Tuesday, February 9, 2010

Drop Dead Gorgeous: Act Six

Tyler nodded his head.

His blond layered hair swept lightly above his brown eyes as he faintly smiled.

TYLER: Fine by me, not like I’ve got anything better to be doing.

That's great, thanks gorgeous, I owe you. 

Tyler nodded again and shook his head to get his hair from his eyes, he watched as Brittaney walked away at a fast face, a blackberry clasped over her ear.

Tyler quickly began to pick up dresses from the rails and putting them into dust covers, this was not his job but he knew Brittaney could be ruthless when stressed so he went along with it. The dressing room seemed so huge without the girls he thought looking over at Tiffani's table, which was empty apart from lipstick drawn across the mirror saying 'good luck'.


In the staffroom, Ryan and John were lounging on the lounger chairs, talking with a coffee in their hands.

RYAN: So, I was thinking we should go out tonight, after the show.

JOHN: Wow, really? That'd be cool and new. I mean, it's not like we don't do that every week.

RYAN: Shut up and let me finish, jack-ass.

JOHN: Apologies. Continue.

RYAN: And I was thinking of asking Alice out. What do you think?

JOHN: I think; Go for it.

RYAN: You sure? I'm mixed up man, sometimes I feel like there is more there and other times it's like we are just good friends.

JOHN: I wouldn't have said it if I wasn't. Now come on, Ive spent long enough in this place, lets get out of here.

Ryan nodded and threw his empty coffee cup into a near by bin, before standing and following John out of the staffroom.


Fay and Alice were sat in Vanessa's dressing room. Alice was sat on the sofa by the side of the room and Vanessa was sat at her vanity table. She opened one of her drawers and pulled out a small bottle of vodka. Spinning round, she showed the bottle to Alice and Fay, who rolled their eyes.

ALICE: You seriously have a problem, Vanessa!

VANESSA: Yeah. Now shut up and drink with me, bitches!

ALICE: I am not drinking any of that stuff, seriously, do you need to drink right now?

Fay smiled at Alice and rolled her eyes, she leaned over to Vanessa and took the bottle and swigged a little of the alcohol.

FAY: Come on, don't be a party-pooper, girl!

Vanessa grinned and pulled the bottle from Fay's hand and took a deep sip. Finishing, she smiled and held the bottle out to Alice once again. She reluctantly took it and took a swig, wincing as the liquid burned her throat. Taking the bottle away, she coughed twice, before wiping her mouth.

ALICE: What percent is that stuff? It's awful and REALLY strong!

Fay laughed and screwed the cap back on the bottle, she threw the bottle to Vanessa and she opened her draw and placed the bottle right at the back of the draw and closing it again.

FAY: We ready?

VANESSA: We are.

ALICE: Let's go, then.

The three girls stood up and exited the dressing room. Vanessa locked the door behind her and they began to walk down the corridor. A moment later, John and Ryan walked towards them.

RYAN: Hey. You guys up for going tonight?

VANESSA: Hell yeah!

Alice scoffed playfully at Vanessa, she was rummaging around in her Mulberry bag with one hand and texting with the other.

FAY: Where?

JOHN: A club. Don't know which yet.

RYAN: I was thinking the new one in town.

FAY: The Birdcage?

RYAN: That's the one.

ALICE: Guys, I'm not sure, I was planning on having an early night.

JOHN: C’mon, it’ll be fun. I'll have you home for midnight!

ALICE: Midnight? That's not early! I need to sleep, for like a week and I really don't feel like celebrating!

FAY: Midnight? That's way early!

Ryan smirked at how different the Fay and Alice were, despite being good friends. 

ALICE: Alright, fine. But I'm not drinking you guys!

JOHN: (grinning) Never said you had to.

Alice smiled and the party of five continued down the corridor together.


In Brittaney's car, she was driving; Kasia was in the passenger seat, whilst Mika was spread across the back seats, with her bare feet dangling out of the open window.

KASIA: Where are we even going?

BRITTANEY: For the fourth time, we're going to a bar just outside of town.

KASIA: Why can't we just go to the normal bar?

BRITTANEY: Because we're bored of that bar.

KASIA: I'm not.

BRITTANEY: Well. I am.

Both Brittaney and Kasia look back at Mika who shifts uncomfortably.

MIKA: Umm, I don't mind either way.

Brittaney sighs and rolls her eyes as Kasia slumps back again. 

KASIA: Whatever.

Brittaney smirked and carried on driving, suddenly she saw somebody she recognized and she slowed right down.

BRITTANEY: Hey, isn't that Mario?

Mika quickly turns and looks out the window and Kasia springs to life.

MIKA: Oh my God, it is!

KASIA: Where?

MIKA: Coming out of that house.

Mika pointed across the street as Mario exited a small house, which looked quite run down.

KASIA: Oh, shit, yeah! I thought he was dead?


MIKA: No, he got fired.

KASIA: Oh, right, I thought they were just trying to cover up his death!

Brittaney smirks to herself as the three continue on down the road in the car, with Mika still watching Mario in the side mirror as they drive away.


Mario reaches the end of her garden path and steps onto the road, looking around to see who's about. Spotting no familiar faces, he begins to cross the road.


Tyler had just finished putting the dust covers on all the outfits.

STAFF#1: Thanks for the extra help, Tyler. You really have been a great help, but its Saturday night, go out, have some fun, I can handle the rest of this now.

TYLER: Are you sure?

STAFF#1: Yes, now get out of here before I change my mind.

Tyler smiled and nodded, before making his way to the staircase. He reached it and made his way downstairs, towards the main exit.


In a fast food drive-through, Dan was parked in his squad car, he collected his food and then drove on, parking up at the side of the road to eat his meal. He was alone for the night, as it was Stephanie had requested the day off to spend some time with her boyfriend and Dan had insisted he could handle the night by himself, as it was looking to be a quiet one.

Whilst he had just taken a bite into his burger, his cell phone began to ring. With a groan he placed the burger into the box on the dashboard and grabbed his phone, sliding it up to answer the call.

DAN: (annoyance present in his voice) Hello?

JENNY SCOTT: (over the phone) Daniel, you're not working are you?

DAN: Hey Mom, how are you? I am but don't worry about it, I'm just grabbing a bite to eat anyway.

JENNY: Alright, well I was just ringing to see if you were okay. I haven't seen you in a while, I've been missing you. Maybe you could drop by this weekend or something?

DAN: Sure thing, I've been missing you too! How's Dad? 

JENNY: He's okay. Obviously he's fishing a lot but that's nothing new.

Suddenly he noticed Mario crossing the street, the rain and the dark night almost made him look different but he was sure it was Mario Fortuna, he quickly said goodbye to him Mother and watched as Mario quickly walked into an alley way.


Tyler was making his way home by foot. He decided not to take the usual route but to take a shortcut. It was getting late and he was starving, and no doubt his dinner would be waiting for him when he arrived home.

He began to make his way down a narrow, stretched path with tall fencing at either side. Sliding a silver iPod from his pocket, he placed the earphones and turned the volume up, drowning out any other sound – which rendered him unable to hear the car that was driving towards him at a reasonably fast speed. He continued walking, slightly bobbing his head to the beat.

The car continued to speed towards him, before it eventually began to flash the headlights. Tyler noticed the flashing lights and turned round, squinting his eyes to see the car racing in his direction. His eyes widened and he turned round, beginning to walk faster. The car didn't slow down and started to jog. When he realized the car wasn't going to slow down at all, he broke into a sprint, frantically trying to reach the end of the path before the car reached him.

Glancing back, he eyed the driver. A black-clad figure wearing a full white mask. He gasped, losing his breath, but he couldn't stop, or even slow down or he'd be road kill. Looking left and right at the tall fencing, he began to regret taking the shortcut.

The end of the path still seemed an eternity away and he just wished the car would stop. But the person behind the wheel had no intention of stopping. Their only intention was to hit and kill their next victim.

He looked back and the car was just behind him now. He gasped, tears in his eyes. The car sped up just a tiny bit more and instantly ploughed into Tyler. He was sent rolling over the car, smashing his head off of the window and smearing his blood along it, as well as the bonnet.

He rolled over the top of the car and hit the floor behind with a sickening crack. Once her had landed, the driver suddenly put the brakes on. Through blurred double vision, Tyler saw the car stop and the door open, the figure emerging from inside.

His attacker approached him slowly and tauntingly, Tyler tried to move his his leg felt dead, looking down he saw his bone protruding through his leg, flesh and bone shattered on the floor next to him, he gritted his teeth and tried to crawl away but the pain was too horrific. The driver drew a knife from inside his cloak and dangled it playfully above Tyler's face. 

TYLER: P-Please. Don't… Don't do...this.

A soft chuckle emerged from beneath the mask as the killer drew the blade across Tyler’s face, cutting him from just below the eye, across his nose, down to the corner of his mouth.

Tyler shouted in pain, blood seeped from his cut face and ran down his hair and neck, mixing with rain water.

The killer dangled the knife loosely over him once again and Tyler moaned in pain. Then, in one swift movement, the killer let his arm drop and slashed the knife across Tyler's throat. Blood poured out of his neck like a river and bubbled from his open mouth. Within seconds he was dead.

Pleased with his work, the killer scooped up Tyler's body and carried it to the car, throwing it into the trunk before climbing into the drivers seat and speeding from the scene again.


John, Ryan, Alice, Fay and Vanessa were all in John's jeep, they slowly waited in traffic, Alice stared out of the window into the rain, she caught a glimpse of the ring Tiffani had given her reflecting in the window, she sat in wonderment and playfully touched her long blond hair.

ALICE: Hey, guys, can we detour?


ALICE: I was thinking, we could go see if Tiffani wants to hang out?

Fay gauffed and laughed to herself, Vanessa was already well on her way to being drunk so she laughed too, Ryan looked back at Alice as she stared at Fay angrily.

ALICE: John, please. For me?

John smiled and turned down a road, Vanessa tutted as Ryan smiled as Alice.

FAY: Why are you even botheting, Alice? she's some drugged up slut-bag who's probably already out, it's Saturday night!

VANESSA: She'll be working now, it's after dark, the seedy old men can't see her so well when she's standing her corner.

John and Fay burst out laughing, Ryan watched as Alice frowned, she shook her head as Vanessa laughed to herself.

RYAN: Guys, be nice.

Fay rolled her eyes and Vanessa took a drink from a bottle of rum she found stashed in her bag, quickly John found Tiffani's house.

ALICE: I'll just go knock, come with?

She smiled at Fay, but fay shook her head and smirked.

Ryan tutted at Fay's immaturity and opened the door and pulled open Alice's door, she stepped out and they both walked up Tiffani's path, Ryan smiled at Alice, she looked so amazing tonight, he wanted to tell her he had feelings for her, she gazed at Tiffani's house and back at Ryan, he eyes twinkled in the dank air, just as Ryan took a deep breath to pluck up the courage to talk to Alice she stopped dead, Ryan looked at her as she stared at the front door, it was ajar, Ryan rushed up and pushed at it, the catch was still on from the inside, he tried to peek through but the gap was too narrow for him to see clearly.

Alice pulled her phone from her pocket and dialed the police, Ryan ran to the garage, he saw the gate at the side and rattled it, it shifted open and Alice ran behind him, there was a hole in the wall, Alice spoke briefly to the police and Ryan and Alice slowly looked inside the hole.

ALICE: bunk me up, I can fit through there.

Ryan shook his head, he did not want Alice going inside they had no idea what may have happened.

Suddenly they heard the gate close and Alice spun around panicked, she gasped as she saw John standing before her.

JOHN: What the fuck's going on?

Ryan and John walked away a little as Ryan said he though Tiffani's house had been burgled. They looked back just as Alice stumbled through the hole and fell into the garage of Tiffani's home, she slowly lifted up her head and peered into the brightly lit room before she had chance to even draw a breath she saw blood splattered all over the room, up yje walls, on the floor, dripping from the ceiling and sticky under her feet, she stared ahead and adjusted her eyes from the dark night and saw something so horrible she forgot to breath, her jaw dropped instantly and she stared transfixed, Tiffani's body was nailed to the wall, her body cut into peices and mounted, her head lay on the floor, chewed in half by the saw used by the killer, and written above the body parts in Tiffani's blood? 'am i still pretty'.

Ryan pulled himself into the room just as Alice began to breath again, she chocked as she inhaled a deep breath and her eyes grew wide, she wanted to scream but her body would not allow it, she simply started crying, Ryan pulled her into his arms and she began screaming and crying, a police siren approached as Alice screamed in pain for her new friend, one she'd only just found.


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