Mika smirked and continued following her, walking at a steady pace.


In the backseat of a small black car, Deidre and her newest catch were making out. he rolled on top of her, and began to unbutton her shirt. She continued to kiss him, as she grabbed a handful of his hair. He moved his lips down to her neck as she moaned in pleasure. A sudden knock made them both jump up and turn to the window. Mia, who was stood by, smiled at the pair.

MIA: Hurry up, or I’ll leave you here.

Deidre sighed, and mouthed ‘okay’, stretching her mouth as wide as she could. Mia rolled her eyes and then spun round, leaning on the car. Deidre slipped from under the guy and opened the back door, as she finished buttoning up her shirt. She climbed out and straightened her hair with her fingers.

DEIDRE: Let’s go.

Deidre walked ahead as Mia gave a little snigger. She turned back to the guy and shook her head, then headed off after Dei. Kraig, the model sighed and put on his shirt. He shut the back door, and climbed into the front seat.


Mia’s convertible parked up outside a large block of swanky apartments. She climbed over the seat and Dei opened the door and got out. She noticed Mia hopping over the unopened door and giggled.

DEIDRE: I wanna try!

Dei jumped back in and shut the door. She jumped over the door, but caught her foot and slipped. She slammed face-first into the concrete and groaned. Mia chuckled and then headed inside, as Dei got to her feet and skipped after her.


Inside, Mia headed over to a small desk. She smiled at the man behind.

MIA: Can I have my key? I left it with you this morning.

The man nodded, staring at Deidre who's hair was everywhere and her make up smudged all over her face..

MAN: Uh, sure. Yeah.

(The man grabbed the key from under the desk and handed it to Mia, still staring at Dei.)


MAN: You, um... You have... Gravel on your face.

Dei sighed. Her eyes suddenly went cross-eyed, as she tried to look at her own face.

DEIDRE: I can’t see it!

Mia gasped and tried not to laugh as she turned to Dei. She brushed the dirt away from Dei's face away and then smiled at the man, as she turned and headed over to the elevator. Deidre smiled at the man, he's cute she though before noticing Mia had gone, she hurried after her.

Mia sighed as the elevator continued to clim floors slowly. Deidre fidgeted next to her, gawking at the buildings she could see. The elevator finally stopped and the two girls stepped out, into the Penthouse apartment.

Mia smiled and dumped her bag on the sofa. She took off her coat and dumped it on the top. Deidre giggled and ran over to the glowing aquarium fish tank embedded in the wall.

MIA: Do you want a drink?


MIA: Well, what do you want?

DEIDRE: Um...Diet Coke!

MIA: Coke? Whatever.

Mia shook her head and walked over to the built-in kitchen area. She took out the vimto and the vodka. She poured the vimto in and then filled it with vodka. Then she poured herself a glass of just vodka. She headed over to Deidre and handed her drink over to her.

DEIDRE: What’ve you got?

Mia sighed.


Heather grinned and started sipping the vodka and coke mixture.


Inside a small, dark hallway, a door was pushed open. A shadow stood in the doorway, until the light was eventually flicked on. As light flooded into the hallway, Mario could be seen. He sighed and dropped his bags on the floor. He took off his coat and hung it up and made his way into the lounge.

As he reached the doorway, a tiny, three-legged cat exited the lounge. The cat ‘miaowed’ at Mario and he smiled, crouching down and stroking its neck.

MARIO: Are you hungry, Tripod?

He smiled and then headed through to the kitchen, Tripod following at his feet. he grabbed the small cat bowl, labelled ‘Tripod’ and set it on the floor. he picked up a small sachet filled with cat food from the cupboard and emptied the content into the bowl. The cat made a ’purr’ noise, and began to scoop up with the food with its tongue.

Mario smiled and then turned to the next cupboard along. he took out a small glass, and a bottle of scotch whiskey. He poured the drink, and then stored the bottle away again as he moved back into the lounge. He placed his glass on the coffee table and headed over to the TV hitting the power button.

On top of the TV were two photos. One of his mother, and one of his mother and sister. Mario stared at them for a second, and his face suddenly flushed a shade of burning crimson. He roared as he swiped the photos off of the TV, smashing the glass and cutting his hand. He quickly recoiled, as blood seeped out of his hand, and dropped onto the couch. Tears cascaded down his cheeks from the pain, as he grabbed hold of the glass that was lodged in his hand. Mario tore it out, screeching at the same time, and dropped it onto the floor.

Mario stood over the sink. He moved his hand from under the cold water, after rinsing out the cut, and wrapped the towel around it. Once dry, he grabbed a bandage from the side and wrapped it around his wound. He sighed and turned off the top as he headed out of the kitchen. Whilst heading up the hallway towards the Living Room, he noticed something small and white by the door, he stopped and walked over to it, crouching down and scooping it up into his hands. It was an envelope, with his name across the front in delicate handwriting. He snarled, as he tore the envelope away, to reveal a letter, he clearly knew who it was from. He shook his head as the read the last few words:

’With love, your sister, April.’

Mario bit down on his lip, and tore the letter down the middle, without reading any more of the letter. He headed back into the kitchen and instantly disposed of the both the letter, and the envelope. He turned and walked back into the lounge. The TV was still on, and a movie played in the background.

Mario dropped down onto the couch, and grabbed his drink from beside the TV. He sat still for a moment, the glass tight in his firm hand. Then seconds later, he took a sip. he sat back in the chair, getting into a relaxing position. He took another sip and settled down for the night


Tiffani’s pink car pulled up outside her house and she yawned. She undid her seatbelt, and climbed out, closing the door behind her and making her way up to the front door. She slotted the key into the key hole, and pushed the door ajar, stepping inside and closing it beside her.

She made her way down the hallway, dropping her key onto a small table and throwing her fur coat to the floor.

TIFFANI: (to herself) What time is it?

She strolled through into the lounge, and checked the clock. She nodded her head gently and sighed, dropping onto the couch. She grabbed the remote from the arm of the chair and switched onto the TV, flicking through the channels before landing on some cheesy hospital drama. She yawned, and rested her head on her hand. She didn’t feel the gemstone of her ring pressing against her cheek, and she pulled her hand away. Upon realisation that her hand was free of any kind of ring, she jumped up from her seat.


She dropped to her knees, and grabbed the cushions, flinging them aside. The ring still wasn’t there. She dug down the back of the couch and felt around frantically. Once she had gripped it, she sighed, pulling it back up. It was her ring. The one her father had bought her for her 12th birthday. It helped remind her of him whilst he was away fighting for the country. She wiped a tear that had began to form in her eye, and slipped the ring back onto her finger.

TIFFANI: Thank God.

Tyler made his way down a busy street, people tended to notice him in a crowd, he walked on by and stopped outside a large house. He smiled and walked up the patch quickly. Tyler headed though into kitchen, where his mother was cleaning the dishes.

Inside he immediatly headed to the stairs down to the basement and opened the door.

Outside the bar, Les Doux Alice, Fay, John and Ryan stumbled across the road. Fay was singing some 80's rock ballad loudly.

FAY: ..And I will love you, baby, Always...

As Fay finished singing, she suddenly dropped to the floor. John, who was laughing hysterically helped her up.

RYAN: I thought you said just one drink?

FAY: (burping) One, four, what’s the difference?

Fay laughed, her footing becoming even more unsteady, as the four of them continued walking.

FAY: Raise your hand... if you think Tiffani Horrowitz has slept with at least two of the judges.

Fay laughed hysterically as she raised her hand, John raised his hand to and Ryan tried to stop Alice from falling on her face.

ALICE: No, no, guys. That was mean. Don’t be so horrible!

Everyone laughed again as Alice suddenly hurried over to a lamppost. She dived onto the lamppost and swung around it, only to slip and land on her ass on the floor. Fay dropped to her knees, laughing hysterically as Ryan collapsed against the wall. John, in a fit of giggles, hurried over to Alice. He extended his hand, sniggering loudly, and Alice grabbed it, pulling herself up.

ALICE: (laughing) Thanks!

She laughed again, as the rest of the group slowly calmed down. John fell against Ryan.

RYAN: Okay, I’m getting him home.

Ryan grabbed John, and began to support him as he walked. They stopped by a long line of taxis, and Ryan pushed John into the backseat as he climbed in after him. John waved to the girls as he tried to get comfortable Ryan turned to Alice quickly and smiled.

RYAN: Are you gonna be okay?

ALICE: Yes, thanks we will.

Alice soberd up for a split second and stared at Ryan as he headed back inside the taxi with John.


Cordelia walked slowly across a darkened avenue, glancing left and right as she walked. She reached a small house, and strolled to the front door. Once there, she unlocked it and stepped inside.

Dan and Stephanie watched from their car.


DAN: I had fun tonight, Daria. A second date, perhaps?

She relented for a second and laughed at him, although she was then straight back to business.

STEPHANIE: Shut up, Dan. Let’s get back to the station. These wild goose chases tire me out.


Alice was stood at a long table, which was covered by plates of random little bits of food. She sighed as she grabbed a handful of chips and stuffed them into her mouth. Once swallowed, she grabbed a glass and poured water into it. She slipped a paracetamol into her mouth and took a swig of the drink.

Fay approached and grabbed a sandwich from the plate. She placed it in her mouth and leaned over.

ALICE: What’s up?

FAY: I have the worst hangover.

ALICE: And who’s fault is that?

Alice smired at her friend.

ALICE: (half playfully, half serious) In fact, whose fault is it that we all have hangovers?

Fay rolled her eyes.

FAY: You guys chose to come.

ALICE: Correction: I was forced to.

FAY: (playfully, in pain) Ugh, shut up.

Fay lowered her head into her hands as Mia approached She suddenly groaned and recoiled as her headache grew even more painful.

MIA: Hey, Fay. You gotta hangover?

FAY: Indeed I have. (beat) What do you want?

MIA: Oh, me? Nothing, of course. However, I suggest you go home. You’ll never make it through the day with that killer headache.

FAY: Suck my big toe, Mia.

Mia scoffed and then scowled at Fay. She flipped her hair back as she spun 180 degrees and then strutted off. Deidre stayed put for a moment and grinned at the girls.


FAY: What the fuck are you saying? you're such a retard Dei, go follow your owner, bitch.

Deidre looked at Fay shocked, she quickly followed Mia out of the room.

Fay laughed to herself as Alice grabbed a large yoghurt and plastic spoon. She and Fay then promptly headed back over to a small table, at which Ryan and John were sat.

JEREMY: Hey, Fay.

Fay smiled. She took a seat across the way from the guy’s next to Alice.

ALICE: Hi, guys.

Ryan nodded as Alice removed the paper lid from her yoghurt. She grabbed the plastic spoon and buried it into the pinky-white, creamy substance. She scooped it into her mouth and moaned quietly. It was beyond delicious. Fay ran her hand over her head again. The agony was unbearable. The paracetamol should kick in soon enough. She scanned everyone at the table, and as she glanced at Alice, her eyes flung wide.

She suddenly snatched the yoghurt pot from between her best friend’s hands as Alice gasped.

ALICE: Jesus, I'd have shared!

FAY: Oh my God, guys. Listen to this.

Everyone turned to Fay as she scanned the back of the yoghurt pot. There was a small ad, informing them about an artwork competition.

FAY: So, all I have to do is enter my artwork to the address here, and if it’s good, it gets featured at the back of the next issue of the Naruto comics.

ALICE: And that’s good?

FAY: Hell, yeah, I gotta go start drawing!

Fay hurried off with the yoghurt pot as the rest of the group watched as she ran from the room.

ALICE: Funny how her hangover just seemed to disappear. Same goes for my yoghurt pot.


Dei skipped after Mia along the outside corridor. She grinned and leaned over, plucking a handful of flowers from the flowerbeds. She hurries to Mia and plonks them into her hands.

DEIDRE: I picked them for you. They should cheer you up.

Mia smiled, obviously annoyed, as Dei skipped ahead. She sighed and chucked the flowers into the bin beside her.


Callum watched Dei and Mia and grinned. He picked up his camera and bottle of coke and headed after them.

CALLUM: Dei! Mia!

Mia spun around and frowned. She groaned and rolled her eyes as Callum rushed towards.

CALLUM: Hey, Mia.

MIA: Bye, Callum.

Mia turned and walked away, but Callum followed.

MIA: I said bye, Callum.

CALLUM: And I said hi, Mia.

Mia suddenly stopped in her tracks, she could not see Deidre anywhere around.

MIA: What do you want?

CALLUM: I was wondering if you’d be interested in being my subject for my next batch of shots.

Mia furrowed her brow.

CALLUM: Of course, you’d be paid. Plus, they’d be going on my website, so you’d get noticed.

MIA: Really? When do you want me?

CALLUM: I’ll pick you up tomorrow night, after the show.

MIA: Fine. Bye, Cal.

Mia strolled away as Callum grinned, cheering softly at his success, he walked in the opposite direction. He spotted Alice exiting, and heading over to the grassy knoll. He smiled and began to approach her. He suddenly stopped as Ryan hurried up behind Alice and placed his hands over her eyes. She giggled, and shouted his name.

ALICE: Ryan, I know it’s you!

He let go, and the two hurried up to the fountain, with John. Fay finally joined them, trailing behind and sketching onto a sheet of paper.

Callum sighed and turned to the side entrance. He entered, but bumped into Tyler.

TYLER: Move, photo boy.

Tyler shoved him aside and Callum scoffed. Under his breath he cursed Tyler.

TOBEY: Dick.

He moved inside, and headed into the cafeteria. Inside, Tiffani Harrowitz was sat, eating a small stick of celery. Callum smiled and sat down next to her. Tiffani looked at him bemused.

TIFFANI: Hi? What's up?

CALLUM: Nothing much. want to chat?

TIFFANI: Erm. Thanks and all but I've got to go get ready, sorry Jason.

Tiffani threw her celery stick in a close by waste bin and smiled at Callum, he watched as she walked away, she smiled weakly and looked sad, she looked to her feet and whispered to himself.

CALLUM: It's Callum.

Tiffani exited the cafeteria and moved across the hallway. She approached the corridor to the dressing rooms, at which Officer Stephanie Bosworth and Officer Daniel Walker were stood. They were pulling away the yellow tape as Holly watched. She walked forward and snapped the tape away, strolling down the corridor and entering her dressing room.

STEPHANIE: Prissy little bitch.

DANIEL: Sometimes I wonder how you still have a job.

Stephanie glared at Dan.


Tiffani closed her dressing room door and sat at her vanity table. She sighed, flipping her hair behind her shoulders, and pressed the rich pink lipgloss across her lips. She pouted and then faked a smile.

TIFFANI: Come on girl.

She stood again, pushing her chair back, and moved over to her dress rack. She began flipping through, until she stopped at a long, beautiful Stella McCartney dress. She took it off the rack, and moved towards the mirror. She held it in front of her body and smiled. That’d do for tomorrow night’s show. She hung it back up and sat down at her vanity table again. Grabbing a bottle of vodka from down the side, she pressed it to her lips and took a long swig. As she swallowed the clear liquid, she shook her head and blew out air through her lips. There was a knock at the door, and Tiffani quickly screwed the cap back onto the bottle and placed it back in it's hiding place.

TIFFANI: (calling) Come in!

The door swung open and one of the faceless female volunteers entered.

VOLUNTEER: Miss Horrowitz, you’re needed in rehearsals.

TIFFANI: What? What for? I’ve been rehearsing all day.

VOLUNTEER: I’m sorry, but they said they need you know.

TIFFANI: Oh, arlight, thanks for letting me know.

Holly stood and hurried out of her dressing room past the volunteer. The volunteer smiled and followed.


Stephanie and Dan pulled away the last strip of yellow tape and Dan sighed.

DANIEL: Finally done.

STEPHANIE: Come on, we best get back to the station.

As the two began towards the exit, Tiffani strolled past. Stephanie sighed.

STEPHANIE: There she goes again.

DANIEL: Uh, leave her alone, she's pretty cool.

Stephanie smiled.

Daniel looked back as Tiffani strutted down the hallway.


Tiffani continued down the corridor, until she bumped into Tyler.

HOLLY: What do you want, Tyler?

Tyler glared at her. At least she’d stopped calling him Ty. That’d have to do right now, he needed to get back to the stage so he could do his job. He pushed past her and continued on as she grinned, and continued on her own way. She reached the models’ entrance to behind the stage and strolled through. As she did, Kasia turned to her and rolled her eyes and said something under her breath.

KASIA: Fat ass.

Tiffani spun around and glared at Kasia.

TIFFANI: What did you just say?

KASIA: I called you a fat, ugly slut.

Tiffani lunged at Kasia and shoved her into the wall. Kasia squealed and began to cry.

TIFFANI: Back off, bitch!

Tiffani turned away as somebody walked over to see what was going on, Kasia shoved Tiffani and she tumbled onto the floor. Kasia climbed over her and began slapping and pulling her hair. Fay collapsed onto a bench, laughing, as Alice hurried over to try and break it up. Deidre was standing over them, screaming every time a blow was dealt and Mia was ignoring the whole thing, filing her nails. Melanie watched on and rushed to help Alice break up the cat fight. Tyler appeared at the door and grinned.


Deidre screamed loudly and totally over the top as Kasia slammed Tiffani's face into the floor, As she spotted Tyler, she jumped up and raced towards him, burying herself in his arms. Tyler sighed and rolled his eyes, looking over her shoulder at the fight. Brittaney and Mika peered through, stood at the door, chatting about what was going on.

BRITTANEY: God, it’s like wrestle mania every day up in here.

MIKA: We’re dealing with models here, remember?

Brittaney scoffed and looked at Mika, she had been working these pageants for 8 years and never come cross a bunch like the ones there now, half of them were crazy and the other half raging sluts who only did this to become the next reality TV star.

The two continued to observe the cat fight until two security guards suddenly rushed in and began to break it up, pushing Alice and Melanie aside.


Cordelia was sat at her desk. She sighed, as she checked up on who was absent from work.

CORDELIA: Mario. Mario? Where is he?

Cordelia reached for the phone. She opened up a document on her computer and then punched in a number.

CORDELIA: Hello? Is this Mario Fortuna?

MARIO: (O.S) Yes.

CORDELIA: This is Cordelia, you know, your boss. Care to explain why you are absent?

MARIO: (O.S) I’m ill. Goodbye.

The phone clicked, indicating he had hung up and Cordelia sighed. She placed the phone down, and typed something into the document. She stood again and exited her office.


Brittaney and Mika strolled down the corridor, both with a coffee in their hands. Afterwards, Kasia hurried over, in her dress.


MIKA: Hey, super bitch. You so kicked her fat ass.

Brittaney chuckled lightly.

MIKA: Isn’t the show in like half an hour?

KASIA: Yeah.

MIKA: Shouldn’t you be there?

KASIA: Yes. And I will be. I just have to go and sort my makeup out. That bitch smudged it.

MIKA: Alright. Hurry.

Kasia smiled and nodded as she hurried towards her dressing room.

BRITTANEY: Models, eh?

Mika smirked.


Outside, Stephanie and Dan’s car pulls up.

DANIEL: It’s beginning to feel like we live here.

STEPHANIE: We might as well move in. Boss called us down here for the show. Make sure everything stays in order.

DANIEL: Alright, whatever. Let’s just get inside, it’s freezing.

STEPHANIE: Tell me about it.

The two climbed out of the car and then headed inside.

The pageant begins...


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Thank you, I'm actually shocked anyone remembered this blog, thank you for your comments, Mia.

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Clever writing!


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I loved it
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It's so funny how similar I am to Alice Kappa (It is Kappa, right? :D)

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